The first major update for Destiny 2 is here, and the game has been updated to include a new Strike called Exodus Crash. This guide will help you on your journey through this new mission.

The thaviks the depraved destiny 2 is a walkthrough for Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike. It contains all the information that players need to complete this mission.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Nessus is a town on the Greek island of Nessus.
  • Duration of the strike: 15-20 minutes
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players

A gang of Fallen has arrived on Nessus and is looting the wreckage of the Exodus Black, a Golden Age ship.

You’ve been entrusted with assisting in the pushback of the Fallen in order to help your partner AI, Failsafe, gain a foothold on the planetoid.

It will be your mission to prevent the Fallen from raiding the Exodus Black crash site, and you must do all in your power to do so.

Objectives of the Strike

Arc Pulses may be used to track down those who have fallen.


While no sensors have detected the Fallen’s presence, their weapons have left a trail of Arc Pulses that you must examine in order to determine the Fallen’s whereabouts.

You’ll need to approach the Arc Pulses that are scattered around the region, each of which will have its own set of waypoints.

Simply go near to the Arc Pulse and it will be examined; however, you will need to repeat this process with numerous Arc Pulses until you have 100% pulses evaluated.

Before the location of the Fallen is revealed, you must achieve 100 percent in two occasions in the first phase.

Destroy the Fallen

Once the position of the Fallen has been disclosed, go to the waypoint and clear the area.

After wiping out the Fallen, you’ll be sent to the Exodus Black’s Aft by additional instructions.

To get to the Exodus Black’s Aft, you must first go to the Exodus Black’s Aft

It seems that the Fallen have already found their way to the ship and are ripping it apart, necessitating your urgent intervention.

At the waypoint, you’ll see that the Fallen have put a gadget that Ghost will need to examine later.

Ghost must be protected.



You must defend the area as Ghost analyzes until the analysis reaches 100%, at which point attackers will begin attacking you.

Two Servitors with Overcharge Shanks will come, causing the process to be disturbed as they attempt to detonate when they reach you.

Dismantle the Servitors

The Overcharge Shanks will try to detonate when they come close to you, therefore the Servitors will be guarding them.

You must first eliminate both of the Servitors in order to prevent the Overcharge Shanks from blowing up your squad.

Ghost must be protected (Part 2)

The analysis will continue once the Servitors and Overcharge Shanks have been destroyed, and it will grow more chaotic.

Continue to protect Ghost while driving back any invading troops until the region has been fully analyzed.

Arc Pulses may be used to track down those who have fallen (Part 2)

Make your way to the new Arc Pulses and approach them to learn where the Fallen have taken up residence.

The Fallen Walker must be defeated.


A Fallen walker will be protecting the Exodus Black’s Aft when you arrive, and you must kill it before you can gain entry.

Quickly dispatch the Fallen Walker and begin following the waypoint via the Exodus Black’s Aft.

Take a look at the Exodus Black’s Aft.

There will already be Fallen foes inside, and you will have to battle your way through their troops as you approach the waypoint.

You and your squad will arrive to a vast region where Thaviks, The Depraved, a stronger version of a Fallen Marauder, will be waiting for you.

The Depraved must defeat the Thaviks.


Thaviks The Depraved, who blasts you with a Shrapnel Launcher from afar and delivers significant attacks when engaged at melee range, will be a quick and dangerous opponent for you and your squad.

He’ll be accompanied by a number of adversaries, including Fallen soldiers and the lethal combo of Servitors and Overcharge Shanks.

Also, have a look at the other striking walkthroughs listed below.


  • You may utilize your car or vehicles currently in the region to move around quicker while studying Arc Pulses.
  • The Fallen Walker may be taken down quickly by targeting its limbs first, which will open up a vulnerable point for Precision Damage.
  • Keep an eye out for Servitors and Overcharge Shanks, since the Servitors will shield the Overcharge Shanks from blowing you up, requiring you to first eliminate the Servitors.


After beating Thaviks, The Depraved, Ghost will check in with Failsafe to see if he’s doing well, which Failsafe will affirm with a hint of hope.

After your actions, the Fallen will be unaffected by the Exodus Black’s golden age technology, and Failsafe will no longer have difficulty with them, at least for the time being.

The exodus crash nightfall shields is a walkthrough for the game Destiny 2. It will help you complete the Strike Walkthrough and get to the end of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the exodus crash strike?

The Exodus crash strike is a move that involves quickly tapping the left and right bumpers in quick succession.

What strike has fallen in Destiny 2?

The last strike in Destiny 2 is called The Last City, the Last Hope.

What is the hardest strike in Destiny 2?


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