Borderlands 3 is a loot-based first person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 13, 2019.

The borderlands 3 troy drops is a guide that will teach you how to kill, location, and attacks.

Tory Calypso is the younger brother of Tyreen Calypso, one of Borderlands 3’s major villains whom you face in The Great Vault quest.

He is a male siren who has absorbed Maya’s siren abilities and utilizes them to battle any who stand in his path, and with the help of his sister, he may become very strong.


Attempt to stop Troy and Tyreen from carrying out their intentions to unleash The Destroyer, which they intend to leech once slain, during The Great Vault.

When you cut off Troy’s supply of Eridian, he will battle you within a confined location where he is being fueled up by Tyreen.

Killing & Fighting Calypso Troy


Troy will often assault you with a succession of strikes, although they are rather simple to dodge, and his slow movements make him vulnerable to attack.


He has a tendency to brag at times, which gives you an opportunity to snap a few photos at him.


Troy’s weapons of choice include his sword, his mini-rocket launcher, and his siren skills, which he will use at times.


Troy’s weapons of choice include his sword, his mini-rocket launcher, and his siren skills, which he will use at times.


It’s better to maintain a safe distance from Troy until you need to inflict close range damage, however while he’s flying, stay out of the center of the area since he’ll crash down in the middle.


There will be moments when troy will emerge from pillars with four beams that you must blast or you will be unable to fight troy.

To smash the charged orb and force Troy back into the battle, just fire all of the glowing components.


Troy will typically become invulnerable for a period of time, so maintain your distance to prevent being hit without a chance to defend yourself.



Troy is still human, despite his abilities, and being a humanoid, his weak point is his head, thus headshots will result in critical strikes, which inflict a significant amount of damage and cause the battle to end sooner than anticipated.

Attacks of Note

Orbs of Eridian


When Troy does specific activities, he will emit Eridian charged spheres that will cause harm if they come into touch with you.

These orbs are produced when he performs specific slash, slam, and other strikes, although they may be avoided since they travel slowly.

The further you are from Troy, the less likely you are to be struck by orbs.

Leap Slam


When you’re far away from Troy or at close range, he’ll try to leap towards you and smash the ground, releasing orbs and closing the gap between you.

Simply moving back will avoid the assault, but be careful to go far enough away to prevent him from launching additional strikes that are near to you.

Mace of the Giant Rock


Troy will appear with a huge rock mace charged with Eridian, which he will smash to the ground, mostly in your direction.

Moving to the side may help you dodge this, but be sure you do more than a basic sidestep since the attack has a small area of impact that might toss you about or cause damage.

You may strike Troy many times as he charges up this attack since it will take a long time for him to complete it.

Shower of meteors


When Troy’s health is low, he will try to return to Tyreen and throw numerous molten rocks to inflict harm on the region.

Moving towards the edge and taking shelter behind the arc where the twins are charging up may help you avoid this.

When this attack happens, make sure to move about and keep an eye out for any approaching missiles.

Drops of Note


Troy Calypso typically drops common to epic goods, but there’s a high possibility he’ll drop the legendary handgun “Double-Penetrating Occultist.”



  • Troy will typically move about a lot, but his movements become quite predictable, and you can avoid most of his strikes by going backwards or sideways, as well as attack him while doing so.
  • Getting weapons to fire troy from a distance and up close is useful in a variety of circumstances, particularly during most of his assaults.
  • Aim for headshots, which seem to do more damage to Troy than they should.
  • Take advantage of Troy’s boasting to inflict a lot of damage to him when he’s performing these animations.
  • Troy is vulnerable to status ailments and will suffer damage over time if afflicted, which may be very useful throughout the battle.

Borderlands 3 Kill Troy Easy is a guide that offers tips on how to kill, location, drops, and attacks. Reference: borderlands 3 kill troy easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to kill Troy Calypso?

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What is the fastest way to kill Troy?

The fastest way to kill Troy is with a bazooka.

What does Troy Calypso drop?

This is not a question I can answer, but if you want to know what Troy Calypso drops, its the same as the other Troys.

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