Destiny 2 is a popular first-person shooter video game that was released on September 6, 2017. It is the sequel to 2014’s Destiny and was developed by Bungie and published by Activision.

The destiny 2 beyond light quest walkthrough is a guide for the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Quest Steps.

The Beyond Light Quest debuted on November 10th, 2020, and included a completely new storyline as well as the new Stasis power.

This quest was included with the expansion and focuses on events in Europa, as well as introducing a new narrative involving Variks and the Eliksni.

In this quest, you will learn about the new power known as Stasis and will learn to attune to it and eventually manipulate it at will, making a significant impact for people on Europa.

The Beyond Light quest has 34 steps, all of which have been included here along with the required instructions.

Finish the New Kell Mission (Step 1)

The Knew Kell will begin when you first land on Europa, and you must complete the mission to rescue Variks from his pursuers.

You’ll have to battle your way through different opponents until you reach Varik’s position, where you’ll have to protect him from more attackers.

For more information on the quest, see our The New Kell Walkthrough.

Return to Variks to Talk About Eramis’ Increasing Power (Step 2)

Return to where Varik’s is holding out once you’ve finished The New Kell, and he’ll tell more about what he said during your initial meeting.

After completing The New Kell, speak with Varik’s to unlock the Rising Resistance objective and get the next stage in the quest.

Complete the mission Rising Resistance (Step 3)


The next stage is to complete the Rising Resistance objective, which entails assisting Variks with the construction of a communications network.

Varik will use this communication network to reach out to people who don’t want to be controlled by Eramis.

Check out our Rising Resistance Walkthrough for additional details on the task.

Speak with the Stranger from Exo (Step 4)

When you complete the Rising Resistance task, a cinematic will play, and you will then meet the Exo Stranger.

Following the sequence, you must speak with the Exo Stranger, who will offer you a Splinter of Darkness to attune later.

Use the Splinter of Darkness to hone your skills (Step 5)


Once you’ve obtained the Splinter of Darkness, take it to the adjacent Ziggurat to activate its power.

The Crux of Darkness must next be found in Nexus in order to attune the Splinter of Darkness, giving you a taste of the Stasis power.

In Nexus, commune with a Crux of Darkness (Step 6)

Follow your waypoint to Nexus and enter it, where you’ll discover the Crux of Darkness, with whom you’ll need to interact to begin the attunement.

To accomplish this stage, you must kill all opponents in the region, including those that spawn.

When you’re done, it’ll start to power down, and you’ll have to see whether it can open Stasis-locked boxes.

Check out our Beyond Light Splinter of Darkness Quest guide for additional information on this stage.

Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus Nex (Step 7)

You’ll find a Stats-locked box nearby, which you’ll need to visit and open in the process after eliminating a Stasis-locked barrier.

This adds the opportunity to open particular chests, which later in the game demand an affinity for the new Stasis element.

In Charon’s Crossing, reunite with Variks (Step 8)

You’ll need to return to Variks to complete the quest after you’ve had a taste of the darkness.

You may easily locate him by fast-traveling to Charon’s Crossing and looking for him where you originally met.

Variks will be wary of you holding the new power, but he believes you’ll be able to put it to good use against Eramis.

In a Single Life, Defeat Fell in Eventide Ruins (Step 9)

The next stage is to go to the Eventide Ruins, where you must fight a large number of Fallen in order to progress.

In the Eventide Ruins, you must kill 35 Fallen foes without dying; other factions will not contribute to the total.

Elenaks, Salvation Elite, must be drawn out and defeated (Step 10)


Your next mission will be to go to Asterion Abyss and discover a method to attract Elenaks, Salvation Elite’s attention.

You’ll need to go to the area and locate the opponents you need to destroy (they’ll be designated targets).

Elenaks, Salvation Elite will emerge nearby when you destroy a certain number of these designated targets, and you must face and defeat them.

Complete the Empire Hunt for “The Warrior” (Step 11)


The next level demands you to finish The Warrior, an Empire Hunt that is similar to strikes in that it pits you against elite soldiers of Eramis’ army.

To reach Phylax, The Warrior, you’ll have to battle your way through many levels and three distinct stages.

