Borderlands 3 is a new game in the series. It’s a first person shooter with RPG elements and features a story which takes place on an alien planet. The Great Escape Mission Walkthrough will help players to complete the mission as quickly as possible.

Borderlands 3 The Great Escape Part 3 is the third mission of Borderlands 3. You have to escape from a prison and find your way back to Sanctuary. Read more in detail here: borderlands 3 the great escape part 3.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Planet: The Attractive Lottery
  • Impound Deluxe is the location.
  • 50th level

Max Sky is attempting to escape the casino and has devised a strategy to accomplish so, but he needs your help.

You’ll need to walk over to Max Sky and find out what he wants you to accomplish so that his plan to flee The Handsome Jackpot goes off without a hitch.

Moxxi’s Heist Main Quests Walkthrough is available below.

Walkthrough of the MissionB3TGE-2

Once you’ve accepted the task, you’ll need to go to Max Sky, who is located at Beggar’s Berth. If you’ve been there before, you can simply stroll or fast travel there.


When you get to Max Sky, he will be overjoyed to see you and will ask you to lead him to a platform where he will be launched into space.


As you prepare to launch his rocket, he notices that his stereo is gone and requests that you get it from his arch-enemy.


You’ll need to hunt down Rudy Varlope, who can be found by following the waypoint that leads to the Dock 31 area where he’s staying.


Varlope’s gang will assault you as soon as you enter, and you must wipe them out before continuing your search for the stereo.


Max Sky will urge you to destroy his rocket while battling Varlope’s group, and you must complete both goals before Rudy Varlope appears.


You must kill Rudy Varlope once he appears before you may explore the area for the stolen stereo.


Pick up the stereo from the waypoint that marks where it is situated and bring it back to Max Sky.


When you go back to Max Sky, put the stereo near the launch button, and he’ll tell you to start the countdown.


Activate the countdown, then click the launch button to launch Max Sky and help him flee the casino.B3TGE-12

Max Sky will be launched at the end of the task, claiming that he is now free.

The Benefits of the Great Escape MissionB3TGE-13

You will be awarded with 69,360 dollars and the unique assault weapon “La Varlope” after Max Sky has been launched and fled the casino.


  • Because only some of the opponents are armored, having incendiary and corrosive weapons will be a great assistance because incendiary damage will inflict more against their flesh.
  • Because opponents will spawn all around you, you may lure them all to one location and wait for them to come to you before killing them.
  • Stay away from the heart of the neighborhood if you don’t want to be swamped by La Varlope’s gang.

The go to max sky borderlands 3 is a walkthrough for the mission The Great Escape.

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