The Nibblenomicon is a mission in Borderlands 3. It begins with the player collecting 4 relics and takes place on Pandora.

The borderlands 3 read the nibblenomicon is a mission walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It will give you an overview of what to expect from this particular mission and how to complete it.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Xylourgos is a planet.
  • Dustbound Archives is the location of the archives.
  • 57th level

A tome known as the Nibblenomicon has been kept secret and secure for a long time, but there is a chance that others may stumble across it, which has piqued Mancubus Bloodtooth’s interest.

Your goal will be to track down the Nibblenomicon and return it securely to The Lodge, where no one will be able to access it and the horrors it may contain.

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Walkthrough of the Mission

How to Get a Library Card


You must first go to the Dustbound Archives, where you will speak with Harriet in order to see the Nibblenomicon.

Harriet will not be able to help you since a neighboring group of Bonded has established a book club that is making a lot of noise.


You’ll need to go upstairs and deal with the rowdy group, which will result in one of them losing a Library Card, which you may use later.

In order to go to the forbidden Stacks, you must first get to the forbidden Stacks


Make your way to the Forbidden Stacks after you have the Library Card, which is secured by a gate that can be opened if you have the card.

You’ll have to battle your way through the Dustbound Archives’ adversaries, who will be lurking about as you advance.

Get your hands on a copy of the Nobblenomicon.


To get entry to the Forbidden Stacks, use your Library Card to enter and discover frozen corpses around what seems to be the Nibblenomicon.

You’ll need to find a method to thaw out the ice in the region since it’s obstructing your path to the Nibblenomicon, and you’ll need to look for the Heat Valve in one of the corpses to do so.


Destroy each of the corpses, then pick up the Heat Valve that has fallen to the ground and put it in the pipe nearby.


There will be a closed door that will prohibit you from reaching the pipes, so you’ll have to go past it and into the room’s vent.

Place the valve to enable heat to flow through the pipes after you’ve entered the chamber, then return to the Nibblenomicon, which is surrounded by ice.


There will be a susceptible section of the pipes above the Nibblenomicon that you may blast to make it spew fire and melt the ice.

Once the ice has thawed, opponents will emerge, and you will need to fight them in order to take the Nibblenomicon.


After you’ve acquired the Nibblenomicon, you’ll need to deliver it to Harriet so she can check it out. However, after you’ve given it to her, she gets fascinated by the book and peeks inside.

When Harriet sees you, she turns into a mindless monster and attacks you, forcing you to kill her.

Nibblenomicon Cooking Recipe


Return to The Lodge and talk with Mancubus Bloodtooth after you’ve killed Harriet and stolen the Nibblenomicon.

He’ll ask you to put the book on the counter and then come up with a recipe for him to prepare for it.

Later on, the book will spew forth Cilantro, which is an ingredient required for Mancubus Bloodtooth’s recipe.

Pick up the cilantro and put it in the adjacent pot indicated by a waypoint, then give part of it to the book after it’s done cooking.

The Nibblenomicon will love the flavor of the meal and begin vomiting random treasure that may be collected.

Rewards for the Nibblenomicon MissionB3GLTS7-11

Aside from the Nibblenomicon’s treasure, you’ll get approximately 115,000 dollars.


  • Because Bonded opponents are still humanoids, they are vulnerable to headshots, making them simple to kill in the Dustbound Archives.
  • At the start of your operation, the Bonded book club will be unaware of your presence, which you may exploit with a surprise assault.
  • You can typically hurry to unlock the Forbidden Stacks without having to clear the rest of the room of opponents.
  • Because certain Bonded opponents, as well as the changed Harriet, subsequently known as What Was Once Harriet, have armor and regular health, corrosive and flaming weapons are an excellent option.

The borderlands 3 dustbound archives walkthrough is a mission walkthrough for the game, Borderlands 3.

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