This is a guide for the Destiny 2 Lost Sectors, which are randomized areas that can be found in each of the game’s three zones.

The destiny 2 what are lost sectors is a guide to all the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. This includes Area, Faction, Bosses, Rewards and Rotations.

You may have spotted unique spots with a symbol (two curved lines covering a dot) that lead to a mini-dungeon on most of the maps.

These are Sector Is Missings, and they’re a great method to harvest resources, Glimmer, and excellent gear in the early and late game, depending on your power level.

Sector Is Missings also have unique versions in which two of them (master and legendary) become special instances, offering a greater difficulty and higher reward.

Finding the Sector Is Missings is simple, and most of them can be completed quickly, making it ideal for later grinding.

How Do I Locate Missing Sectors?

You can discover Sector Is Missings by searching for their emblems on the map, which will be exposed, but you’ll have to wander around a little to find the precise entry.

If you get to the site of a Sector Is Missing, search about for the entrance by looking for the sign that identifies it.

These are simple to see when roaming the region, yet they’re also easy to miss since the Sector Is Missing’s name is on your map.

When you travel, you’ll notice that the name of the region you’re in displays at various locations; this will also display the name of the Sector Is Missing you enter, which you can confirm on your map.

All Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

The list below contains all of the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 that you may discover and explore, as well as the Master Lost Sector and Legend Lost Sector cycles.

Each of the Lost Sectors has a boss (Major) and a faction that resides there, both of which may be discovered in their respective places.

Lost Sectors in the Cosmodrome

Lost Sector

Area Faction


2A Exodus Garden

The Disparity Fallen Taskmaster Deksis-5
Labyrinth of Veles The Forgotten Coast Hive

Rival of Navota, Ak-Baral

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Lost Sectors of a Dreaming City

Lost Sector

Area Faction


The Starlight Chamber

Rheasilvia Taken Quria’s Disciple Inkasi
Wishes Floating on the Bay Mists of Divalian Scorn

Subersive Chieftain Yirksii

Aphelion’s Rest is a place where you may relax and unwind.

The Strand is a neighborhood in London. Taken

Quria’s Disciple Ur Haraak

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Europa’s Forgotten Sectors

Lost Sector

Area Faction



Cadmus Ridge is a ridge in the Cadmus Mountains Vex Sacrificial Mind, Alkestis
E15 Bunker Ruins of Eventide Vex

Hydra, the Inquisitor

The Unseen Void

Abyss of Asterion Fallen

House Salvation, Teliks

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Lost Sectors in the European Dead Zone (EDZ Lost Sectors)

Lost Sector

Area Faction


East Terminus

Trostland Fallen Captain Sunless is wanted.
Atrium Trostland Fallen

Captain Skexis, Outcast

The Widow’s Path

Trostland Fallen Mazon, the misplaced captain, is wanted.
Scavenger’s Den is a place where you may go if you’re looking Outskirts Fallen

Groxus, Captain of the Blind

The Drain

Outskirts Fallen Metal Captain is wanted.
Falls that are whispered Outskirts Fallen

Captain who has been drained is wanted.

The Weep

The Cove That Winds Fallen Captain Downpour is wanted.
The Crash of Pathfinder Hades’ Firebase Cabal

Zerz, the Unstoppable Wight, is wanted.

XII Excavation Site

Hades’ Firebase Cabal Dust Choked Thrag is wanted.
The Pit Hades’ Firebase Cabal

Kurg, The All-Seeing Force, is wanted.

Skydock IV is a game developed by Skydock.

Isles of the Sunken Cabal Darg, the Devourer, is wanted.
The Cavern Isles of the Sunken Cabal

Yann, the fortifier, is wanted.

The Flooded Chasm is a chasm that has been flooded

The Gulch Fallen Cabal, Cabal Drowned Captain Phyzann is wanted.
Sacred Grave The Mudslide Taken

Vendraxis, Oryx’s Shadow

Shaft 13

The Mudslide Fallen Calzar, the Scarred Captain, is wanted.
Cavern Of Souls is a game that takes place in a cavern The Mudslide Taken

Varghul, Oryx Fragment is wanted.

