In Destiny 2, players are tasked with a quest to find and kill the Guardian who killed their Ghost. This guide will help you complete this quest in Destiny 2.

The destiny 2 new light quest walkthrough is a guide to the first quest of the game.

  • Story kind of mission
  • Old Russia, Earth is the location of the mission.
  • Time allotted for the mission: 15-20 minutes

You find yourself following Shaw Han after completing the “A Guardian Arises” quest, who wants your assistance in locating his fireteam.

Because Call and Maeve are in separate places, the two of you divide the job, with Shaw following Call and you tracking Maeve.

To rescue Maeve before it’s too late, you’ll need to figure out how to locate her and get entry to her location.

Goals of the Mission

Gear Up


Shaw Han leads the way and tells you to follow his signal once you’ve spoken with him and agreed to help him.

Shaw believes there will be a weapon hidden in a locker nearby that will be an upgrade for you.

Interact with the locker to get a new kinetic weapon (Ballyhoo Mk.27 pistol), which you may equip immediately.

Stick to Shaw’s instructions.

As Shaw searches for signals from his spacecraft, you must continue following his signal, which is indicated by a waypoint.

Following the waypoint will take you further into the Cosmodrome, to “The Steppes,” where Shaw will provide you with more instructions through comms.

Shaw should be followed.


When you get to the specified place, Shaw will tell you that there is a problem in the region.

This is the typical place where you’ll encounter Shaw in future missions, as well as a quick transit point.

Locate the Source

Ghost will research the reason of the interference and direct you to the source, which you must visit and examine.

Fallen will be positioned on top of a hill where an antenna is stationed after you get at the waypoint.

Get Rid of the Dead

Before continuing with the operation, Shaw will tell you to clear out the fallen protecting the antenna, and you must kill them.

They’ll all be on high ground, so moving up the hill to take them out or taking shelter from your current location will give you a greater edge.

Look into the Antenna

Ghost will instruct you to move him closer to the antenna once you’ve cleared off the Fallen in the area, and after you interact with it, you’ll be able to start a hack.

Once you’ve engaged with the antenna, Ghost will start hacking, and you’ll have to defend him from any attackers that try to stop him.

Ghost must be protected.


While Ghost completes the hacking process by eliminating attackers that come at your position, you must keep adversaries at bay.

Enemies will come on a dropship and begin assaulting your location, but you have the benefit of being on higher ground, and they will be approaching from sides that you can easily cover.

Part 1 of the search for Maeve

Ghost will have restored the signal by the time you clear the area of attackers, and Shaw will begin giving you directions as the two of you split off to locate his fireteam.

Shaw assigns you the job of locating Maeve while he searches for Cass, and you will begin tracking Maeve’s whereabouts using the information Shaw provides.

Ghost goes into more detail on the Fallen and their civilization’s demise, stating that they are pursuing what they have lost.

You’ll eventually come across vehicles, one of which may be a Heavy Pike that you may use to move about fast and destroy opponents.

Examine the Power Unit

As you approach the waypoint, you’ll see a power unit that’s powering a barrier, which you’ll need to examine so Ghost knows what to do with it.

Check the Fallen in the vicinity for access codes that you’ll need to go into the power unit and shut down the barrier, according to Ghost.

Obtaining Access Codes


Follow the waypoints to terminals where you’ll need to download the access codes, but watch out for the enemies protecting them.

To access the power unit, you’ll need a total of two keys, each of which will add additional opponents to battle as you collect them.

Shields will block the second and third terminals, but they may be circumvented by killing the Reclaimer Servitors (large spherical Fallen robots) that drop Arc Charges.

After destroying a Reclaimer Servitor, take the Arc Charge and put it in the shield generator to scatter the shield.

Continue collecting all of the access codes before returning to the Power Unit to turn off the barrier.

Remove the Obstacle

Ghost will be able to break the inscription on the Power Unit and power down the barrier after all of the access codes have been acquired.

Return to the Power Unit to deactivate the barrier, allowing you to enter the structure and complete your objective.

When Ghost hears a loud noise, he explains that the barrier was put up to keep the Hive (another hostile group) at bay.

Part 2 of the search for Maeve

Proceed inside the building, which is subsequently discovered to be the Lunar Complex, which is where Maeve is believed to be.

As you approach the waypoint, be aware that Hive troops will begin to swarm you as you enter the big dark chamber.

Precision Shots (target for the head) should easily take them out and cause Cursed Thralls (Hive troops with luminous heads holding themselves up sickly) to explode.

You’ll be entering the Lunar Complex Restricted Area after you’ve exited the dark chamber (beware you cannot respawn in this area and will have to fight the enemies inside again if you die)

When you clear the area of foes, a nearby barrier will dissipate, showing Maeve being slain by Navôta, Eir Spawn.

Both Maeve and her assailant will vanish, leaving Maeve’s Ghost in parts, which you must reassemble.


  • You may equip the weapon you get from the cash right immediately by going to your character menu, but if you want, you can stay with the rifle.
  • Enemies are strewn around the area, and you may kill them for target practice and a chance for treasure.
  • Since of their speed and ability to inflict high damage to opponents, vehicles like the Heavy Pike may help missions like this go quicker, but be cautious because they can be destroyed.
  • The Cursed Thralls, who explode when shot in the head, are among the Hive troops that may be easily destroyed by shooting for their heads.


You and Shaw split off to locate Shaw’s fireteam, but it’s too late to rescue each member, so you’ll have to reunite at camp.

You were able to find Maeve’s Ghost’s remains, which Shaw says would have made her pleased.

After picking up the parts of Maeve’s Ghost, the task will finish and you will be trapped in a chamber with no exits.

To go back to camp in The Steppes and pick up the next assignment from Shaw, you’ll need to utilize the fast travel function (this acts as a lesson on how to use fast travel to move about).

The destiny 2 new light quest steps is a guide to help you complete the Destiny 2 Schism Quest.

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