Destiny 2 is the sequel to the popular first-person shooter game, Destiny. The game is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in which players control a Guardian and fight against other Guardians using their own unique powers and weapons.

The destiny 2 season of the splicer exotic quest is an event that was released on August 28th, 2018. This event has a total of 10 quests and rewards players with 9 exclusive items.

Exotic Gear is usually released with each new season, and Season of the Splicer is no exception, with new Exotics to mix and match with your builds.

As of Week 6, there are a few Exotics, including two weapons and three armor pieces, all of which are leg parts for each class.

All of them are need to be acquired on a regular basis in the game, although they will most likely be accessible as previous content once Season 14 concludes.

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Exotic Weapons Season of the Splicer

The Cryothesia 77k and the Vex Mythoclast are the two Season of the Splicer Exotic Weapons presently available.

77K Cryosthesia (Sidearm)


The Cryosthesia 77k is acquired early in Season 14, at Rank 1 for those who have bought a Season Pass, and at Rank 35 for those who have not.

The LN2 Burst Intrinsic Trait enables you to utilize two distinct firing modes, the first being a push and release for individual shots and the second being a held trigger for Charged Shots.

After Liquid Cooling is activated, which occurs when you deliver a last blow with the Cryosthesia 77k, you may use Charged Shots.

Mythoclast Vex (Vex Mythoclast)


The Vex Mythoclast is a very powerful Fusion Rifle that shoots single rounds rather than bursts like other Fusion Rifles.

The Vex Mythoclast may switch to firing Charged Shots by holding the trigger to charge up before releasing it, thanks to its Temporal Limiter trait.

The Vex Mythoclast’s Intrinsic Trait is Timeless Mythoclass, which enables it to fire one bolt every time the trigger is pressed.

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Exotic Armor of the Splicer Season

The following are the many Exotic Armors available during Season of the Splicer, all of which are leg pieces, one for each class.

Scales of the Star-Eater (Hunter Leg Armor)


The Season of the Splicer Exotic Leg Armor for the Hunter class is the Star-Eater Scales, which has the Armor Perk Feast of Light.

When you pick up Orbs of Power using Feast of Light, your character gains extra Super Energy, and if your Super Energy is full, it will overload your Supper.

This gives you healing and increases your Super Damage bonus, while having a maximum overcharge grants you overshields.

The Steps of the Burning Path


The Path of the Burning Steps Leg Armor is a Season of the Splicer Exotic Leg Armor for Titans that specializes on sun damage.

Your Solar final strikes will give you extra damage with the Firewalker Perk, which increases over time.

Stasis abilities will be more difficult to slow or freeze you, and breaking out of stasis no longer harms you; instead, you generate a burst of Solar energy surrounding you.

The Assembler’s Boots


The Boots of the Assembler are an Exotic Leg Armor for Warlocks that provides greater assistance to you and your fireteam while utilizing rifts with the Blessing of Order perk.

When you use a healing rift, Noble Seekers will be sent out to heal allies who aren’t in the rift, while an empowering rift will produce Noble Seekers who will increase your and your ally’s damage.

Each time a Noble Seeker locates one of your friends, the duration of your rift will lengthen, allowing for a longer boost.

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Season 14 Leg Armors have random stats, while Exotic Weapons generally have the same numbers and may be upgraded later using catalysts.

Once the current season has ended and a new one has begun, you will be able to acquire Exotic Gear from past seasons.

Exotic Gear may help you improve your character’s skills, particularly if you match the appropriate perks to your build.

The destiny 2: beyond light exotics are a set of weapons and armor that can be obtained in the Season of the Splicer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What weapons count as season of the splicer weapons?

The season of the splicer weapons is a seasonal event that occurs every year. This event lasts for one day and has three weapons to choose from.

Is there an exotic quest for season of the splicer?

Unfortunately, there is no exotic quest for the season of the splicer.

What is the best weapon in the exotic archive?

The best weapon in the exotic archive is the Seeker.

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