The Lake of Shadows Strike is a great way to earn some experience and upgrade your gear. This walkthrough will show you how to beat the strike, including all the locations and enemies you’ll encounter.

Xur is a vendor who sells weapons and armor from the Destiny 2 game. He can be found in the Lake of Shadows Strike on Titan.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Earth’s Dead Zone is located throughout Europe.
  • Strike lasts 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players
  • 1050 watts recommended

The Taken have begun to spread blight throughout the European Dead Zone’s borders, which does not bode well for those who live there.

It’s up to you and your fireteam to repel the contagious creatures before they spread and take over the region on a bigger scale.

You and your fireteam must enter Trostland and go to the source, eliminating blights along the way.

Objectives of the StrikeD2LOS16421-2

Blights Must Be Extinguished

As you get closer to the waypoint, you’ll start to encounter Taken foes in the area.

Continue battling your way past the adversaries to the first blight, but beware of the blighted earth, which may harm you.

To fully eliminate the blight and remove its surrounding infection, you must travel behind the barrier (which will harm you over time) and destroy the blight’s core.

As you go, you will encounter a new group of opponents who are protecting additional blight, which you must kill in the same manner as the first.

After you’ve eliminated the blight, a Taken Fracturer will appear in the area, and you’ll need to kill it before continuing with the task.

Put an end to the Taken.

There will be a tiny tunnel to the side obstructed by a minor quantity of blight after fighting the Taken Fracturer.

Shoot the orb to clear the blight off your path, then continue inside the ancient structure.

After another blight barrier, there will be more Taken soldiers waiting for you, and you’ll have to battle your way to the waypoint.

Look for the leader.

Fight your way through the opponents (you may skip much of this section by going straight to the final adversary) and proceed to the waypoint.

Maintain in mind that the space is tiny, and attackers will swarm you, so keep a safe distance and take out the enemy as you go.

The boss battle will begin when you reach the end of your journey, in a huge region where the source of the blight is located.

The Consumed must defeat Grask.


The fight will begin after you and your fireteam have descended, and you will come face to face with a few Taken opponents.

You’ll see a huge blight manifestation in the middle, as well as a core that has to be destroyed.

When you destroy the core, Grask, The Consumed will emerge and begin attacking you and your fireteam.

Continue to inflict damage to Grask until his health is completely drained, but be cautious of the other Taken foes who appear.

Also, have a look at the other striking walkthroughs listed below.


  • Steping on the blighted (black land) will lead you to suffer damage over time if you stay there.
  • Instead of rushing in, it’s a smart idea to take down the Taken from distance. They may quickly overwhelm you.
  • If you’re having difficulty eliminating the blight cores, first defeat the opponents in the area so you may take shots at it quietly.
  • You can easily defeat Grask after he arrives, as long as you don’t become overwhelmed by the other monsters that spawn in the region.


Ghost learns that the Taken had infiltrated a Red Legionary, which explains why the assault was so well-organized.

The Taken will not be able to govern the European Dead Zone since the source of the blight has been eliminated.

The EDZ is now secure for the time being until another similar assault is carried out, but residents may rest certain that they will not be affected by blight anytime soon.

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