In Destiny 2, the Mindbender mission is a difficult one to complete. This walkthrough will help you get through it with ease.

The destiny 2 high plain blues is a mission in the game Destiny 2. This mission will teach you how to defeat the Mindbender boss and earn your first emblem.

  • Forsaken is a mission type (Legacy)
  • Tangled Shore is the location of the mission.

The Mindbender Hiraks, an adversary that enjoys deceiving and confusing his opponents, is the next enemy on your list after Trickster.

Ghost has tracked out The Mindbender’s hideout, which is a cave near the Tangled Shore.

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Goals of the MissionD2TMBW30621-2

Look for the Mindbender (Part 1)

Begin your quest by going to the waypoint where Ghost found the initial signal, which is located in a nearby cave.

Fighting your way past opponents and further into the cave in quest of Hiraks is a must.

Examine the Mind-Control System

After wiping off a few opponents in the cave, you’ll come across a mind-control gadget that you’ll need to scan.

The Hive Must Be Repelled

The Hive seems to be controlled by the gadgets in the area, and they will try to attack you once you scan the mind-control device.

After you’ve defeated the adversaries, Ghost will locate the location for a wrecked tombship, which will be your next destination.

Mindbent Ogre must be defeated.

After exiting the cave and following the coordinates, you will be confronted by a Mindbent Ogre, whom you must fight.

Amplifier should be turned off.

After you’ve killed the Mindbent Ogre, you’ll need to destroy an amplifier indicated by a waypoint.

If you look above you, you’ll see several broken platforms that you’ll have to scale to get to the amplifier.

Defend yourself against ridicule

When you engage with the amplifier, Ghost will start hacking it, and you’ll have to defend yourself from the Scorn.

To complete this goal, you must remain inside the amplifier’s radius until Ghost has completed the hacking procedure.

Look for the Mindbender (Part 2)

The signal you and Ghost are monitoring now comes from the source, enabling you to track The Mindbender once you destroy the amplifier.

Make your way to the waypoint and continue your search for The Mindbender, which will take you further into the Hive’s Hall of the Exalted.

Taking Down The Mindbender

You will eventually meet The Mindbender, who is joined by his acolytes in a huge chamber, at the conclusion of your journey.

Hariks flees into the Ascendant Plane during your battle and begins to emerge via portals in a bigger form.

Destroy the troops guarding The Mindbender and continue to inflict damage on him until his health reaches a critical level.

Continue battling Hariks and the other foes until his health is completely depleted, putting a stop to his antics.


  • You’ll face a variety of foes, including a large number of Hive troops due to Hariks’ use of mind-control gadgets to influence them.
  • Keep an eye out for portals and places where you may die throughout your journey towards the Ascendant Plane.

Hariks In the Ascendant Plane, the Mindbender will seem bigger, but this is merely a ruse to make you worry.


Cayde will be able to rest better now that you’ve demolished the throne-world that was created from his death, according to Ghost.

The Mindbender will no longer be able to manipulate other foes for the Barons to employ in their plans.

The destiny 2 how to beat the mindbender is a mission that takes place in Destiny 2. This mission can be difficult, so I created a walkthrough for it.

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