Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It’s the sequel to 2014’s Destiny, which was itself a follow-up to Halo 3.

The destiny 2 high plain blues is a mission in the game Destiny 2. It is part of the Rise of Iron expansion and it can be found on Earth’s European Dead Zone.

  • Forsaken is a mission type (Legacy)
  • Tangled Shore is the location of the mission.

Urden and his gang of Barons have fled to the Tangled Shore and seized control, creating a ruckus among the locals.

You’re on the hunt for Urden and the Barons, intending to exact vengeance for Cayde-6’s murder, an eye for an eye.

You’ll need to discover out where Urden and the Barons are being kept once you get on the Tangled Shore, and you may even find an ally who despises them as much as you do.

Goals of the MissionD2FHBM27621-2

Cayde’s assassins must be apprehended (Part 1)

You’ll begin in the High Plains, where you’ll need to look for Uldren and his Barons, who have seized control of some of the surrounding regions.

There will be many factions in the region, so make your way to the extreme end to discover a terminal and what looks to be a freshly assaulted camp.

Infiltrate the Terminal

A terminal will be located near the camp, and a sign will be painted on the side of a cliff to indicate a concealed entry.

When you interact with the console, Ghost will hack it, opening a route that will lead you to a smuggler’s tunnel beneath.

Uldren and the Barons must be found.

In pursuit of Uldren and his Barons, continue through the smuggler’s tunnel and make your way to the waypoint.

When you get to the opposite side of the tunnel, you’ll find another terminal that needs to be hacked in order to reveal a secret route to Four-Horn Gulch.

Cayde’s assassins must be apprehended (Part 2)

The Scorn will be waiting for them at the end of the smuggler’s tunnel, and Ghost notes that they are the same monsters he battled in the Prison of Elders.

Continue on out of the tiny tunnel, which leads to a battlefield where a massacre seems to have occurred.

Getting Rid of Scorn

When you approach near enough to a wounded servitor with Fallen corpses, they will change into Scorn foes.

To go on to the next objective, you’ll need to cleanse the area of Scorn opponents, so be prepared to battle.

Examine the Servitor That Has Been Corrupted

You’ll need to engage with the Corrupted Servitor in order for Ghost to access its data in order to find out what they’re up to.

After a few seconds, Ghost will see that they are draining Ether from the Servitor, and additional Scorn will attack, which must be killed.

Petra is waiting for you.

After you’ve cleansed the region, Petra Venj will hijack your computer and inform you about an ally who wants Uldren and his Barons dead just as much as you do.

To go ahead and establish an unexpected alliance, you’ll need to meet up with Petra Venj in a hidden bunker shown on your map.

Meeting with Petra’s Back-Up

When you come close to the waypoint, you’ll find yourself at Thieves’ Landing, where Petra Ven will instruct you to meet up with her backup.

Surprisingly, the backup is Fallen troops, Spider’s Associates, who have been sent to assist you in reaching the bunker.

Scorn must be advanced and cleared away.

There will be a lot of obstacles in your way to the bunker, so you’ll have to progress and clear them out, killing opponents in four distinct locations.

This will be a lengthy and difficult battle, so take advantage of the cover and fight with your companions.

Spider’s Lair is where you’ll find yourself.

After conquering the area, go to the waypoint to meet Petra Venj, who will transport you to Spider.

You and Spider will form an alliance and begin assisting each other in the fight against Uldren and his Barons.

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  • In this task, some players may encounter the Scorn Screebs for the first time; these animals charge up to you and explode when they get too near, so be cautious and avoid them.
  • Near the conclusion of the task, there are a lot of Scorn dispersed in four different areas, so it’s better to focus on one region at a time.


After landing on the Tangled Shore, you hook up with Spider, a possible ally you didn’t anticipate.

While Petra Venj was becoming more frightened by what seemed to be Spider’s demands, you stepped in and agreed to his terms.

You’ll have additional supplies, support, and knowledge as you pursue Uldren and his Barons now that you’ve enlisted Spider’s help.

The destiny 2 campaign 2020 is a mission in the game Destiny 2. This mission will take you to the High Plains of Mars, where you’ll find yourself fighting off waves of Cabal.

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