This article will teach you how to get the exotic cipher in Destiny 2. If you are looking for a way to get this exotic, then read on!

The how to use exotic cipher destiny 2 is a guide that will show you how to get the exotic cipher in Destiny 2.

What Is an Exotic Cipher, and How Do I Use It?

In Destiny 2, an Exotic Cipher is a monetary item of Exotic grade that may be exchanged for Exotic goods from one of two sources.

These include exchanging Exotics with Xur, Agent of the Nine, or trading at the Tower’s Monument to Lost Lights.

Players can only have one Exotic Cipher in their inventory at a time, and they won’t be able to get additional until they spend the one they have.

What’s the Best Way to Use Exotic Cipher?

You may use your Exotic Cipher in one of two ways: from Xur or from the Monument to Lost Lights.

Xur sells Exotic Engram.

Xur comes once a week on weekends to sell a random selection of goods as well as Legendary Shard Stones.

Aside from the various things Xur sells, you may use the Exotic Cipher to buy an Exotic Engram, which will transform into a random Exotic item you don’t have.

You will be awarded an Exotic armor item with a random stats roll if there are no other Exotic items that you do not currently have.

Check out our Destiny 2 Xur Guide for additional information about Xur, Agent of the Nine, and how to find, buy, and do more from him.

Exotic Archive sells exotic items.

The Exotics Archive, also known as the Monument to Lost Lights, is a store where you may see many Exotics from Destiny 2’s earlier DLCs.

You may exchange your Exotic Cipher for an Exotic item of your choosing from a selection of Exotic items here, along with additional resources.

Check out our Destiny 2 Exotic Archive Guide for additional information on obtaining Exotics from the Monument to Lost Lights.

Where Can I Find Exotic Ciphers?

You may presently get an Exotic Cipher in one of two ways: by completing the Xenology Quest, which you can obtain from Xur, or by receiving it as a season pass prize.

The Xenology Quest of Xur

Xur may give you the Xur Xenology Quest, which can be completed for an Exotic Cipher if you finish it.

This mission is shared across your characters, thus you can only receive one from Xur’s Quest per account.

Reward for Season Pass

Players that buy the season pass will be eligible for a variety of prizes, including an Exotic Cipher as they progress through the stages.


Exotic Ciphers aren’t easy to come by, so use them carefully whenever you can acquire one from Xur.

Exotic Ciphers from the season pass are a great assistance to players, and they should be utilized as soon as possible to create space for Xur’s Exotic Ciphers.

Some of the Exotic gear that Xur sells will have defined functions, while those from his Exotic Engrams will be random.

Some of the most popular weapons in Destiny 2 may be found by looking through the Exotic Archives and their listings.


Exotic Ciphers are a kind of money that may be readily exchanged to get new Exotic goods in Destiny 2.

These are difficult to come by and should only be used for particular goods until the player has acquired the bulk of the Exotics in the game.

Through Xur’s Quest, players may obtain an Exotic Cipher at least once every one or two weeks, ensuring that they will get an Exotic item.

Xur, the Exotic Engram vendor in Destiny 2, has a new exotic item for sale every week. The exotic cipher destiny 2 xur is an item that will allow you to decode any exotic engram into a random exotic.

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