Borderlands 3 is the third installment in the popular FPS series by Gearbox Software. The game was released on September 13, 2018 and became a hit overnight. However, it has been plagued with technical issues that have caused players to be unable to start their games.

The borderlands 3 the anvil walkthrough is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It includes a video of the entire game, along with text and images to go along with it.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Any planet
  • Sanctuary is the name of the location.
  • 24th level

Claptrap has smuggled a weird creature aboard the Sanctuary, and it is already multiplying at such a rapid rate that it may have a population greater than the Sanctuary’s people within a week.

Your mission will be to catch all of the “Kevins” on the Sanctuary and eliminate them before things get out of hand.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Kevin Has Disappeared


After speaking with Claptrap, he informs you that Kevin has gone away, but there is no need to be concerned since he does not bite people in the face.

Ellie screams in terror shortly after Claptrap says this, giving Claptrap the impression that Ellie has seen Kevin.


Claptrap will urge you to accompany him so that the two of you may see whether Kevin is the one who made Ellie scream.

Kevin is being pursued.


Following your meeting with Kevin, Tannis will inform you that you must eliminate it due to its high reproductive rate, leaving you with little option but to capture Kevin.


Because Kevin is so quick, you’ll need a cryo weapon to slow him down long enough for you to catch him, which fortunately Ellie has stashed in a locker.

Take the cryo weapon from the locker and go over to Kevin to grab it.


To capture Kevin, first freeze it using your cryo weapon, which will emit a beam that you just need to come into touch with for a second or less.

Kevin’s Children Have Been Gathered


Move up to Kevin after he’s immobilized and interact with him to pick him up so you can deal with it later.


Tannis will disclose that there are more Kevins aboard, and you must track them down, freeze them, and gather them all to prevent them from reproducing.

Go to each one that will be designated with a waypoint and take a picture of it.

The Kevins’ Disposal


After gathering all of the “Kevins” aboard the sanctuary, you must go to the ship’s disposal chute on the side to dispose of them.


Once you arrive, interact with the chute, which will prompt your character to open the chute and put the “Kevins” inside.


The “Kevins” will stay frozen until they are put into the chute, which will then shut and send them out of the Sanctuary.


Claptrap will be heartbroken as the “Kevins” drift away aimlessly in space, but the ship will be secure from infection.

Mission Reward for Kevin Konundrum


You will get 2,732 cash as a reward for completing The Kevin Konundrum quest.



  • This task seems to be more of a comedy kind of assignment, more of a break from the previous missions, so don’t put too much emphasis on it.
  • If the “Kevins” seem to be moving too quickly for you, try sliding while shooting to catch up to them.
  • When attempting to freeze the “Kevins,” aim a little ahead of them so that you may strike them much more easily.

The borderlands 3 baby dancer glitch is a glitch that was only found on the PC version of Borderlands 3. It allows players to skip large portions of the game by using a certain trick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to kill Kevin in Borderlands3?


How to get Kevin in bl3?

You cant get Kevin in Beat Saber.

What is Kevin bl3?

Kevin is a character in the game, Beat Saber.

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