In the third installment of the popular series, players will be able to explore a new planet and find out what happened to their old friends. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has been wiped out by an alien race called the Scavs.

The we slass part 4 is the final mission in the We Slass Part 3 Mission Walkthrough. This walkthrough will help you complete all of Borderlands 3’s missions and get your hands on the best loot.

Eista wants to challenge you again, but this time he swears it will be the final time until he acknowledges you are a stronger fighter than he is.

For the final time, you’ll embark on an errand to discover a method to improve Eista’s fighting skills in order to level the playing field.

Other Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC Side Missions

Walkthrough of the MissionB3GLTS4-2

Make your way to Heart’s Desire, or use fast travel to go there faster, and then to Gythian’s Chancel, where Eista has requested you to collect Kormathi-Kusai eggs.

It will be a struggle to get to the nest that contains these eggs since there will be numerous opponents along the road that you may either battle or flee through.

To collect the eggs, you must interact with the egg pile, since each egg pile will release four eggs.


Before returning, collect the eggs that are fallen from the egg heaps until you have a total of precisely 12 eggs.

Once you’ve collected all of the eggs, return to the camp and speak with Eista, who will take you back to the arena.


Give the eggs to Eista after you’re both inside the arena, and he’ll use them to re-empower himself, bringing the battle back to a level playing field.


When Eista becomes hostile, start battling him and attack him until his armor, shield, and health bars are exhausted.

If you resurrect Eista after he’s been beaten, he’ll give you access to his armory once again.

We’re the Slass! Part 3: Mission BonusesB3GLTS4-6

The task will be completed after you reach the armory, and you will be awarded with approximately 153,334 dollars and the legendary shotgun “Sacrificial Lamb.”

You may now grind loot by battling with Eista whenever you enter the arena during a fresh instance of your game after finishing the We Slass! (Part 3) quest.


  • You should avoid remaining motionless and maintain a safe distance from Eista, as he will be infused with all of the abilities from earlier We Slass missions.
  • Make sure you have corrosive, incendiary, and startling weapons to deal with each of the armor, shield, and health bars you need to reduce.
  • His most recent ability is a pulsating ring that does damage if you’re within range, but it’ll be worthless if he can’t keep up with you.

The eista borderlands 3 is a mission walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

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