The Call of Gythian Mission Walkthrough is a mission walkthrough for Borderlands 3. This guide will help you find all the collectibles in the game, as well as give you information on how to complete the missions.

The borderlands 3 the call of gythian bug is a glitch that can happen in Borderlands 3. It causes the game to crash and restart.

While you were out with Deathtrap obtaining a sample of Gythian’s heart, Wainwright was able to flee and find Eleanor since he could no longer resist being possessed, while Hammerlock was soon caught.

Your goal is to enter the guts of the beast and eliminate the pair, as well as any plots they may have, before the happy couple perishes.

Main Missions in the DLC Guns, Love, and Tentacles

Walkthrough of the MissionB3GLTM6-2

After successfully obtaining a sample of the heart and returning to The Lodge, you, Gaige, and Deathtrap will plan to go to the location of the heart.


Claptrap was assigned a false mission before things began, but he turns out to have discovered The Pearl Of Effable Knowledge and gives it up to you.


Following your conversation with Claptrap, you, Gaige, and Deathtrap will go to the location where the couple is being kept.


Before you can continue to the venue, you must fight your way through the Bonded who have been sent after you and clear each location.


When you get at your objective, there will be a huge obstacle in your way, which Deathtrap will quickly clear if you engage with him.


You’ll have to keep an eye on Deathtrap while he works to undermine the barrier, and you’ll have to eliminate any foes that emerge.


Gaige and Deathtrap will remain behind after the barrier is down, since Deathtrap’s battery is running low, forcing you to enter Heart’s Desire on your own.


Follow the waypoint and make your way past the horde of Bonded foes pursuing you.


You’ll ultimately come upon a trophy and notice that one of its “Antlers” is missing, which you’ll have to search for.


There will be boxes in the room, and you must search each one until you find the antler.


After you’ve searched all of the boxes, the antler will fall to the ground, and you’ll have to return it to the trophy.


The trophy exposes itself to be a monster when you place the antler on it, and it attempts to kill you by breaking through the wall.

Kill the monster and make your way to Vincent’s office to figure out how to go down.


Mancubus Bloodtooth will offer you a clue regarding hidden switches, revealing that one is close in the bottom right corner of his table.


The floor will start to drop, and you’ll have to keep moving forward to go further into the strangely infected region.

You’ll come across Xam and Tom and must murder them in order to complete the task.


After dealing with Xam and Tom, go to a meaty gate indicated by a waypoint and take heed to the symbols.

Each corner must match the sample in front of you, and if you are too slow, even Mancubus Bloodtooth will offer you hints.


Make your way through the tunnels and battle the many foes within after the flesh gate has been unlocked.


You’ll soon come across the boss battle area’s entrance, and you’ll need to leap down to confront Vincent and Eleanor.


Before Vincent joins the battle and attacks you from inside Gythian’s heart, you must first fight Eleanor and decrease her health.


Once Vincent has been sufficiently wounded, you may attack any of the two as you see appropriate in order to drain their combined health.

When Vincent and Eleanor’s joint health meter is depleted, they will die and a cutscene will be performed soon after.


Wainwright and Hammerlock emerge unscathed from the battle and want you to conduct their wedding.

Allow each of them to speak their vows and the ceremony to end so that the objective may be completed.

Gythian’s Call Brings RewardB3GLTM6-22

After the pair has married, the DLC credits will begin, and you will get an accomplishment for completion, as well as having completed the main narrative of Guns, Love, and Tentacles.


  • The majority of the task is focused on getting to the heart, and you may find yourself speeding through most opponents on your way to the boss.
  • It’s a good idea to carry strong weapons that can deliver precise and forceful strikes, or weapons that you can correctly aim even in full auto mode, since the final monster needs someone with excellent aim to complete fast.
  • It’s far simpler to concentrate on one target during the final boss battle than it is to attempt to harm both of them at the same time.

The borderlands 3 strategy guide is a detailed walkthrough of the Call of Gythian mission in Borderlands 3. It contains information on how to complete the mission, as well as weapons and enemies that are encountered during the game.

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