The Great Escape Part 2 Mission Walkthrough is a walkthrough of the mission “The Great Escape” from Borderlands 3.

The the great escape part 3 borderlands 3 is a mission walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It features a detailed overview of the mission as well as tips and tricks.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Xylourgos is a planet.
  • The Cankerwood is where you’ll find yourself.
  • 57th level

Max Skye has just escaped from The Handsome Jackpot (if you recall assisting him in The Great Escape) and crash landed on Xylourgos, but he must flee once again to prevent being devoured.

Your goal is to assist him in making preparations for the launch of his new rocket and to assist him in escaping the planet.

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Walkthrough of the MissionB3GLTS12-2

Max Sky will be tethered to his rocket, but he will be unable to fire it since the button must be pressed.

He will instruct you to do so, but as you get closer to the button, he will tell you to wait and perform a short countdown before asking you to press the button again.


The launch will fail and the rocket will not move, resulting in the arrival of Frostbiters who will murder you and devour Max Sky.

After then, you must assist Max Sky in killing all of the Frostbiters before devising a new strategy to launch the rocket.


Once all opponents have been eliminated, a new method of launching the rocket is developed, and you will instead fire the tank underneath it.


When you fire the tank, the rocket will start to take off, and Max Sky will be propelled into the sky and vanish.

Mission Reward for Part 2 of The Great EscapeB3GLTS12-6

After the rocket has taken off, a slew of treasure will fall, as well as a monetary reward of approximately 122,687.


  • When it comes to defending Max Sky, there is no set time limit, and the task will only go forward after all adversaries have been eliminated.
  • For those with red health bars, incendiary weapons are easy to deal with, and carrying a corrosive weapon will help you deal with any Frostbiters that have armor.

The borderlands 3 dlc 2 boss locations is a walkthrough of the second part of the Great Escape mission in Borderlands 3.

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