Borderlands 3 is the latest installment of the popular FPS game series. The game has been in development for years, and finally released in September 2018. It’s a brand new start for the franchise, with an all-new story, characters, and gameplay.

The borderlands 3 winners and losers bug is a glitch in the game. If you are playing on PC, it can be fixed with a simple restart of the game.

The Winners and Losers assignment is the third task in Moxxi’s Heist, and it occurs after you’ve met Ember, who has now joined the team that will be assisting with the heist.

Ember will require her tools, which are aboard her ship, which has been impounded, before she can assist you with the robbery, so you’ll have to get them.

Walkthrough of the Mission


You’ll begin by consulting a nearby information kiosk to determine where the ship has been transported.


The kiosk will print a ticket for you to go to the impound yard to retrieve your impounded ship.


May you make your way to the waypoint on your map that will lead you to a hyperway that will take you to the impound lot.


Continue following the waypoint until you encounter the Bureaucracy Bot, who, along with other bots, will waste your time by forcing you to fill out paperwork and return and forth.

You have the option of following the instructions they offer you or killing the bots and making your way to the waypoint.


You’ll come across a waiting area near the impound lot where you’ll be instructed to wait for your number to be called.

Because it would undoubtedly take an eternity, Moxxi advises you to just steal a ticket from one of the surrounding dead corpses.


The client will stand up and fight you as you try to grab the 1345 ticket, requiring you to kill them in order for the ticket to drop.


To continue with the task, grab the ticket after killing the customer and empty the room of all attackers.


Use the ticket to enter the impound lot, where a bot will await your arrival to charge you for the ship’s retrieval.


The spacecraft will cost 500,000,000,000, which most people cannot pay, therefore you may choose to run past the robot and search for the ship on your own.


Follow the waypoint through the impound lot until you arrive at the location where the ship is being kept.


When you get to the ship, there will be opponents to fight and a cinematic that introduces Freddie, a mechanic.


Freddie will introduce himself and eventually join the team you’re assembling to take over the casino.


Before Freddie decides to assist and join the team, he will direct you to a gang of robbers who have abducted one of his robotic friends.


Before you may speak to the robot and ultimately bring them back to Freddie, follow the waypoint and wipe off any opponents.


The robot will take a route back to Freddie, which you may follow shortly after Freddie creates a path.


When you return to Freddie, speak with him, and his robot companion will unlock the storage unit containing Ember’s tools and remove them.

Mission Prizes for Winners and Losers


You’ll get approximately 69,360 cash and a rare grenade mod if you complete the Winners and Losers task.



  • There are portions of the quest when fighting may be avoided, but it will cost more in terms of giving money to robots.
  • Because enemies will include both robots and people, corrosive and incendiary weaponry will be extremely useful.
  • You may follow Freddie’s robot buddy back after rescuing him and waiting for Freddie to create a route so you don’t have to sprint all the way around.

The destroy fabricator borderlands 3 is a mission in the game Borderlands 3. It requires players to destroy a Fabricator that has been causing problems for the Vault Hunters. This mission is part of the Winners and Losers Mission Walkthrough.

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