This is a walkthrough of the Risk/Reward mission from Destiny 2. It includes a video and text guide to help you complete this mission.

The destiny 2 risk/reward location is a mission in the game that has you going into a cave and then fighting a boss. This mission can be completed with a high amount of risk or reward, but it all depends on your skill level.

  • Story kind of mission
  • Old Russia, Earth is the location of the mission.
  • Time allotted for the mission: 20-40 minutes

There’s a rumor that Cayde has concealed a powerful weapon frame, and you’ve been dispatched on a high-risk, high-reward expedition to find it.

You are on your way to locate the weapon frame after meeting up with Devrim Kay and assisting him in finding the missing parts to the jigsaw that Cayde ingeniously constructed to conceal the frame.

You’ll have to battle your way through adversaries in the Cosmodrome in order to get Cayde’s weapon frame.

Prerequisites for the mission

Before you can locate the weapon frame, you’ll need to piece together the jigsaw pieces that Cayde strewn around, and you’ll need some assistance along the way.

Devrim Kay should be contacted.

You must first talk with Devrim Kay in order for him to explain how to get the weapon, and then he will tell you that you must raid Lost Sectors.

Delete any sectors that have gone missing.

Devrim Kay will tell you to clear the neighboring Trostland Lost Sectors, which you can easily locate by glancing at your map and searching for Lost Sector markers.

The following items must be resolved:

  • Lost Sector Atrium
  • East Terminus Lost Sector
  • Widow’s Walk is a lost sector in the game Widow’s Walk.

Here’s where you’ll find the Trostland Sectors: Link

Goals of the Mission

Dusk Captains must be defeated.


Killing Dusk Captains will provide you with hints as to where Cayde may have concealed the information that exposes the location of the weapon frame.

Fallen foes will accompany Dusk Captains, but bear in mind that others may be searching for them as well, and you must complete the last strike for it to count.

You’ll find them spawning at the Cosmodrome, and you’ll have to fight three of them to complete the objective.

Locate the Locked Gate.

Make your way to the waypoint that will lead you to the closed gate after you’ve vanquished the Dusk Captains.

You’ll find yourself returning to The Breach, which you may remember from your early days as a place you traveled through.

The area will be swarming with Fallen troops, and you’ll have to battle your way through them as you make your way to the waypoint where you’ll need to unlock the gate.

Cross the chasm.


As soon as you approach the region, you’ll come across a huge chasm that you’ll have to navigate your way across to get to the waypoint.

To get to the other side of the Chasm, you’ll have to utilize your special class leap mechanism, but be careful since a misjudged jump may result in your death.

Continue your search.

There will be Arc Conductors on a table as you approach the waypoint, which you must take in order to proceed.

The Arc Conductors are standing beside a framed chicken card image, which leads Ghost to mention Banshee’s chicken-loving buddy who left the Arc Conductors as a gift.

You will immediately get the Riskrunner exotic weapon after picking up the Arc Conductors, and you will then go to the Fallen Nest.

Fallen Nest is now open for business.


Continue traveling towards the waypoint until you reach the nest, and don’t forget to equip your new weapon since you’ll need it shortly.

There will be a massive plummet to the bottom at the conclusion of your journey, which you may escape by using your unique jump mechanism.

If you wish to emerge out of a tunnel, there will be numerous opponents waiting to attack you as you leave the drop.

Fallen Raiders is a great place to put your exotic riskrunner to the test.

Now comes the exciting part: you’ll use your new tool to wreak havoc on the Fallen foes in their very own nest.

Start slaying the Fallen, and once you’ve eliminated a large number of them, a monster called Haviks, Dusk Baron, will emerge.

Continue on and kill the Haviks and Fallen foes that spawn, but be cautious not to get too near since they may overwhelm you.

The task will be completed after you’ve defeated all of the opponents including the boss.


  • Some players may get this assignment early, and the opponents may prove to be too strong even with the new weapon, therefore it’s better to fight cautiously.
  • When battling the Fallen at the end of the mission, you may hide in the tunnel from melee opponents, but keep an eye out for the boss and other ranged troops.

The Riskrunner has the ability to inflict a lot of damage in a short period of time and can fire bullets that create a chain lightning effect, which may quickly wipe out groups of opponents.


This assignment is likely one of the first opportunities for you to get a strong weapon, and your efforts are rewarded with the fact that you get to retain it.

You’ve just acquired one of the first weapons made possible by the new technology fueled by the Superconductor, and it’s already shown its value.

To continue with the A Spark of Hope quest, you must go to the Last City and talk with Commander Zavala.

The how to start risk/reward destiny 2 is a guide that will help players get through the mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the mission risk reward in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, players can complete missions by completing certain objectives. For example, in the mission Risk Reward, players must collect six pieces of data from fallen enemies before time runs out.

How do I get to risk reward?

If youre looking for how to get to risk reward, we recommend that you read this article.

How do you get high risk/high rewards in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, high risk/high rewards is achieved by increasing your power level.

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