The Plan is a new game mode for Borderlands 3, which will be available to all players on May 15th. It’s an episodic story that will unfold over the course of five weeks.

The borderlands 3 the compactor missions are a series of missions that take place in Borderlands 3. These missions are all about finding and destroying ammo caches, so they can be used to create powerful weapons.

As you and others who have been recruited take the last stages towards Moxxi’s Heist, the crew has been collected and the plan is now ready to be made.

Your task will be to go through the plan with the team and follow out the necessary procedures to ensure the heist’s success.

Walkthrough of the Mission


After rescuing Trashlantis and completely gathering a crew, the first thing you need do is return to Casa de Timothy so that you can all discuss the plans.


Timothy has already crossed off step one, which is initially assembling the team, and has moved on to the next phase.

How to Get a Blueprint


To disable the defensive systems, you’ll need a blueprint of the facility, which a buddy of The Mayor may have, and you’ll have to go out and get it.


You will be transported to a new location known as Tricksy Nick’s Slick Ditch, where Tricksy Nick will be waiting to give you the plans.


Tricksy Nick will betray you and attack you from where he stands, regardless of his agreement with The Mayor.


Simply kill Tricksy Nick, and he’ll drop the mission’s blueprint, which you’ll be able to pick up and go on to the next step of the plot.

Compound 24 is a compound that may be produced via a variety of methods.


Ember will request that you acquire an item known as Compound 24, which she will need in order for her to assist you in breaching a security door that will lock after defenses have been taken down.


A short explanation of why Compound 24 is needed will be provided before the task continues with you being transported to another location.


You’ll end up at a region known as the J-Spot, where the Compound 24 is concealed behind a puzzle section.


As you approach the waypoint, you’ll see a barrier obstructing your path to Compound 24, but there are three switches nearby that you may use to tear it down.


When facing the barrier, the switches must be triggered in a particular sequence, starting with the first one on the left, then the center one in front of the barrier, and finally the third one on the right side.


Once you’ve completed the brief task, the barrier will open, and Component 24 will be behind glass, which you can easily smash.


Break the glass and take the Compound 24, and you’ll be sent to the next stage of the task in no time.

Obtaining Tim’s Suit


Now that you have the most of what you need to carry out the plan, you’ll need to buy Timothy a suit so he can pass security checks and make the scheme work.


The Mayor will tell you where you may get clothing identical to those worn by Handsome Jack, since he used to have a tailoring business where he made such outfits.


You’ll be sent to a location where two looters who robbed the store, Handsome Jacket and Handsome Slacks, will be waiting.


Kill them both to get them to drop the jacket or the slacks, since they both contain a component that you’ll need for the outfit.


After you’ve killed each of them, pick up whatever component they’ve dropped, and after you’ve gathered both, you’ll be able to return to the hideaway.


When you’ve completed all of the stages in the heist preparation, you’ll be returned to the hideaway, and the job will be completed.

Rewards for the Plan Mission


You will be awarded with approximately 69,360 cash and an unique handgun after completing The Plan task.



  • Because not all opponents must be destroyed in the task, you may complete it quickly by concentrating on the goals.
  • You’ll be transported about a lot, so be sure to collect any nice stuff that has fallen before completing the goals.
  • You will not need to travel quickly since you will be transported directly to the mission locations while on the assignment.

The borderlands 3 jack hologram locations is a mission that can be found in the game, Borderlands 3. It is important to know where to go and what to do during this mission.

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