Start the game by heading to the Sanctuary, where you’ll find a new area called The Homestead. This is one of the most difficult areas in Borderlands 3, so be prepared for some tough fights.

The borderlands 3 just desserts bug is a glitch that can happen during the Just Desserts mission. This glitch will cause the game to freeze and not progress.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Pitt’s Stop is located in the Splinterlands.
  • 36th level

Pa needs your assistance at the homestead because Bessie, The Homestead’s defensive measure, has run out of gas, and you’re the only one who can refuel it.

You’ll be charged with assisting Pa in getting Bessie back up and running in order to prevent any problems caused by unwelcome visitors.

Walkthrough of the MissionBTHP3-2

After chatting with Pa about the task, he’ll direct you to the barn, where you’ll need to assist Bessie in getting started.


When you and Pa get to the barn, he will unlock the barn doors, allowing you to begin working on Bessie.


To begin, you’ll need to provide Bessie with the proper gasoline mixture and open the valves to do so.

You’ll need to interact with the first valve on the right when you enter the barn to start the fuel mixing procedure.


You’ll next need to interact with the second valve, which will be indicated with a waypoint and a ladder that’s easy to reach.


Climb up from where the second valve is and cross over to the other side where a waypoint marks the third valve after it has been triggered.


If you don’t examine your surroundings, getting to the fourth valve may be difficult. Look at the front third valve for an arrow pointing to a ladder you must climb.


When you reach the top of the ladder, there will be an entrance where you may reenter the barn and cautiously make your way to the fourth valve.


Before going on to the final valve, the fourth valve will be jammed, and you’ll have to assault it to unjam it.


A red cloth marks a place where you must leap, which may require you to obtain a running start, in the other window.


When you get to the window, look out and you’ll notice a path leading up that you’ll need to climb through to continue.


The last valve will be inaccessible, so you’ll have to fire it with your weapon, which will complete the mixing procedure.


A ladder will be available after the fuel supply for Bessie has been combined, and you will need to climb up to it.


Continue walking until you reach a staircase that leads to the very top of the barn, where the lever to activate Bessie may be found.


When you get to the top of the roof, you’ll see a lever that needs to be pushed, and once you do, Bessie will come to life.


Bandits will assault The Homestead as soon as you hit the ground, forcing you and Bessie to begin protecting the place.

To continue with the objective, clear out all of the enemy that arrive at The Homestead.


Once all opponents have been defeated, speak with Pa, who will praise you and the task will be completed.

Part 3 of The Homestead’s Mission RewardsBTHP3-18

When you talk with Pa after completing all goals, you will get approximately 10,644 dollars and the uncommon weapon “Po’s Rifle.”


  • To prevent having to climb up again, double-check where the waypoints are before leaping or moving while mixing the gasoline for Bessie.
  • After Bessie is triggered, enemies will attack you as soon as you hit the ground, so be ready to battle.
  • Despite the fact that Bessie has been activated, you will have to perform the most of the killing if you want to complete the task quickly.

The splinterlands map is a map that shows the different areas within the game. It also includes a list of all the quests for each area.

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