The Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign is now available. Players can explore the story of Aeon, a Guardian who has foreseen his own demise.

Destiny 2 Forsaken is the latest expansion for Destiny 2. The campaign has been removed from the game.

Following Cayde-6’s death, your character has gone out to seek revenge on Uldren Sov and his Barons in the Forsaken missions.

Petra Venj was supposed to go after Uldren and the Barons, but Zavala refused since it would leave the Traveler defenseless.

You, the Guardian, have agreed to go pursue Uldren and his Barons on your own, going to the Tangled Shore in search of retribution for Cayde-6’s killing.

Steps in the Quest1631485929_15_Destiny-2-Forsaken-Campaign-Walkthrough

Look for Cayde’s killers on the Tangled Shore.

You should begin by looking for Cayde-6’s assassins, who will be hiding at the far end of one of the sides.

You may just ignore the rest of the opponents in the area and concentrate on locating the Scorn foes, who will set off the following sequence of events.

The High Plains Blues Mission is complete.

To progress with the major sections of the quest, you must finish the High Plains Blues task, which is one of the very first missions.

For additional information, see our High Plains Blues purpose.

Speak with Petra.

After finishing the High Plains Blues, talk with Petra about a possible ally that may assist you in tracking down Uldren and his Barons.

Just like Petra had planned, follow the waypoint to the new ally with whom you will need to talk.

Speak with Spider.

Because Petra Ven and Spider are the only friends that can help you revenge Cayde-6, it’s crucial to enlist Spider.

Before demonstrating that you are an ally and even a friend to Spider, you must talk and suffer his irritating speech.

5 Bounties to complete

To prove to Spider that you are trustworthy, you must fulfill 5 of his bounties.

Completing these bounties (which may be done by completing and finishing them in the quests page) will show Spider that you are an ally and will encourage him to provide information and help.

Back to Spider

Back to Spider’s lair and speak with him after you’ve shown that he can trust you before reporting to Petra.

Go back to Petra.

After proving yourself to Spider, he will provide you with intel on the Barons’ whereabouts, which you will pursue.

Petra will inform you that she is heading after Uldren Sov while you deal with the Barons during this discussion.

Finish the Scorned mission.

Begin the Scorned quest, which can be located under the destinations/map tab on the Tangled Shore, to track down the Barons.

Return to Spider

The effort to destroy the Barons failed, but there is still hope; after you talk with Spider again, he will tell you more about the adversaries you will fight.

Contact Petra.

Before continuing, speak with Petra, and you will be given a series of tasks, one of which is to eliminate each of the Barons.

The Rider Mission must be completed.

This task pits you against The Rider, a crazed Pike-riding Baron whom you must beat on a racing circuit.

For additional information, see our Target: The Rider Walkthrough.

The Mad Bomber Mission is a complete target.

After you’ve defeated The Rider, you’ll need to track down The Mad Bomber in his lair and stop him from wreaking further havoc.

For additional information, see our Target: The Mad Bomber Walkthrough.

The Hangman’s Mission is complete.

The Hangman, a Baron who delights in torturing his adversaries, is the next target, and you’ll have to release some of Spider’s Servitors in the process.

For additional information, see our Target: The Hangman Walkthrough.

Complete the Trickster Mission’s objective.

The Trickster is your next target, and she must be dealt with as quickly as possible since she intends to deliver explosives disguised as Exotic Engrams to The City.

For additional information, see our Target: The Trickster Walkthrough.

The Mindbender Mission is a complete target.

After beating The Trickster, you must confront The Mindbender, who is trying to seize control of other groups in order to carry out the Barons’ dirty work.

For additional information, see Target: The Mindbender.

The Rifleman Mission is a complete target.

Taking vengeance on the sniper who accidentally murdered Cayde-6 by destroying his Ghost (Sundance).

For additional information, see our Target: The Rifleman Walkthrough.

Talk to Spider.

Speak with Spider to learn more about The Machinist, who is The Fanatic’s right-hand man, and then go for him.

The Machinist Mission is a complete target.

After meeting with Spider, a Baron who enjoys stealing technology and will use it to attempt to take you out, your next target is The Machinist, the last of the Barons.

For additional information, see our Target: The Machinist Walkthrough.

Contact Petra.

Return to Spider’s hideaway, where Petra awaits your arrival, having just discovered Uldren Sov.

Talk to Spider.

You must talk with Spider before going out to face Uldren.

Stop Uldren and the Fanatic by climbing the Watchtower.

To complete the quest, follow the instructions and make your way to each of the waypoints.

Complete the mission “Nothing Left to Say”

Uldren Sov, the last target you and Petra are pursuing, will be the next objective in the mission Nothing Left To Say.

For additional information, see our Nothing Left To Say Walkthrough.

Completing this task will bring the quest to a close and put an end to Uldren and his Barons’ tale.

Contact the Vanguard for further information.

After finishing the Nothing Left to Say quest, return to The Tower and talk with Ikora and Zavala separately.

Return to the Tangled Shore of Petra

Return to the Tangled Shore and talk with Petra Venj to get the Key of Light and Darkness Quest.

Contact Petra.

When you speak with Petra Venj again, she will give you the Vestian Dynasty sidearm, which she says will be helpful when you arrive at The Dreaming City.

The destiny 2 forsaken campaign 2021 is a walkthrough for the new Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many forsaken campaign missions are in Destiny 2?

There are a total of 10 forsaken campaign missions in Destiny 2.

How do you complete forsaken in Destiny 2?

A forsaken is a powerful enemy found in Destiny 2. Its a type of enemy that can only be killed by using the raid encounter, The Leviathan.

Can you still play Destiny 2 forsaken campaign?

Unfortunately, Destiny 2 forsaken campaign is no longer playable.

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