In this walkthrough, we will be discussing the Path of the Splicer VIII Quest in Destiny 2. The quest is part of a series that has been released for players to complete and earn tokens which can be used to purchase cosmetic items from Eververse Trading Co.

The how many path of the splicer quests are there is a question that has been asked by many players. There are 8 quests in total.

The last phase of the battle against Quria is Path of the Splicer VIII, and it’s time to try to track her down inside the Vex network.

The Endless Night is becoming stronger, and it’s now or never to confront Quria before her power becomes too great.

Mithrax informs you that he has finally located Quria’s seat of power, and that only a Splicer of your caliber will be able to destroy her.

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Steps in the Quest1631485344_313_Destiny-2-Path-of-the-Splicer-VIII-Quest-Walkthrough

You’ll meet Quria throughout this mission, who Mithrax has learned is to responsible for the Endless Night.

Quria is the last monster in the Path of the Splicer questline, and owing to numerous procedures and tougher opponents, it is arguably the most difficult to defeat.

With Ether, charge the Gauntlet.

Before entering the Vex network, you must first acquire a Key Code, which takes at least 50 Ether to create.

To create a key code, use Ether.

To enter the current Override quest and unlock the Conflux Chest at the conclusion of the mission, craft at least one Key Code.

Open the Conflux Chest and complete the Override.

After defeating the monster at the conclusion of one Override mission, use a Key Code to unlock the Conflux Chest.

Tartarus’s Complete Expungement (Corrupted)

After completing an Override operation, you’ll need to go to Europa and finish the Expunge: Tartarus (Corrupted) task.

In Expunge: Delphi, destroy Quria.

After completing the Expunge: Tartarus (Corrupted) task, you must confront and destroy Quria in the Expunge: Delphi quest.

Return to Ikora Rey’s Tower to speak with her.

After beating Quria, return to the Tower and talk with Ikora Ray to continue the quest.

Receive a message from Lakshmi-2 at the Eliksni Wing.

You’ll need to go to the H.E.L.M. after chatting with Ikora Rey to get a message from Lakshmi-2.

Splicer Servitor allows you to communicate with Mithrax.

Head over to Mithrax and talk with him via the Splicer Servitor after you’ve received the message from Lakshmi-2.

Rewards for Path of the Splicer VIII

This quest completes the Path of the Splicer narrative, and you will get Decrypted Data and an Umbral Engram as a reward.

Despite the fact that things do not immediately improve after Quria’s loss, Mithrax thinks that peace and harmony will eventually prevail.

The destiny 2 path of the splicer 8 is a quest that can be found in the game, Destiny 2. This walkthrough will show you how to complete this quest step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete path of the splicer?

You must first complete the path of the warrior.

How many path of splicer missions are there?

There are 6 path of splicer missions in Beat Saber.

How do I complete the Lost splicer quest?

You will need to find a specific type of blueprint in order to complete the quest.

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