Borderlands 3 is a game that has been anticipated for years. The first two games were loved by fans and critics alike, so there was a lot of hype surrounding this new installment. However, the release date was delayed multiple times until it finally hit shelves on September 13th 2018.

The the case of wainwright jakobs bug is a glitch that appears in Borderlands 3. This glitch can be fixed with the use of a workaround, but it’s not worth the trouble if you don’t have to do it.

Wainwright seems to be acting strangely after completing The Shadow Over Cursehaven task, prompting Mancubus Bloodtooth to summon you to address a serious issue.

You must determine what is wrong with Wainwright since Mancubus Bloodtooth will say that he brought something back with him, and you must seek assistance in resolving the problem.

Main Missions in the DLC Guns, Love, and Tentacles

Walkthrough of the MissionB3GLTM3-2

Once the task has begun, you must report to Mancubus Bloodtooth because he has information regarding Wainwright’s health that he has to share with you.


After conversing with Mancubus, go to Wainright and try to remove the ring; however, this will not work, and you will need to find another solution.


Speak with Mancubus once again, and he will tell you about a detective who may be able to assist you with the issue.


After speaking with Mancubus, go to Cursehaven in search of Burton Briggs, a detective.


Follow the waypoint that indicates the area where he is believed to be residing after you arrive in Cursehaven.


When you go to the waypoint, you’ll need to ring the doorbell, but you’ll find out later that he’s not there.

Mancubus will contact you again, instructing you to speak with the town’s cursed residents in order to learn where he is, and a waypoint will be placed in the vicinity of a particular individual called Gaddy.


Gaddy will be the first person you meet, and she will vomit every now and then while talking, and after a short and unpleasant discussion, she will suggest you to speak with Hallan.

Hallan’s position will be marked with a waypoint after conversing with Gaddy.


Talk to Hallan to find out where you need to travel next, but be patient as he may take a while to inform you owing to his proneness to getting startled.

Hallan will say that the last time he saw Burton was with Jeanna, who will be indicated with a waypoint.


As you converse with Jeanna, it becomes clear that she is a fiery person who becomes irritated the moment you speak.

She’ll tell you that Burton said he was heading to the graveyard, which you’ll visit next.


Your next destination, the graveyard, will be marked with a waypoint, and you will have to battle your way through more of the so-called Bonded foes.


When you get to the cemetery, Burton is knocked out, and you must clear the area of insect-like monsters known as Krich.


Head over to the fallen Burton and revive him once you’ve cleared out all of the hostile opponents in the area.


Burton will then give you a short introduction before handing you the key to the town’s big gate, which will provide you entrance to a new region.


To get to the Dustbound Archives, go over to the big gate and open it using the key Burton gave you.


After you’ve unlocked the gate, battle your way towards the waypoint that indicates the location of the Dustbound Archives, while avoiding additional Bonded who attempt to stop you.


You’ll arrive to the Dustbound Archives after battling your way past the Bonded, and you’ll need to enter.


You must speak with a lady called Harriet inside in order to get admission, which is ultimately given when Burton persuades her.


Following Harriet’s permission, go to the Holography Chamber, where you will need to play recorded holograms for clues.


Eleanor will contact you as you approach the Holography Chamber, telling you that she knows what you’re doing to and that she’ll send more Bonded to fight you.

Before you can go on, you’ll need to get rid of all of the Bonded in the room.


Make space for the projector and interact with it once you’ve cleared out all the Bonded in the room.


A brief holographic recording of the pair before they were afflicted by the Heart of Gythian will be played.

Burton will urge you to keep looking for hints since the tape won’t give you enough to go on.


You’ll then go to another area in search of additional holotapes that the pair has hidden for you to play.

As you look for the first holotape, you’ll have to battle your way through the bonded until you come upon a peculiar bookcase.


The waypoint will be indicated by a skull with a glowing eye, which will turn out to be a button that you may push.


After pressing the button, you’ll be sent to a secret chamber where you’ll discover the holotape on the ground.


Return the holotape to the projector and use it again, but this will still be inadequate information, and Burton advises you to continue your quest.


Proceed to the waypoint indicating the second place where a holotape may be discovered, however you will be stopped by several closed doors.


Return to the previous chamber and you’ll discover a ventilation shaft nearby, as well as a damage cover that you may remove to get access.


You’ll discover a tiny hole to fire through when you crawl into the vents, and the waypoint will be marked debris and an explosive barrel.

After clearing the debris with the explosive barrel, return to the doors so you may enter the chamber.


Continue walking towards the waypoint that will take you to the next holotape, fighting any Bonded who attempt to stop you.


You’ll enter a chamber where an Ascended Grawn will attack you, and the holotape you’re looking for will drop after you kill it.


Pick up the holotape that was dropped and return to the projector to play it in the Holography Chamber.


The last projection will show that a sample of the Gythian Heart may be discovered aboard Eleanor and Vincent’s ship, which you will need to visit later.


Eleanor will send additional Bonded to ambush you in the Holography Chamber once you finish the final holotape, which you must survive.


After surviving the assault, you’ll need to go to the Founder’s Office to get the final piece of information you’ll need, since Burton has a feeling that it’ll be there.


There will be a boss location on your route to the Founder’s Office that you will drop down to, and you will subsequently have to fight an Empowered Scholar to proceed.


Eleanor sends her Empowered Scholor to battle you, and you must defeat it before the gates to the Founder’s Office are unlocked.


After you’ve taken care of the Empowered Scholar, go to the Founder’s Office and look for the Delta-3 Tape within.


The goal will state that you must explore the room for it and that you must just find it on the right side of the room on a bookshelf and pick it up.


Gaige will say that the Delta-3 Tape is outdated tech, but Mancubus will urge you to return because he has something that can play the tape.

To save time, return quickly to The Lodge and talk with Mancubus as you arrive.


Mancubus will instruct you to play the tape on the gadget he has upstairs, which you will do and then figure out the following steps.

The Wainwright Jakobs Curse RewardB3GLTM3-42

The task will finish after the Delta-3 Tape has been played, and you will earn about 153,334 dollars.

Once the tape has completed playing, you will be informed that you must deal with the Heart Of Gythian, and the mission The Horror In The Woods will begin shortly after.


  • Because the Bonded come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s important to carry a variety of weapons, as some are quick and others are sluggish.
  • Because most opponents have shields, armor, and nearly all have regular flesh, it’s a good idea to have weapons that can tackle each armor type.
  • The Empowered Scholar may be a frustrating battle, therefore it’s better to deal with the other opponents first before concentrating on it.
  • Before fighting the Empowered Scholar, make sure you have enough ammunition since there will be many opponents and it will try to replenish its health and add various armor kinds to itself.

Wainwright Jakobs is a character in Borderlands 3. The where is wainwright borderlands 3 sacked is the question that all players ask when they are trying to find him. It’s important to note that not all of the characters in the game will be found by this method, so it’s best to use your map or check your journal for clues on where he might be.

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