The Dreaming City is a new destination in Destiny 2 that has players exploring the unknown and uncovering secrets. Lost Sectors are hidden areas found throughout the world, which contain loot chests and sometimes special events.

The destiny 2 legendary lost sectors is a new location in the Dreaming City of Destiny 2. It’s a place to find many different items and weapons.

The Dreaming City is one of the Destiny 2 locales that was first presented in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Both the Taken and the Scorn obstruct this area, frequently fighting against each other and attacking players during public events.

Within The Dreaming City, players may discover the Aphelion’s Rest, Bay of Drowned Wishes, and Chamber of Starlight lost sections.

Also, be aware of the following missing sectors’ locations and maps:

The Lost Sector Map of the Dreaming CityThe Dreaming City Lost Sector Map

Locations of the Dreaming City’s Lost Sectors

  • The Strand – Aphelion’s Rest
  • Devalian Mists – Bay Of Drowned Wishes
  • Rheasilvia – Rheasilvia – Rheasilvia – Rheasilvia

Aphelion’s Rest is located in the Lost Sector (Ur Haraak Disciple of Quria Location)Destiny 2 Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector Location (Ur Haraak Disciple of Quria Location)

  • Ur Haraak, Disciple of Quria, is the boss.
  • Ravenous Taken Phalanx Elites
  • Faction: Accepted
  • The Strand is the location.

The Aphelion’s Rest lost sector is a cave under a hill in the Strand that you may access by leaping from a cliff or trekking across the beach.

Several taken foes, as well as the Ravenous Taken Phalanx elites that battle with the boss, may be found in this lost section.

As you near the cave’s conclusion, you’ll come face to face with Ur Harraak, Disciple of Quria, who will attack you with two enormous orbs (slow and easily avoided) as soon as you get within range.

Lost Sector Location: Bay of Drowned Wishes (Yirksii Subersive Chieftain Location)Destiny 2 Bay Of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector Location (Yirksii Subersive Chieftain location)

  • Yirksii, Subversive Chieftain is the boss.
  • There are no elites.
  • Scorn is a faction.
  • Divalian Mists is a location in Divalian Mists.

There is a beach on the opposite side of the Divalian Mists that may be reached through a tiny entry near Petra Venj.

As soon as you walk through the gate, you will be faced with the Bay of Drowned Wishes, which is filled with Scorn opponents that you must defeat in order to remove a barrier.

At the conclusion, there will be a cave where Yirksii, Subversive Chieftain, and other Scorn foes will be waiting.

Lost Sector Location: Chamber of Starlight (Inkasi Disciple of Quria Location)Destiny 2 Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector Location (Inkasi Disciple of Quria Location)

  • Inkasi, Quria’s Disciple, is the boss.
  • Ravenous Taken Knight is one of the elites.
  • Faction: Accepted
  • Rheasilvia is a place in Rheasilvia.

The Chamber of Starlight is a lost sector in Rheasilvia that may be discovered by walking towards the bridge and descending down below, following inner ledges.

From afar, you’ll see the cave entrance and must leap your way towards it, fighting your way through a huge tunnel packed with Taken foes.

When you reach the conclusion, you’ll find Inkasi, Disciple of Quria, a Taken magician, as well as Ravenous Taken Knights protecting the lost sector riches.


  • The Dreaming City is one of the greatest locations to farm Taken-related goals since it has the most lost areas under its control.
  • Baryon Bough may be found in The Dreaming City and several of the abandoned districts around it, giving you additional chances to get it.
  • Aphelion’s Rest and Bay of Drowned Wishes are simple to find, although Chamber of Starlight may need considerable leaping talent.


There are three lost sections in the Dreaming City, two of which are held by the Taken and one by the Scorn, and all of which are quite simple to reach.

All three of The Dreaming City’s missing sectors are in different locations, but they can all be reached in no time with a Sparrow. Just be careful of the pathing since there are holes you may fall into.

Aside from the lost sectors, you may easily farm Taken and Scorn kills in The Dreaming City since both foes are present and have public events.

The destiny 2 lost sectors europa is a location in the game that has been changed. There are currently no public guides or walkthroughs for this location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the lost sectors in dreaming City?

The lost sectors in Dreaming City are found on the left side of the map, and they are represented by a black and white checkered pattern.

Where is the Lost Sector in The Dreaming City Destiny 2?

The Lost Sector is located in the Dreaming Citys Cosmodrome.

Where are the lost sectors on Nessus?

The lost sectors on Nessus are the areas that you cannot reach by completing the game.

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