The new Borderlands 3 has been released and it is a hit. It’s the first game in the series to be available on both consoles and PC, which makes for a smoother experience on all platforms. This walkthrough will help you get through the main story of the game so you can enjoy what Gearbox has to offer.

One Man’s Treasure Mission Walkthrough: Borderlands 3 is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It includes tips and tricks, as well as videos to help the player on their way through the game.

In order to continue recruiting members for Moxxi’s Heist, you’ll need to find the last member Timothy instructs you to find.

Your mission will be to go to Trashlantis and locate The Mayor, who used to work on Handsome Jack’s clothing, since he will be crucial to the heist’s success.

Walkthrough of the Mission


Timothy will speak with Moxxi via hologram and then inform you about the need for a tailor to create clothing for Handsome Jack, as he did before.


Proceed to the waypoint that will point you in the direction of a hyperway that will transport you to the Market District.


Before you can go to the hyperway, you must first clear a region with many opponents. After that, you may continue to the Market District.


Proceed to the waypoint and utilize the hyperway to access the Market District after the robots in the area have been eliminated.


To get to Trashlantis, follow the garbage chute down, which is indicated by a waypoint.

When you get to the waypointed site of the garbage chute, you will discover that it has been shut, necessitating a change of plans.


Ember will advise you to light a fire so that the robots will react and open a door for you to pass through.


Once your plot to cause a fire has been verified, you’ll need to gather 15 garbage bags that are strewn around the area or dropped by cleaning robots.


After you’ve collected 15 trash bags, go to the waypoint and stack them up as you wait for Ember to arrive.


Ember will come and give out a trash bomb, which consists of explosives that will set fire to the garbage bags.


Place the trash bomb and ignite it to start the fire, which will allow the robots to enter Trashlantis.


Make your way inside The Compactor, which is where Trashlantis is situated, via the freshly opened door.


Continue following the waypoint as it will lead you to the Trashlantis entrance, where The Mayor will contact you.


The Mayor will put you to the test by asking you to position “the key to happiness” in a prominent location at the entrance.

Simply stand there and do nothing, and he will order the gate to Trashlantis to be opened.


In order for The Mayor to join the team, you must first assist him in saving Trashlantis, which will send you out gathering components for later.


You’ll initially need to gather power cells from robots outside of Trashlantis, as well as an AI chip afterwards.


The power cells will drop robots that you will locate outdoors, and you must gather 5 in total to continue.


The AI chip may be discovered in a nearby scrap region, which is also home to a swarm of scraptraps.


Clear off the Scraptraps in the area to summon Scraptrap Prime, a monster that will drop the AI chip if destroyed.


To get the AI chip, you must fight and destroy Scraptrap Prime as well as the other scraptraps that will assault you.


After you’ve fought Scraptrap Prime, take the AI chip and go to the waypoint where another destination has been added, as you’ll need to get another component.


The waypoint will lead you to Trash-Co LLC, which is run by a bandit called Tony Bordel.


As soon as you reach the region, you will find the clapstructor eye you need on a throne, which you can simply remove without killing the opponents.

Take the clapstructor eye and return to Trashlantis to speak with Freddie, who will assist you in assembling a clapstructor.


When you return to Trashlantis, Freddie will assist you with assembling a clapstructor, which you will need to accompany.

Give Freddie the power cells so he can assemble them, and he’ll instruct you to begin assembling the clapstructor.


Start placing the remaining components in the clapstructor in whatever sequence you choose, then return to Freddie to get the combined power cores from him.


Install the clapstructor with the power cores that have been created into an improvised power source.


Before you take the clapstructor to its location so it may assist with the task, you must first unlock the door.


A mechanism on the side will open a huge gate large enough for the clapstructor to pass through.


Follow the clapstructor until it arrives at the waypoint, then prepare to defend it.


You must protect the clapstructor from adversaries that will assault both you and the clapstructor while the clapstructor starts to strengthen a beam that will keep Trashlantis secure.


When you’ve successfully defended the clapstructor, it’ll say that further action is required, and it’ll give up to reinforce what it was working on.


Return to Trashlantis and locate The Mayor, who will thank you and agree to join the team you are assembling.

The Benefits of One Man’s Treasure Mission


You will be awarded with approximately 69,360 dollars as well as an unique assault weapon after completing the One Man’s Treasure task.



  • Several opponents will be armored, and you will face a swarm of robots, therefore bringing a weapon that can inflict corrosive damage is recommended.
  • Because this is one of the lengthier missions, make sure you have the appropriate gear and ammunition because you will be moving from one location to another.
  • Scraptrap Prime and his companions travel a little slower than your character and may be easily beaten if you keep moving and avoid being surrounded.

The borderlands 3 the compactor missions is a mission in Borderlands 3. It is one of the most difficult missions in the game, and it requires a lot of preparation.

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