After the Destiny 2 release, players were left with nothing to say. The game was so good that no one could find anything wrong with it. This is a walkthrough of the mission “Nothing Left to Say.”

The destiny 2 nothing left to say achievement is a mission that is located in the European Dead Zone. This mission can be found on the map and it’s objective is to find three pieces of intel.

  • Forsaken is a mission type (Legacy)
  • Tangled Shore is the location of the mission.

Following Petra Venj’s discovery of Uldren Sov’s whereabouts, the moment has come for you to confront him head-on.

You must storm The Watchtower and battle your way past numerous opponents in order to reach Uldren and put a stop to his ambitions as quickly as possible.

This task will bring you to the end of the Forsaken quest and enable you to revenge Cayde-6’s death.

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Goals of the MissionD2NLSM30621-2

How to Get To The Watchtower

You’ll begin at the foot of The Watchtower and must fight your way to the waypoint, passing through a combat along the way.

There will be Fallen and Scorn fighting all over the place, as well as a Walker, who you may ignore while you make your way to the waypoint.

Assassinate The Fanatic

When you get to The Watchtower, the Fanatic will emerge and begin attacking you, forcing you to fight back in order to progress.

After taking out his first health bar, he will flee and call foes to attack you, causing him to draw you towards him.

You may finish off the remainder of his health and continue on your way to Uldren’s position when he pulls you towards him.

Uldren should be pursued.

Uldren Sov will be the final opponent on your list once you beat The Fanatic, and you must follow the waypoint to reach him.

You’ll have to travel through the Ascendant Plain, where Uldren’s sister will keep urging him to unlock the door.

When you go to the waypoint, you’ll be attacked by Taken foes, who were brand new opponents when Forsaken first came out.

As you continue to battle your way through the adversaries, you will come upon a new gateway that you must enter.

The portal transports you back to the Ascendant Plain, where you must traverse a route that involves some leaping and battling.

Get away from the Ascendant Plane.

You’ll arrive in a circular chamber where you’ll be attacked by monsters, and you’ll have to escape by fighting the Ascendant Plane Guard, who unlocks a gateway when you die.

A cinematic will play as you reach the next section, depicting how Uldren Sov was duped by his sister, Mara Sov, who has ulterior motives and absorbs Uldren.

It comes out that the entity controlling Uldren Sov was not his sister, but a Taken Chimeric Servitor known as the Voice of Riven, who pretended to be his sister in order to win his confidence.

The Chimera must be defeated.

The Chimera has to be destroyed now that it has been discovered, in order to put a stop to not just Uldren’s but also the Voice of Riven’s plans.

Begin assaulting the Voice of Riven until its health is depleted (its weak point is its center/mouth).

From time to time, you will be transported onto the Ascendant Plane, where you must eliminate the opponents before returning to the battle arena, where the Voice of Riven awaits.

When the Voice of Riven’s health is low, there will be two protective connections (visible green beams) that you must remove.

Once the two beams have protected her, enemies will spawn, but you may go directly to the source and kill them.

After eliminating the beams’ origins, you’ll be sent back to the Ascendant Plane to battle your way out, where you’ll be able to kill off the Voice of Riven.


  • The Voice of Riven may be irritating, particularly when it pulls you into the Ascendant Plane, but you should concentrate on eliminating foes in order to return.
  • Because taken opponents are based on their original counterparts, their vulnerabilities (which glow) differ from one another.

Using a strong weapon like a rocket launcher to inflict damage to the Voice of Riven’s mouth may assist speed up the battle.


After the battle, go up to the Ace of Spades (Cayde-6’s handgun that Uldren took with him) and take it.

While Uldren looks for his sister and discovers that it was all a ruse, you go up to him and aim it at him.

The movie concludes with your Guardian aiming their weapon and squeezing the trigger, despite Ghost’s pleas not to terminate Uldren’s life.

The destiny 2 new light campaign walkthrough is a mission walkthrough for the Destiny 2 game. It includes all of the information about how to complete this mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the mission nothing left to say story?

You can get this mission by completing the game with all three characters.

Where is the watchtower located Destiny 2?

The watchtower is located on the far left side of the map.

How do you get 2 forsaken in destiny?

I am not sure how to get 2 forsaken in destiny. If you can answer this question, please leave a comment below so that other people can learn from your experience.

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