Borderlands 3 is a game that has been anticipated for years. The first two games were well received and the third installment was highly anticipated. However, it seems like the release of this game has been delayed indefinitely.

The borderlands 3 the party out of space bug is a glitch in Borderlands 3 that causes the game to crash. This walkthrough will help you fix it, and get back into your game.

Wainwright and Hammerlock have chosen to marry after a long period, and they have asked you to their wedding.

You’ll need to get ready to go to the planet of Xylourgos, where they’ve chosen to have the wedding.

This quest kicks off the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC, allowing you to explore a new world and go on new adventures.

Main Missions in the DLC Guns, Love, and Tentacles

Walkthrough of the MissionB3GLTM1-2

After starting the mission, go to navigation and put the ship on a route to Xylourgos.


When the spacecraft arrives on the planet, take the drop pod to Skittermaw Basin and proceed on foot.


Make your way to the waypoint after you’ve arrived on the planet, since you’ll be looking for the party’s location.B3GLTM1-5

Since you approach the waypoint, a drop pod will crash land nearby, and you must continue to it, as the wedding planner is subsequently shown to be in the drop pod.


A brief sequence will play, during which the wedding planner, Gaige (along with her BFF Deathtrap), will beg for your assistance as she is being assaulted.


After you’ve dealt with all of the opponents in the area, go over to Gaige and speak with her so that the three of you may go to the party together.


Follow Gaige and Deathtrap along the path, killing any monsters you come across until you reach the party.


When the three of you come upon a gondola that will transport you to The Lodge, Gaige will urge you to try if you can start it.


Interact with the switch on the side to discover that the power is off and that you’ll have to improvise.


Gaige will tell you to follow the power cables to figure out why the electricity isn’t functioning, and you’ll have to navigate the infected region through wild animals.


You’ll eventually reach the source of the gondola’s power, where you’ll have to battle your way through additional adversaries and try to clear away the nests that have been preventing the source from supplying energy.


There will be tanks filled with an acidic liquid that will disintegrate the nests that must be shot in order to reactivate the power source.

There must be three targets fired to demolish each of the nests, since there are three in total.


After you’ve cleared the nests, you’ll need to restart the generator by pushing a button near one of the dissolved nests.B3GLTM1-15

Return to the gondola while firing the line switches to redirect the power to the gondola.

Waypoints will indicate the switches you need to shoot, so you can simply fire them on your way back.


Gaige will begin repairing the gondola’s power controls, after which you will be able to utilize it.


Interact with the switch once more to open the gondola doors and let the three of you to go.


The three of you will then board the gondola that will take you up to The Lodge once the doors have been unlocked.


Once you’ve disembarked from the gondola, go to the lodge, where a brief sequence will play before you may enter.B3GLTM1-20

After the sequence, approach Mancubus Bloodtooth, who will greet you and invite you to remain.


Proceed to The Lodge, where Hammerlock will be waiting to complete the task with the other guests.

The Prizes for the Party’s Outer Space MissionB3GLTM1-22

You will be awarded with 122,677 dollars after finishing The Party Out Of Space, and you will be able to complete the DLC’s other major objectives as well as its side quests and much more.


  • There will be a lot of new animals around, and some of them may have armor and even shields, so bringing a variety of weapons to inflict more damage is a good idea.
  • Gaige and Deathtrap may be effective in combat, so sticking close to them while opponents strike is a smart idea.

The borderlands 3 walkthrough ign is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3 that was released by IGN.

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