Gambit is Destiny 2’s newest competitive multiplayer mode, where players battle each other in 4v4 matches. This guide will teach you how to defeat the boss, bounties, and rewards for winning a match.

The high value targets destiny 2 is a guide to defeating the bosses, bounties, and rewards in Destiny 2.

Players may enjoy a variety of game types in Destiny 2, the majority of them are PVE (player versus environment) or PVP (player against player) (player vs player).

Gambit (Competitive Co-Op) allows you to battle both humanity’s foes as well as other guardians in a PVPVE (player vs player vs environment).

Your goal is to fight humanity’s adversaries, collect motes that they drop, bank the motes, and kill a Primeval.

Gameplay with a GambitD2GAG23421-2

Players will wait for The Drifter to throw a coin to decide which foes of mankind you and your opponents will be battling against at the start of the game.

After that, there will be a short period of time when all players will be waiting for the match to begin, and you will be able to view your opponents.

One of the following factions may be among the adversaries you face in Destiny 2:

The outcome of the coin flip will decide which of these factions you will face off against, as well as which Primeval monster you will face off against in the end.

Killing Humanity’s Enemies

The combat part of the game will begin, and you and your fireteam will need to get to the area where hostiles are approaching to fend them off.

You must begin killing opponents in order to acquire Motes, which they drop when they die for you to collect.

Enemies will spawn in groups in specified places, each designated with a waypoint for you and your squad to assault.

Enemies will only spawn in one place at a time, and you and your fireteam may go there and work together to destroy them.

Obtain Motes (Collecting Points)

Motes are dropped by opponents and may be picked up by moving within close range of them, allowing them to be acquired immediately.

You can carry a total of 15 Motes, and there will be a meter at the top that will indicate how many Motes you may add through a bar.

These Motes may make opponents target you more, and they should be carried with care since they will drop when you die, particularly if you are slain by an invading member of the other side.

If any Motes have been dropped but not retrieved, they will begin to flicker and then vanish in a matter of seconds.

A bar at the top of your screen displays the progress of your fireteam as well as the progress of the opposing team.

Motes de Dépôt (Scoring Points)

Once you’ve acquired Motes, you’ll need to return them to your Bank, which is indicated as a waypoint once you’ve earned points.

Banking Motes will enable your squad to collect points up to 100 in order to advance to the following phase, the Primeval battle.

A blocker will appear if you and your team earn Motes in the amounts of 5, 10, or 15, preventing your opponents from banking their Motes.

The blockers are opponents that will spawn at the enemy’s Bank, locking it down until the opposing side defeats it.

Blockers come in a variety of difficulty depending on how many Motes you deposit:

  • Blocker for Small Areas (5 Motes)
  • Blocker with a medium strength (10 Motes)
  • Blocker of a Large Size (15 Motes)

The more harder it is to kill a Blocker, the less time you and your fireteam have to operate while the other team is at a disadvantage.

Primeval should be killed (Defeating Gambit Boss)


After earning 100 Motes, you and your squad will advance to the next phase, where you will face a Primeval monster.

This adversary must be destroyed in order for you and your fireteam to win the match, thus it is the main objective.

There will be a different kind of boss to face depending on which side was chosen at random at the start of the game.

The Primeval bosses you’ll face are determined by the group you selected at the start of the game.

Envoys will spawn alongside the Primeval monster, and you may kill them to get Primeval Slayer bonuses, which will enable you to do greater damage against the boss.

You and your fireteam will be successful and earn prizes after the Primeval monster has been destroyed.


A gateway will open when your fireteam has scored 25 Motes, enabling one of your members to cross over to the other team’s side.

This is when the PVP part of Gambit kicks in, allowing the invading player to go over and hunt out members of the other side.

Invaders are granted an overshield that allows them to view their opponents’ positions as well as the amount of Motes they have.

An intruder may wreak havoc for approximately 30 seconds or until they are destroyed or four guardians are killed.

If the other team has summoned and is battling their Primeval, killing members of their team will replenish the Primeval’s health, making it more difficult for them to complete.

Targets of Extreme ValueD2GAG23421-5

High Value Targets are adversaries with a white light around them that emerge during Gambit and offer a high amount of Motes when destroyed.

These opponents appear at random, but they’re more frequent while your team is falling behind, allowing you to catch up if you kill them for Motes.

There will be an alert if a High Value Target emerges, and it must be killed as quickly as possible before it flees.


In some ways, Majors are comparable to High Value Targets, except instead of having the ability to flee, they appear as a greater boost to Motes.

When compared to other opponents that only provide one Mote each kill, you may get more Motes by killing Majors.

A Major may be identified by its golden/yellow light and appearance, which makes it stand out as well as being a distinct and bigger kind of opponent.


Defeating the Primeval will bring the match to a conclusion and each member of the team will be able to enjoy the benefits for participating.

Players will be awarded with Infamy points, Glimmer, and gear for their hard work during Gambit at the conclusion of each match.

This makes playing the game mode enjoyable, particularly when you concentrate on accumulating your Points of Infamy in the future for greater prizes.

Points of Infamy

When you play Gambit matches, you collect Infamy Points, which you will get at the conclusion of the match regardless of whether you won or lost.

Winning matches will earn you more Infamy Points, but you will still get them as a consolation reward if your team loses.

Those that have a winning run in Gambit matches get additional Infamy Points depending on the number of matches they win, which may stack up to five times.

Your Rank in Infamy is determined by your Infamy Points, which may be reset if you reach the maximum rank of Legend (15,000 Infamy Points).

Infamy Rank

Infamy Points

I am a defender.

The second installment of the Guardian series


Guardian III is the third installment in the series.

Brave I


Brave II

Brave III


Heroic I

Heroic II


Heroic III is a third-person shooter.

Fabled I


Fabled II

The Legendary Fabled III


Mythic I

Mythic II


Mythic III is a third-person fantasy game.





Depending on how many times you reset your Infamy Rank, you’ll be eligible for various prizes.

Bounties of Infamy

The Drifter offers a variety of Infamy Bounties to participate in, each of which gives additional experience if completed.

Infamy Bounties may be purchased for a modest sum of Glimmer and will expire 1 day and 3 hours after being obtained.

Depending on the bounties selected, Infamy Bounties may lead to extra seasonal experience and Infamy Points, as well as other prizes.


Overall, Gambit adds a whole new dimension to Destiny 2 and is well worth the investment.

When using this game style as a challenging and enjoyable game option, players may earn accomplishments, prizes, and pleasure.

The Gambit is also a fantastic way to get gear and Glimmer, both of which are useful in later stages of the game.

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