Destiny 2 has a new feature called finishers, which are special abilities that can be used to finish off enemies. Here’s how to do them in the game.

The how to do finisher destiny 2 ps4 is a tutorial that will teach you how to perform finishers in Destiny 2.

Finishers are unique techniques in Destiny 2 that enable your character to execute opponents that are low in health, immediately killing them.

When opponents are in low health and a round marker appears over them, you must hit a particular key or button that is linked to the action you must do.

When an enemy’s health has been decreased, using a finisher may help you kill them with a single hit, saving time and allowing you to close in on additional opponents.

Installing the FinisherD2HTDF23521-2

The kind of finisher you choose varies, and you may customize the graphics and animations from the look subscreen.

Go to your inventory and go down to the look subscreen, where you may modify the appearances of items, vehicles, animations, and more.

If you’re wondering how to acquire finishers, they may be earned as seasonal rewards or purchased with Silver in the shop.

Finisher (Performance)D2HTDF23521-3

To execute a finisher, just approach an opponent and hit the finisher button or key (there is a large gap that enables you to complete the finisher).

If you’re not sure which key or button to hit to complete your finisher, go to settings and check or modify it there.

Finishers don’t need precise timing or the pressing of any other keys; all you have to do is press it when an enemy’s health has been lowered enough.


Finishers may be used after an enemy’s health has been lowered, and a marker will appear above them as a golden orb.

Finishers have no cooldown, and you may use them as often as you want to close gaps between you and opponents and escape damage.

Finishers are also an essential activity to become accustomed to since certain bounties or goals need them.

Finishers will immediately kill an opponent, regardless of whether they are regular or exceptional, as long as the marker shows.

A destiny 2 sword finisher is a move in the game that can be done with a sword. This move will kill any enemy and is usually performed at the end of a match.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a finisher in Destiny 2?

A finisher is a move that deals damage to an enemy and ends their life. Its typically performed by melee weapons, such as the sword or hammer.

How do you get finisher kills in Destiny 2?

You can get finisher kills by killing enemies with a melee weapon while they are at low health.

How do you do finishing moves?

To do a finishing move, you need to have the Beat Saber skill set unlocked. You can then use your left or right hand to slash at enemies with your weapon.

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