We’ve put up a The Warrior Empire Hunt Walkthrough especially for you if you need a full guide to this Empire Hunt.

In Beyond, return to Exo Stranger (Step 12)

You must return to the Exo Stranger after beating Phylaks, The Warrior, and share your triumph with him. You may contact him by fast traveling to Beyond.

Splinter of Darkness: Attune (Step 13)

You’ll return to the Ziggurat for the next attunement, just as you did when you first went to attune the Splinter of Darkness.

Interact with the indicated item to begin the attunement process, which will take you to the next location to commune.

In Bray Exoscience, commune with Crux of Darkness (Step 14)

To further enhance your new Stasis skills, go to the Bray Exoscience and converse with a separate Crux of Darkness.

You may save time by flying to Charon’s Crossing and then driving to the waypoint on your car.

The Crux of Darkness will be found inside the Bray Exoscience, which seems to be a lab of some kind.

Interact with the Crux of Darkness in the same way you did with the last one, destroy all the monsters, and then interact with the Crux once more to complete the game.

Check out our guide for additional information on the Bray Exoscience Splinter of Darkness Quest phase.

In Charon’s Crossing, reunite with Variks (Step 15)

Return to Variks via fast traveling (to make it quicker) after attuning your Splinter of Darkness at the Bray Exoscience and continue with the next stage of the quest.

In the Asterion Abyss, collect tracking devices (Step 16)


The next step is to discover a certain number of Tracking Devices dropped by Vex opponents in the Asterion Abyss.

Kill Vex opponents in the Asterion Abyss until you get a total of 10 Tracking Devices, which you will need later.

Vex Conflux must be found and shut off at Cadmus Ridge (Step 17)

The next stage is to turn off the Vex Conflux, which is located in Cadmus Ridge, but first you must have Ghost scan it by interacting with it.

You must protect Ghost as he scans since Vex troops continue to spawn in the area, trying to stop you.

To vanquish the Vex Conflux, you must kill a specific amount of opponents until each area’s crystal (3 in all) becomes susceptible to be destroyed.

Check out our How To Shut Down Vex Conflux tutorial for a step-by-step instruction on how to do this.

Complete the Empire Hunt for “The Technocrat” (Step 18)


Your next objective in the Beyond Light quest will be to defeat Praksis, The Technocrat, Eramis’ technological specialist.

Taking down Praksis would prevent Eramis from using the Darkness to boost her other minions, giving her an edge over her army.

To begin this action, go to the beginning of The Technocrat Empire Hunt and finish it before moving on to the next stage of the quest.

Check out our The Technocrat Empire Hunt Walkthrough for more information on this Empire Hunt.

In Beyond, return to your camp (Step 19)

After beating the Technocrat, you’ll need to return to Beyond’s camp, where Zavala will be waiting for you.

He’ll talk to you about the issue, and instead of being enraged by the fact that you took up the Darkness without permission, he’ll offer you a hint.

In The Steppes, speak with Shaw Han (Step 20)

Following your conversation with Zavala, you’ll be sent back to the beginning of Destiny 2, the Steppes.

Your next mission will be to see Shaw Han and discuss your future steps, since there has been a breakthrough in the scenario that leads to the Cosmodrome.

The Divide, Defeat Fallen in the Cosmodrome (Step 21)

Shaw seems to have found Eramis recruiting members of the House of Devils, her former companions.

Eramis is demonstrating her might by employing one of her soldiers, Bakris the Adamantine, and hopes that the House of Devils would join with them.

You’ve been entrusted with fighting the Fallen in the Divide’s Cosmodrome in order to gather Intel, which will help you halt Eramis’ ambitions.

Bakris, The Adamantine, must be eliminated (Step 22)

Bakris, the Adamantine, is believed to be hiding in the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector, according to intelligence gathered.

To thwart Eramis’ plot, go to Garden 2A and fight Bakris, the Adamantine, who will be joined by the Lost Sector’s initial foes.

Defeating Bakris will put an end to Eramis’ recruitment, which makes Eramis unhappy with the present situation.

Strike “The Glassway” to completion (Step 23)

Eramis has decided to use the Vex as a weapon against her foes out of desperation, and is looking for a gateway to open that would enable the Vex to flood Europa.

