Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer is a new event that will be released on September 4th, 2018. This article provides a guide to help you get started with your Power Leveling and prepare for the event.

The destiny 2 beyond light level cap is a guide that outlines the power level cap for the season of the splicer. Read more in detail here: destiny 2: beyond light level cap.

In Destiny 2, each season includes a level cap, which sets the maximum power level that players may achieve by acquiring and upgrading their gear.

In Destiny 2, there are two different caps to be aware of: the soft cap and the power cap, both of which are close to max power but differ slightly.

To increase your power level, you must either equip gear with a higher power level than your current one or infuse your current gear.

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Level of Strength

Your Power Level determines your overall damage and damage resistance; it is your level (formerly known as Light Level) and must sometimes be a specific number.

Some challenges, missions, and quests may need you to have a higher power level, which must be fulfilled or your current activity may be jeopardized.

In Season of the Splicer (beginning with Beyond Light), players begin with a Power Level of 1100, which they will begin to increase whenever they acquire new gear.

Your total Power Level is made up of the average Power Levels of your gear, thus equipping more gear will make your character stronger.

How Can I Boost My Strength?

Your Power Level rises in direct proportion to the gear you have on, which you may acquire as you go through the game.

The longer you play, the more likely you are to acquire new gear, which may be of a greater Power Level than your existing gear and should be swapped.

In Destiny 2, however, you may infuse gear, which consumes one piece of equipment to transfer its Power Level to another, enabling you to retain your preferred gear.

Continue to play and participate in events to earn better gear that you can use to replace your old ones, raising your Power Level even further.

Your Power Level will be the average of the Power Levels of all the gear you have on, thus swapping out all of your gear for new ones will progressively raise it.

Level Cap

The level cap is essentially a cap on your Power Level, which is mostly determined by the gear you have.

Some gear will only enable you to increase your Power Level to a certain degree, thus you’ll need to go from Uncommon (green things) to Rare (blue items) to Legendary (red items) later on (Purple Items.)

You will come across Exotic Gear (yellow goods) sooner or later, which will significantly raise your Power Level (allowing you to go over the Soft Cap).

Soft Cap

Season of the Splicer’s Soft Cap is 1260, which may be obtained by completing objectives and activities while acquiring uncommon and rare items.

You will eventually acquire legendary gear, which will enable you to advance farther and achieve the maximum Soft Cap.

Hard Cap

The Hard Cap for Season of the Splicer is 1310, which is achieved by replacing your uncommon and rare gear with legendary and exotic gear once you’ve hit the Soft Cap.

You will always receive gear when you complete an activity or tougher tasks, and there is always a possibility to get legendary gear that is somewhat better than your present one.

Power Cap

After reaching the Hard Cap, the next and final Level Cap is the Power Cap, which is 1320 and the most difficult to achieve.

To get them, you’ll have to grind more activities and take on increasingly difficult tasks, such as completing the Prophecy Dungeon, grinding Crucible, Strikes, and Gambits, and so on.

Pinnacle Gear is uncommon and takes longer to acquire, but once you have it, your character’s skills will be enhanced, enabling you to inflict more damage and live longer.


You start with 1100 Power Level in Beyond Light and may progressively rise to higher ones as you go through the narrative.

If you enjoy a certain piece of gear, you won’t need to replace it and can upgrade it to that Power Level with another piece of higher-level gear.

You should perform more activities to rapidly raise your Power Level, since they are some of the greatest methods to obtain better gear.


When you play in specific locations and complete missions, quests, and other activities, your Power Level increases, enabling you to inflict more damage and suffer less damage.

The greater your Power Level, the more damage you can do and sustain, which is essential for higher-level content like Raids, Dungeons, Activities, and other activities.

As you go through the game, you will quickly raise your Power Level since there will always be prizes and, most of the time, new gear will emerge to replace the existing ones.

Destiny 2 has a new season that will last until the end of October. The destiny 2 soft cap season of the splicer is a guide that will help players reach the level cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Max light season of the splicer?

Max light season is the first season of The Splicer.

What is the max power cap in Destiny 2?

The max power cap in Destiny 2 is set at 7,000.

What is the fastest way to level up in the season of the splicer?

The fastest way to level up is to use the Hacking skill.

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