Destiny 2 Lost Sectors are a series of hidden areas that players can discover by exploring the game’s map. The first three Lost Sectors were discovered in the European Dead Zone, Nessus, and Io.

The Destiny 2 Nessus Lost Sectors Locations is a helpful guide that will help you find the lost sectors in Destiny 2. Read more in detail here: destiny 2 lost sectors today.

Nessus is a planetoid that is inhabited by several groups, but is primarily in the hands of the Vex, and is well-known for being the crash-landing site of the Exodus Black.

Most players today arrive in Nessus during the Exodus Crash attack, however if all criteria are fulfilled, others may explore it on their own.

The Orrery, The Rift, The Carrion Pit, The Conflux, and Ancient’s Haunt are among the five missing sections of Nessus that players may explore and discover.

Nessus is an excellent location to farm various faction kills since the lost sectors are home to three distinct factions: Fallen, Vex, and Cabal.

Also, be aware of the following missing sectors’ locations and maps:

Map of the Nessus Lost SectorNessus Lost Sector Map

Locations of Nessus’s Lost Sectors

  • Artifact’s Edge – The Orrery
  • Exodus Black – The Rift
  • Glade of Echoes – The Carrion Pit
  • The Cistern – The Conflux
  • The Tangle – The Haunt of the Ancients

The Orrery is a place where you may go to learn about (Wanted Thyrdron Location)The Orrery (Wanted Thyrdron Location)

  • Thyrdron, the Boss, is wanted.
  • Nightmare Harpy is one of the elites.
  • Vex is a faction.
  • Artifact’s Edge is a location in the Artifact’s Edge area.

As you approach Artifact’s Edge, you’ll see a huge circular gap on the side, and the entrance to The Orrery lies to the bottom right of that gap.

As you travel through this mechanical building, you will mainly meet Goblins and Hobgoblins until you come across Wanted: Thyrdron.

Make careful to wipe out the Vex opponents in the region, since they have a tendency of attacking you from afar, making it difficult to survive the battle.

Nightmare Harpies will be battling alongside Wanted: Thyrdron, which you should eliminate before concentrating on the monster.

The Schism (Wanted Tattered Dusk Captain Location)The Rift (Wanted Tattered Dusk Captain Location)

  • Captain Tattered Dusk is wanted by the boss.
  • Elites are a nightmare. Shank
  • Fallen Faction
  • Exodus Black is a location in Exodus.

In Exodus Black, the Rift lost sector is readily found by going to the left after fast traveling and looking for tubes, one of which will have a lost sector marking on it.

Behind the tubes will be a passageway via which you may make your way to the interior, where you will face battle against the Fallen.

After battling your way through a medium-sized group, you’ll need to bridge a gap to a location where the Fallen have made an improvised refuge.

You’ll be attacked by numerous Fallen, as well as Wanted: Tattered Dusk Captain and a few of Nightmare Shanks, after you’ve crossed over to the opposite side.

The Graveyard (Wanted Nariks Reborn Location)

The Carrion Pit (Wanted Nariks Reborn Location)

  • Nariks Reborn is wanted by the boss.
  • Nightmare Wretch is a member of the Elites.
  • Fallen Faction
  • Glade of Echoes is a location in Glade of Echoes.

Carrion Pit is a forgotten section in the Glade of Echoes that seems to be the remnants of a mining facility.

You’ll find the entrance amid some rubble in the center of the Glade of Echos, where you’ll descend into a dug-out region.

This lost sector is fairly tiny, and after you’ve cleared the initial section with Fallen foes strewn around, you’ll find Wanted: Nariks Reborn in a higher location.

The Servitor boss Wanted: Nariks Reborn will constantly generate Nightmare Wretches and other monsters to attack you.

The Confusion (Wanted Shayotet Partisan Location)The Conflux (Wanted Shayotet Partisan Location)

  • Shayotet Partisan is wanted by the boss.
  • Nightmare Warbeast is one of the elites.
  • Cabal is a faction.
  • The Cistern is the location.

The Conflux is situated in The Cistern, beyond a huge lake of electricity, with the entrance near a tree beside a waterfall.

As you approach this lost section, you will not be confronted with the Cabal one by one until you reach the boss, but rather with the bulk of the foes all at once, including the Cabal.

You will encounter Cabal opponents as well as the boss, Wanted: Shayote Partisan, after you reach the main area after a short journey from the entrance.

Nightmare Warbeasts battle with Shayote Partisans, who may be very dangerous owing to their high health and ability to knock you back with their devastating melee strikes.

Haunt of the Ancients (Wanted Pakrion Location)Ancient's Haunt (Wanted Pakrion Location)

  • Pakrion, the Boss, is wanted.
  • Nightmare Harpy is one of the elites.
  • Vex is a faction.
  • The Tangle is a location.

The Vex faction occupies the Ancient’s Haunt lost section, which is a tiny subterranean forest-like grotto.

As soon as you enter the cave, you will be attacked by a small group of Vex opponents, followed by the boss.

Wanted: Pakrion, a boss version of the Hydra who is supported by Nightmare Harpy troops, may be found within Ancient’s Haunt.

When Pakrion’s health is depleted or it runs out of backup, it will try to flee, and even if you kill it early, the opponents will still be waiting at the cave’s end.


  • Goblins and Hobgoblins may attack you from a long distance, and there are times when they are deliberately positioned to suppress you with fire, such as in The Orrery.
  • Because there are so many Fallen troops folded up when you meet Nariks Reborn, Carrion Pit is one of the greatest locations to harvest Fallen kills.
  • Unless you’re farming Fallen kills, you may want to employ extreme force, such as an ability or a power weapon, to rapidly eliminate Wanted: Nariks Reborn in order to prevent opponent spawning.
  • The Warbeasts in the Conflux Lost Sector may be deadly if not dealt with properly, therefore it’s recommended to finish out the boss as soon as possible.


On Nessus, not only are lost sectors accessible for grinding, but Microphasic Datalattice may also be farmed.

Because the foes are readily slain and clustered in a compact area, the Carrion Pit is a favorite Fallen killing location.

Most of Nessus’ lost sectors are short and easy to complete, enabling players to grind gear, XP, and Glimmer.

The Destiny 2 Lost Sectors are areas in Destiny 2 that the player can enter. These areas are difficult to find, but there is a way to locate them. Reference: destiny 2 lost sectors europa.

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