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Sectors of the Moon That Have Been Lost

Lost Sector

Area Faction


K1 Logistics is a company that specializes in logistics.

Line of Archer Fallen Kelnix’s Nightmare Reborn
Quarters for the K1 Crew Hellmouth Fallen

Actuator’s Nightmare, Reyiks

Revelation K1

Sorrow’s Harbor is a place where people go to be sad. Hive Arguth, the Tormented’s Nightmare
Communion for K1 students Light’s Anchor Fallen

Actuator’s Nightmare, Reyiks

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Sectors of Nessus that have been lost

Lost Sector

Area Faction



Edge of Artifacts Vex Thyrdron is needed.
Rift Black Exodus Fallen

Captain Tattered Dusk is wanted.

Pit of Carrion

Echoes’ Glade Fallen Nariks Reborn is wanted.


The Cistern is a relic from the Middle Age Cabal Shayotet Partisan is wanted.
Haunt of the Ancients The Conundrum Vex

Pakrion is needed.

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Lost Sectors Tangled Shores

Lost Sector

Area Faction


The Tank That Isn’t Full

Thieve’s Landing is a location in the game Thieve’s Landing Cabal, you have fallen. Dusk Marauder, Aziis
The docks of the Kingship Thieve’s Landing is a location in the game Thieve’s Landing Scorn

Vilzii, Chieftan of the Scorn

Cave of the Trapper

Gulch of the Four-Horns Cabal Gra’am Garut
AW0-43 Shipyard Saturn’s flotsam Fallen


Turbine Wolfship

Cut by Soriks Hive The tainted Segrex

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Sector Bosses that have vanishedD2LOSS90521-2

Each Lost Sector features a boss that can be located mainly deep inside the location, and defeating it and opening its Boss Cache is required to complete the Lost Sector.

After defeating the boss of the Lost Sector you are investigating, you will get a key for the Boss Cache, which does not need to be picked up.

Each lost sector’s boss has a distinct name and resembles other foes you may face, but with higher stats, a bigger size, and a different look.

Sector Rewards That Were ForgottenD2LOSS90521-3

Every Lost Sector will have a Loot Chest (Boss Cache) that must be unlocked with a Boss Cache Code in order to get a reward.

When the Lost Sector boss is defeated, the Boss Cache Code is immediately acquired and may be used to unlock the Boss Cache.

Glimmer and sometimes items, usually of rare or legendary grade, may be found in the Lost Sector chest.

A chest may only be opened once per Lost Sector instance, although this can be reset if you leave and restart the Lost Sector.

Sector Rotations That Were Forgotten

Players may earn prizes by completing unique Lost Sector variations, which vary on a regular basis and will show on your map as long as you have discovered the Lost Sector.

Legend Lost Sector (1300 Power Level Recommended) and Master Lost Sector are two types of exceptional Lost Sectors (1330 Power Level Recommended.)

Completing these unique Lost Sectors will provide players Exotic Gear, but only if they are completed alone.

Farming Legendary and Master Lost Sectors is one of Destiny 2’s endgame activities since it allows players to get some of the game’s most powerful gear.


  • In both the early and late game of Destiny 2, Lost Sectors are a fantastic place to farm gear and Glimmer.
  • When examining your map and noticing the symbols attached to it, you may quickly find all of the Lost Sectors.
  • Some Lost sectors are simpler to harvest than others, and they’re also where quests, bounties, and accomplishments are completed.
  • Lost Sectors can be quickly evacuated and re-entered, making it simple to grind them in a short period of time.
  • You’ll mainly find Rare or Legendary goods in Lost Sectors, although higher-quality stuff is conceivable.


The Lost Sectors have a lot of gear that you can harvest, which comes in useful while you’re attempting to increase your Power Level.

When completing ordinary Lost Sectors, the exotic drop rate isn’t very high; instead, you may obtain them by doing the Legendary and Master ones.

Lost Sectors scale with your Power Level and often drop level-related items, which may help you replace old gear with new or better gear.

The fallen lost sectors europa is a great place to farm loot, experience and reputation. It has the best rewards among all of the fallen sectors.

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