The Destiny 2 Scorned Mission Walkthrough is a video walkthrough of the mission “The Last Array” in which players are tasked with defending the Tower from invading forces.

The destiny 2 walkthrough is a guide that will help you complete the Scorned Mission in Destiny 2.

  • Forsaken is a mission type (Legacy)
  • Tangled Shore is the location of the mission.

Spider has given you a tip on where all of the Barons are, enabling you to locate them all within a short distance of one another.

While you search for the Barons, Petra Venj will hunt down Uldren before he vanishes and must be tracked down again.

In this assignment, your goal is to track down and eliminate the Barons while there is still a lot going on.

Goals of the MissionD2FSMW27621-2

Assault the Hideout of the Barons (Part 1)

You’ve discovered the location of the Barons’ Hideout, and it’s time to strike before anything else occurs.

Follow the waypoint to the Barons’ Hideout and assault them once again to discover where they are incarcerated.

Recover Spider’s Miscellaneous Items

Spider has some treasures that were left behind when Uldren seized control of the beach, and he wants you to assist him in reclaiming them.

Spider will thank you for your assistance by giving you one of his colleagues to assist you throughout the task.

You will be joined by Spider’s associates as you go to the waypoints and engage with them to retrieve the caches (A total of 2 Caches)

Assault the Hideout of the Barons (Part 2)

After you’ve retrieved the caches, you’ll come across The Machinist, who will flee after you’ve done enough damage to him.

Continue on your journey to the next waypoint, where Spider will require you to collect his items once again.

Spider’s Cache should be retrieved.

There will be a cache in the vicinity; engage with it to transmat it, and more of Spider’s pals will join you.

Assault the Hideout of the Barons (Part 3)

You will face The Rifleman in the next chamber after transmatting Spider’s Cache, and you must inflict enough damage to force him to flee.

Continue your attack on the Barons’ Hideout by following the waypoint, but be aware that a greater group of foes is lurking nearby.

Scorn Tank is defeated.

A Scorn Tank will be stationed in the region ahead of you, and you must destroy it before proceeding.

There will be Scorch Cannon Pickups nearby, allowing you to quickly knock down the Scorn Tank with a cannon.

Assault the Hideout of the Barons (Part 4)

You’ll arrive at the Hallowed Lair, where you’ll encounter numerous Scorn foes on your approach to the waypoint.

Just before you approach a barrier that prevents you from moving on to the next region, there will be a Spider Cache.

The Spider’s Cache must be retrieved.

When you engage with the cache, it will vanish and be replaced with a tiny explosion that you may detonate, exposing the cache to be a trap.

You’ll next be assaulted by a swarm of Screebs, which you should avoid since they explode at the same moment and do a lot of damage.

The Scorn Ambush is defeated.

Aside from the Screebs, additional Scorn foes will emerge in the area, which you must wipe out before continuing.

Arrive to the Scorn Hideout.

Once you’ve killed the attackers in the ambush, the gate will open, and you’ll be able to follow the waypoint inside the Scorn hideaway.

The Hangman will emerge when you approach a bridge and begin assaulting you with his flaming assaults, either a range fire attack or just striking you with his weapon.

Defeating the Fanatic’s Disdain

When you inflict damage to the Hangman, he will flee, and you will need to press ahead past the bridge, following the waypoint.

You must overcome the Scorn of the Fanatic in the next region, but rather of assaulting you, The Fanatic will let you leave since you are deemed more valuable alive at the time.

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  • This assignment is only a taste of what the Barons are capable of, and it just exposes them to you before you confront them.
  • To force the Barons to depart, you’ll need to inflict enough damage to drive them back.
  • Because there will be a lot of difficult opponents, carrying weapons that do a lot of damage to targets will help you get things done faster.


It seems like the Barons were aware that you were about to assault them, and they all managed to flee in the end.

The Fanatic, on the other hand, appeared to be planning something else, which is subsequently linked to the attack where you meet him.

You return to Spider after failing to beat the Barons, and he starts to teach you more about the adversaries in order to assist you comprehend their capabilities.

The destiny 2 new light campaign walkthrough is a walkthrough for the new Destiny 2 Scorned Mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the scorned mission in Destiny 2?

The Scorned mission is a special quest that you can only get by completing the first story mission. You will be tasked with finding and killing an enemy of the Vanguard, which is the main organization in Destiny 2.

Where is the scorned barons hideout in Destiny 2?


How do you unlock the spider in Destiny 2?

You must complete the story.

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