The Rifleman is one of the most difficult missions in Destiny 2. This guide will walk you through the steps to complete this mission, including how to find and equip your weapon, where to go for each objective, and what weapons work best.

The destiny 2 vendetta walkthrough is a mission that takes place in the city of Dovakhiin. The mission, which can be completed solo or with a group, has players fighting against an army of enemies.

  • Forsaken is a mission type (Legacy)
  • Tangled Shore is the location of the mission.

The Rifleman Pirrha, the second to last of the Barons, is now your current target, and he is responsible for the destruction of Cayde’s Ghost before his death.

Before he can do any more harm, you must locate this sniper and put a stop to his sharpshooting days.

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Goals of the MissionD2TRMW30621-2

The Rifleman Must Be Hunted (Part 1)

You’ll begin at Sorik’s Cut, which places you in the vicinity of a sniper’s nest, so proceed with caution and make your way to the waypoint.

You’ll notice The Rifleman atop a building in the distance, and you may start firing at him, which will force him to flee once you do some damage.

The Rifleman will continue to teleport to new places, so you’ll have to fight him to get him to stop.

Continue following your waypoint until you reach Jetsam of Saturn, where you may identify and fight The Rifleman.

Destroy the Decoys of the Rifleman

It would seem like The Rifleman left a decoy, which is what you were shooting at, but Ghost has a plan to hunt him down.

To locate The Rifleman, you must eliminate the other decoys in the vicinity that are indicated by waypoints. (There are a total of 5)

The Rifleman Must Be Hunted (Part 2)

After you’ve destroyed all of the decoys, continue on your journey to the waypoint, where The Rifleman teases you along the way.

You will be at Hellrise Canyon, which has Hive opponents and must be wiped out in order to proceed through a tunnel blocked by a barrier.

Taking Down The Rifleman

You’ll wake up at what seems to be a crash site and be able to fight The Rifleman, who will reposition every time you attack him after a few seconds.

With strong weaponry like a rocket launcher, the Rifleman will be simple to take down, but time is crucial since if he moves, you may miss him.


  • When it comes to your rocket launchers or grenade launchers, try to save your ammunition at first, even though it’s tempting to fire them up on the numerous opponents around.
  • Because the Rifleman is a sharpshooter, he may do a lot of damage if you don’t remain mobile while pursuing him.
  • During the last battle, strong weaponry may easily beat him, and with the proper time, he won’t be able to escape.

When The Rifleman disappears, a blue trail will indicate his progress, so you’ll be able to see where he’s going.


The Barons will have lost their sharpshooter after eventually taking down The Rifleman, leaving just The Machinist and Uldren to deal with.

Cayde’s Ghost is remembered by Ghost, who was extremely similar to Cayde and, as he points out, didn’t deserve to die the way she did.

The destiny 2 new light campaign walkthrough is a video walkthrough of the Rifleman Mission in Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the rifleman 2 in destiny?

The rifleman 2 is a rare drop from the final boss in the raid.

How do you kill the rifleman in Destiny 2?

The easiest way to kill the rifleman is to use your super.

How many barons do you have to kill?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

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