The Splicer 5 quest is a step-by-step walkthrough for the Destiny 2 “Path of the Splicer” quest. This guide will help you complete the quest, collect all the materials, and earn your Golden Age Relic.

The destiny 2 path of the splicer 1 bug is a quest in the game that players need to complete. This blog will walk you through how to complete it.

Following recent events in which Mithrax’s people were assaulted and their camp was damaged, it seems that he wants to put the incident behind him.

Mithrax is eager to keep working on a method to dispel the Endless Night while ignoring the rest of the world.

You’ll need to dig further into the Vex networks once again, including performing an Override and Expunge.

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Steps in the QuestDestiny-2-Path-of-the-Splicer-5-Quest-Walkthrough

During this mission, you may observe a shift in Saint-14 when Mithrax tells a tale about how the Eliksni dread him, which causes him to alter his demeanor.

To get the Ether To Craft key code, go to the Ether To Craft page.

To acquire Ether, you must engage in activities or kill opponents. Ether is required for creating a Key Code.

Using Ether that has been gathered, create a key code.

You’ll need to create a Key Code after collecting enough Ether, which will be immediately inserted into your Splicer Gauntlet.

Complete the Override Mission and get access to the Conflux Chest.

Once again, you’ll have to battle your way into the Vex networks and kill the adversaries inside while also collecting the Conflux Chest’s contents.

Expunge: Tartarus is now complete.

Your next mission will be to go to Europa and take part in the Tartarus Expunge, which will be identical to the other Expunges but with minor differences.

Contact Saint-14 for further information.

Return to The City after finishing the Expunge and talk with Saint-14, who can be found at the Hangar.

Contact Mithrax for further information.

To complete the mission, talk with Mithrax, who discusses how Saint-14 seems to have changed as a result of his earlier tale about the Eliksni seeing Saint-14 as a monster.

Rewards for Path of the Splicer V

You will be awarded with an Umbral Engram, which you may alter at H.E.L.M. for particular Legendary Gear, much like the other Path of the Splicer missions.

Destiny 2 has a total of 5 quests that are part of the Path of the Splicer. Reference: how many path of the splicer quests are there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat path of the splicer 5?

You have to be careful not to hit the walls or obstacles, and also try to avoid getting hit by the splicer.

How many path of splicer missions are there?

There are a total of 12 path of splicer missions.

How do I complete the Lost splicer quest?

You need to find the splicer and get them to give you a key.

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