The Borderlands series is known for its unique and humorous take on the post-apocalyptic setting. Borderlands 3 has been in development for quite some time, but it’s not without controversy. Shadow of Cursehaven was a short story released by Gearbox that takes place before the events of Borderlands 3. It tells the story of a group of vault hunters who have to fight off a group of bandits while trying to complete their mission.

The borderlands 3 cursehaven locked door is a mission in Borderlands 3. This mission can be found on the map of the game and it’s objective is to kill the boss of this area, General Knoxx.

Gaige invites you to help her set up the area when you arrive to The Lodge to meet everyone for Wainwright and Hammerlock’s wedding, but Wainwright subsequently wants your assistance with something else.

Wainwright needs your assistance with something, and he will call you and urge you to keep it a secret, causing you to chase him down while everyone else is preoccupied with wedding preparations.

Main Missions in the DLC Guns, Love, and Tentacles

Walkthrough of the MissionB3GLTM2-2

This objective will begin after you complete The Party Out Of Space assignment, and Gaige will ask you to assist her in setting up some decorations for the party. Don’t worry, you don’t have to put up all of them, even if the counter reaches 99 balloons.


While you are putting the balloons, Wainwright will call you and urge you to see him in town, but first think up an excuse to inform Hammerlock.

After Wainwright calls you, go over to Hammerlock and speak with him to make an explanation and proceed.


The door on the side of The Lodge that leads to another gondola will now be open after you’ve provided Hammerlock a reason.


Make your way outside The Lodge to the gondola so you may take it to the city, where Wainwright will be waiting.


Make your way to the waypoint that shows where Wainwright is situated after the gondola has taken you to town.B3GLTM2-7

Wainwright will be waiting at a huge gate, presumably to sneak a peek inside, but since the gate is closed, the two of you will have to find another way in.


Because the gate is presently impassable, Wainwright will decide to search around town for another way through, and the two of you will wind up going into town and discovering an underground tunnel.


As you press ahead into the subterranean tunnel, you and Wainwright will have to battle against infestations and monsters.


When you approach the finish, Wainwright will destroy a console, allowing you to get through a huge barrier that has been obstructing your way.


Follow Wainwright along the newly opened route until you reach another closed gate.


Wainwright will stop and urge you to find a way inside, implying that you should also destroy any surrounding consoles.


To unlock the gate, take a look through the wooden planks adjacent to it and fire at the console that is visible and indicated with a waypoint.


You and Wainwright will watch as individuals are thrown into a pit in what seems to be a sacrificial rite. This astounds Wainwright, prompting him to cry out to a pair who seem to be throwing people into the pit.


The pair subsequently named as Vincent and Eleanor will assault you and Wainwright as soon as you are both seen, and you and Wainwright will have to fight them off.


Wainwright will insult the pair throughout the battle, and Vincent will descend to attack, resulting in you and Wainwright beating him.


After Vincent is beaten, a sequence will play in which Wainwright picks up a ring that Vincent has dropped, with the ring subsequently having an impact on him.


Gaige will arrive in the cutscene, and the four of you will eventually return to The Lodge, with Wainwright asleep and being carried by Deathtrap.


With Wainwright still unconscious, Gaige and Deathtrap return to the gondola in an effort to return to The Lodge.


More cultists will come on your approach to the gondola and try to stop you from reaching it, so you’ll need to secure the town square before continuing your escape.


Continue following Gaige until you reach the gondola, then board it and return to The Lodge to meet up with everyone.


When you arrive at The Lodge, Wainwright will have already taken a seat, and the rest of the gang will be checking on him.


Wainwright will beg you to keep on to his pistol until he regains awareness, since he is not himself at the moment.

To accomplish the task, you must take his pistol.

Cursehaven’s Cursehaven’s Cursehaven’s CursehaveB3GLTM2-24

You’ll get 153,334 cash and the legendary shotgun “The Cure” if you finish The Shadow Over Cursehaven.

Following the completion of this task, The Case of Wainwright Jakobs will begin.


  • Cultists are extremely vulnerable to headshots and can be quickly dealt with, however keep an eye out for those with shields, since hitting their center may easily shatter the shields, making it easy to obtain headshots thereafter.
  • Vincent has a lot of health, but incendiary weapons may help you do more damage to him. However, don’t let him get too near to you since he can do a lot of damage.
  • When returning to The Lodge, you may entice the enemy towards the town square by hiding in a single location to avoid being surrounded and causing them to congregate for easy kills.

The borderlands 3 the horror in the woods puzzle is a mission that you will get from the Claptrap. You will be tasked with finding out what happened to a group of scientists who went missing while investigating a new species of monster.

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