The Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion introduced a new mode called “The Rider,” which tasks players with completing story missions as the titular character, Idris.

The destiny 2 high plain blues is a mission in the game. It’s not necessary to complete this mission, but it’s a good way to earn some experience and loot.

  • Forsaken is a mission type (Legacy)
  • Tangled Shore is the location of the mission.

The Rider is the first Baron you’ll pursue when you seek vengeance for Cayde-6’s murder by tracking him down and hunting him on his land.

Because The Rider is mounted on her own vehicle, you will most likely need to utilize enemy vehicles to catch up with and defeat her throughout this task.

Goals of the MissionD2FTRM27621-2

Pike thievery

You’ll begin at Yaviks, the Rider’s garage, where you’ll have to fight your way inside and steal a car.

Ghost says that if you steal a Pike, you won’t have to look for The Rider since she will find you once you take the car for a ride.

Activate the Boosters

The stolen pike will be biometrically calibrated and begin to boost on its own, making it difficult to control.

Stay on the bike until the calibration is complete (100%), and it will operate smoothly and you will be able to ride it correctly after that.

Weapons of the Fire Pike

Ghost will say that the Pike has some odd modifications and will start calibrating the weaponry on the one you’re riding.

Use the Pike’s weaponry to destroy opponents until the weapon calibration reaches 100%, enabling you to go to the next objective.

The Rider Must Be Hunted (Part 1)

Make your way to the waypoint where you will follow The Rider once you have completed the calibration for riding and shooting weapons.

Track down the Riders’ gang.

You’ll run across The Rider’s three gangs on your route to the waypoint, and you’ll have to deal with them to steal their frequency.

The Rider Must Be Hunted (Part 2)

After you’ve beaten all three gangs, you’ll be able to track out The Rider’s location and go to where she’s hiding.

There will be a barrier when you get close to The Rider’s position, and you will have to leave your car behind. (There’ll be more on the inside)

Inside, track down The Rider, grabbing another vehicle and pursuing her across several locations.

Taking Down The Rider

You’ll have to keep following after The Rider, shooting her with your vehicle’s weaponry or attempting to catch her on foot.

The Rider will take you to several locations that resemble a racing track (she was initially defeated in a race), and you must follow her around until you beat her.

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  • Don’t worry if you lose a Pike; there are many more to battle The Rider with along the course.
  • If your Pike’s health is low, it’s a good idea to swap it out so you don’t take damage when the one you’re on is destroyed.

You can fight The Rider on foot but this can be quite dangerous and you will still need to get on a ride to catch up with her when she moves to another area.


When you inflict enough damage to The Rider, she’ll die, but she won’t be able to break Cayde’s record, making her death even more painful.

After beating The Rider, the task will come to a close, and you’ll have to search for the next Baron, The Hangman.

The destiny 2 the rider disappeared is a mission that players of Destiny 2 can do. It is located in the European Dead Zone.

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