The next stage will be to go to Europa and execute an attack known as The Glassway, which will prevent the invasion from taking place.

Check out our The Glassway Strike Walkthrough for instructions on how to complete the strike.

In Beyond, return to the Exo Stranger (Step 24)

After completing The Glassway attack, return to the Exo Stranger for a briefing on the Darkness power you are exploring.

She describes how it has the potential to alter the person who uses it, but she also thinks it is controlled and has great expectations for you to tune your well.

In Beyond, fine-tune your Splinter of Darkness (Step 25)

Your Splinter of Darkness has grown stronger since you defeated Praksis, and you must now re-attune it.

Return to the Ziggurat to begin the attuning process, which will strengthen and give you greater control over your Splinter of Darkness.

In Riis-Reborn Approach, commune with The Crux of Darkness (Step 26)

The next stage is to go to Riis-Reborn Approach, where you’ll find the next Crux of Darkness.

Make your way into Riis Reborn Approach by traveling to the indicated area (quick travel to Charon’s Crossing to get there faster).

You’ll have to converse with a Crux of Darkness once more in order to attune the Splinter of Darkness and acquire greater control over Darkness’s power.

More information on the Riis-Reborn Approach Splinter of Darkness quest phase can be found here.

In Charon’s Crossing, reunite with Variks (Step 27)

Return to Variks by fast traveling to Charon’s Crossing and speaking with him again to advance to the next stage.

Variks mentions how he wished to follow Eramis in the past, but she was blinded by wrath, which is why she is unable to rescue the Eliksni, during your discussion with him.

Ensure the Allied Skiff makes it out of Europe (Step 28)

As the Eliksni prepare to flee, they are being pursued by Eramis’ army, and you must ensure that they are safely evacuated.

Field Emitters will hold the Allied Skiff back, which you must disable by eliminating enemy troops and collecting Field Emitter Codes from certain opponents.

Check out our article on How To Save Allied Skiff On Europa for more information on this phase.

Complete the mission “The Kell of Darkness” (Step 29)


After finally rescuing the Eliksni from danger, it’s time to put an end to Eramis’s schemes once and for all.

This stage requires you to finish The Kell of Darkness quest, in which you will battle Eramis with your newly learned Stasis skills.

In Beyond, return to the Exo Stranger (Step 30)

After defeating Eramis, you’ll return to the Exo Stranger to finish things off and reclaim complete control of the Stasis power.

The Exo stranger will tell you to re-attune and completely enjoy the new power you now have complete control over.

In Beyond, fine-tune your Splinter of Darkness Final Stasis (Step 31)

The final attunement of your Splinter of Darkness awaits you, and you’ll return to the Ziggurat one more time to complete it.

To complete your grip on the Darkness power known as Stasis, go to the Ziggurat and engage with the last component.

Accept the Darkness’s Power (Step 32)


Attune the Splinter of Darkness by interacting with the last component, which teleports you into a temple-like environment.

At the conclusion, there will be a shrine with a statue that you must interact with and complete the action “Embrace the Darkness Within” in order to go to the next stage.

After you’ve accepted the darkness, your character’s Stasis subtype will be unlocked and ready to utilize in the game.

Exo Stranger is back! (Step 33)

Return to the Exo Stranger once again, and she will finally tell you the truth about how everything fits together, including her origins in another reality.

After conversing with the Exo Stranger, you may get the No Time To Explain Pulse Rifle as an Exclusive Reward.

Return to the Tower and talk to Zavala (Step 34)

Following your conversation with the Exo Stranger, return to Zavala to report your success on Europa.

You may accept the Reclaiming Europa quest after speaking with Zavala at the conclusion of the Beyond Light quest.

The beyond light post campaign quests is a guide to help players complete the post-campaign quest for Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Quest steps in Beyond Light?

There are 10 Quest steps in Beyond Light.

How long is the Beyond Light Quest?

The Beyond Light Quest is a long quest. It takes about 15 hours to complete, but it does not have a set end date or time limit.

How do I start the Beyond Light campaign?

To start the Beyond Light campaign, go into the game and press the button on your controller that has a light.

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