In the first part of a new series, we will be covering the Path of the Splicer 6 quest in Destiny 2. We’ll walk you through how to complete it and what rewards await those who do.

The destiny 2 path of the splicer 1 bug is a quest in the game that has a bug. This bug prevents players from completing the quest.

Something odd is going on, as you can tell by Mithrax’s tone when he talks to you via the Splicer Servitor.

There is a malicious power reaching out, much as when you initially entered the Vex networks, an evil entity with greater plans after the Endless Night.

You’ll have to return to the Vex network and find out what you can before it’s too late, but Mithrax tells you that darkness is approaching, and it must be disrupted.

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Steps in the QuestD2PTSV22621-2

Mithrax learns that the simulation plaguing the city is being caused by the Taken Vex mind Quria, who is also a servant of Savathun.

Osiris believes it would be beneficial to catch Quria in order to learn from her, while Mithrax believes she should be destroyed and that confinement would be harmful.

To charge the Splicer Gauntlet, collect ether.

To make a Key Code, you’ll need at least 50 Ether, which you’ll need to unlock a Conflux Chest.

Make a code for the Splicer Gauntlet’s key.

To create your Key Code, go to the mission menu and choose the Splicer Gauntlet after gathering 50 or more Ether.

Unlock In Override, a Conflux Chest

Access an Override task and finish it, including fighting the monster and unlocking the Conflux Chest at the end, after you have a Key Code.

Labyrinth: Complete Expungement

You must next complete the Expunge: Labyrinth task, which is situated at the Tangled Shore, after completing an Override assignment.

Consult Mithrax.

Return to the H.E.L.M. and talk with Mithrax until you’re stopped by Osiris, who has you affirm Mithrax’s proposal.

Contact Ikora Ray for further information.

You’ll need to speak with Ikora Ray to find out what your greatest intentions are for Quria, but first and foremost, you must finish your splicer training.

Reconnect with Mithrax

Return to Mithrax to finish the task, and Mithrax will tell you that he will continue to do all he can to assist you and that he believes in you.

Rewards for Path of the Splicer VI

You’ll be awarded with Corrupted Access throughout the mission, which offers you the opportunity to find Corrupted Key Codes dropped by fighters.

You’ll be handed an Umbral Engram at the conclusion of the mission, which you may examine or alter at H.E.L.M.

The the lost splicer destiny 2 is a quest that begins after the player has reached the Splicers in Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete path of the splicer?

You need to complete the path of the splicer by playing through all three songs in order.

How many path of splicer missions are there?

There are a total of 15 splicer missions in the game.

How do I complete the Lost splicer quest?

To complete the quest, you must find a way to get your lost splicer back. You can do this by completing another quest from the same splicer, or by finding a new splicer and asking them for their lost splicers location.

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