The Season of the Splicer Artifact is a new event coming to Destiny 2. It will be available for purchase with Silver, but can also be obtained by completing certain in-game activities. This guide will show you how to get the Season of the Splicer artifact in Destiny 2.

The destiny 2 how to get seasonal artifact season 15 is a guide that will show you how to obtain the Season of the Splicer Artifact in Destiny 2.

Every season in Destiny 2 adds new features to help you improve your combatant killing XP.

One of these necessary items is a Destiny 2 Artifact, which changes with each season, and the new Artifact in the Season of the Splicer is the Paradrome Cube.

The Cube of the Paradrome is simple to acquire after you begin your journey after arriving on Europa, which leads to a new quest to obtain the Season of the Splicer Artifact.

The Paradrome Cube

Season of the Slicer Artifact, also known as the Paradrome Cube, is “A Cube Of Living Code Claimed From The Vex Domain.”

According to the Paradrome Cube’s in-game mythology, it enabled Mithrax to glimpse into potential futures, where he saw the Guardian’s shooting in the Tower.

He disregarded the vision since there was no ripple in the liquid, but he soon had many more, numbering in the hundreds and even thousands.

Once in your inventory, it is shared with your other characters, and you may alter your equip with them based on whatever modifications you invest points in.

What Is The Paradrome Cube And How Do I Get It?

Those interested in obtaining the Season of the Splicer artifact should simply begin on Europa during the Splicer Season.

A mission called The Splicer must be accomplished, which takes very little time and unlocks the quest Beneath The Great Machine later on.

To accomplish the mission, just go to the Last City and talk with the Splicer Servitor at the H.E.L.M. to get the Paradrome Cube.

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What Is The Best Way To Level Up Paradrome Cube?

It’s not difficult to level up the Season of the Splicer Artifact; all you have to do is earn XP, which causes the Paradrome Cube to level up.

Seasonal Challenges are a fantastic method to level up your Season of the Splicer Artifact since they give a lot of XP when completed.

As you level up your Artifact, you will get access to several modifications into which you may invest points, enabling you to equip them with your weapons and armor.

Mods for The Splicer Artifact Season

While you level up your Season of the Splicer Artifact, you receive a point that you may use to add modifications to your Artifact when previewing it.

Placing a point allows you to create the mod and equip it to a particular piece of gear, improving your passives.

The Season of the Splicer artifact’s tiers and modifications are shown below.

Tier 1

  • Overload Machine Gun (Arms) – Bullets fired continuously from SMGs stun opponents.
  • Scout Rifles shoot shield-piercing bullets, shock Barrier Champions, and are used by Anti-Barrier Scouts. (Barrier Champions take extra damage from Scout Rifles.)
  • Unstoppable (Arms) – Using Sidearm to aim down the sights loads an explosive payload that stuns unprotected opponents. (Victorious in the face of unstoppable champions.)
  • Overload Hand Cannon (Arms) – Consecutive strikes will stun, reduce damage output, and delay energy regeneration, disrupting opponents. (Extremely effective against Overload Champions.)
  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle (Arms) — Auto Rifles stun Barrier Champions by firing shield-piercing bullets. (Barrier Champions take more damage from Auto Rifles.)

Tier 2

  • Scavenger Grenade Launcher (Leg) – Grenade Launchers gain extra reserves while picking up ammunition.
  • Rocket Launcher Scavenger (Leg) – When picking up ammunition, Rocket Launchers gain additional reserves.
  • Unflinching Pulse Rifle Aim (Chest) — When employing Pulse Rifles, flinching from incoming fire is reduced.
  • Scout Rifle Load (Arms) – Speeds up the reloading of Scout Rifles.
  • Blast Radius (Light Charged) – Gain light charge by eliminating opponents quickly with Grenade Launchers or Rocket Launchers.

Tier 3

  • Unflinching Auto Rifle Aim (Chest) – Significantly minimizes flinching while aiming with an Auto Rifle.
  • While the Argent Ordnance is charged with light, it increases the damage and reload speed of the Rocket Launcher when readying or firing it. A stack of charged light will be consumed if a rocket is used to damage fighters.
  • Grenade Launcher Dexterity (Arms) – Stow speed is enhanced and Grenade Launchers are ready.
  • Rocket Launcher Loader (Arms) – Increases the reload speed of the Rocket Launcher.
  • Bonus: Ashes to Assets (Helmet) On grenade kills, you earn Super Energy.

Tier 4

  • Unstoppable Grenade Launcher (Arms) – After readying or reloading, the Grenade Launcher may temporarily stun Unstoppable Champions.
  • Warmind Cell (Hammer of the Warmind) — Detonations of Warmind Cells create disruption, stun combatants, delay energy regeneration, and reduce damage output.
  • Sundering Explosion (Class Item) – When a champion is stunned, an explosive blast is released.
  • Surge Detonators (Class Item) – Arc grenades may cause fighters to become disoriented, causing energy regeneration to be delayed and damage output to be reduced.
  • Unstoppable Schwarzschild Condenser (Class Item) – Unshielded Combatants are stunned by Void melee abilities.

Tier 5

  • Using a Grenade Launcher to hit bosses, champions, or while breaching combatant shields will refill your stowed weapons. For a brief period of time, the fighter takes more damage.
  • Glacial Inheritance (Class Item) – When using Stasis Super to kill opponents, Super Energy is refunded.
  • Warmind’s Decree (Warmind Cell) – Increases the chance of Warmind Cells being created with Void splash damage final strikes.
  • Grenade final strikes give grenade energy to the Impulse Recycler (Arms) (stacks with multiple copies).
  • Dragonfly, Chain Reaction, and Firefly explosions do greater damage with Energy Accelerant (Class Item).


The Paradrome Cube is a strong weapon that comes with a variety of excellent modifications, many of which concentrate on interrupting or blowing up opponents.

To power up weaponry of such kind, using the Rocket Launcher or Grenade Launcher modifications might be a smart option.

You may quickly level up your Artifact by just playing the game, but concentrating on Seasonal Challenges early on can help you get the most out of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get 2 seasonal artifacts in destiny?

You can either buy them or earn them by completing certain tasks.

Where can I buy season of the splicer mods?

You can buy season of the splicer mods from the in-game store.

How do I buy season of the splicer?

You can buy the season pass on the Beat Saber website.

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