Destiny 2 developer Bungie has released a new roadmap for the upcoming season of content, which will include two new raids and a new raid lairs. The first raid lair is called “The Dreaming City” and it’s set in an ancient, sunken city.

The destiny 2 season 14 end date is a topic that has been going around for a while. Bungie has released the roadmap for the upcoming season, which will be ending on September 18th, 2018.

Season 14, also known as Season of the Splicer, was previously announced, and it includes new features and prizes in addition to a new narrative.

Players will be able to play the Season of the Splicer for free, but those who purchase a Season Pass will be rewarded extra for their efforts.

The majority of Season 14 features new weapons, armor, quests, and a complete narrative set in The City after the Endless Night.

Features of a Roadmap That Should Be Mentioned

Here are some of the latest additions to the Season of the Splicer, which will be available through the end of August.

Story Event: Endless Night

The Endless Night has engulfed The Last City, and the only way to survive it is to join forces with an unlikely friend.

You’ll try to find out how to halt the city’s everlasting darkness by following the events of the Season of the Splicer.

Light-Bound Allies

During the Season of the Splicer, you acquire a new ally in Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, the leader of a small group of Eliksni.

Mithrax can help you discover a method to disperse the Endless Night by giving you with information, support, and Splicer technology.

Gauntlet of the Splicer

Mithrax will give you a piece of holy Splicer tech that is charged with Ether during the Season of the Splicer.

This tool enables you to hack the Vex Network, get access to Conflux Chests, and improve the effectiveness of your Splicer.

Missions with Override and Expungement

Override and Expunge tasks have been introduced, and players may now access them to earn Season of the Splicer prizes and more.

Overrides are 6-man challenges in which you must battle your way through the Vex network in order to get access to vital data (and, more crucially, treasure) in certain places.

Expunges are missions carried out by a small group of guardians (typically on their own) to discover Vex network weaknesses and unlock Corrupted Conflux Chests for further prizes.

HELM has been upgraded.

Discovering H.E.L.M. was a pain for new players back then, and identifying it required more than just finding its position since it didn’t emerge straight away.

Players may now go to HELM for not just Season of the Splicer content, but also previous material such as events involving the Hammer of Proving and the War Table’s location.

Instead than searching The Tower for HELM, you may now access it via the Destination tab and quickly go there.

77K Cryothesia (Exotic Sidearm)

The Cryothesia 77K is a Stasis-powered weapon that Mithrax gives you as a symbol of goodwill. It can be obtained during Season 14.

Players may utilize the weapon’s strike to inflict damage and influence opponents with Stasis characteristics, including the weapon’s Liquid Cooling feature.

Mythoclast Vex (Exotic Fusion Rifle)

The Vex Mythoclast, an exotic weapon acquired by finishing the Vault of Glass raid on Hard Mode, will annihilate your foes.

This Fusion Gun has no charge time and can handle several rounds, ensuring a high rate of damage per second, much like an auto rifle.

All Classes Can Wear Exotic Leg Armor

Season of the Splicer introduces the newest Leg Armor for each class, including three new Exotic Leg Armors with unique benefits for each class.

Hunter’s Star-Eater Scalers, Titan’s Path of Burning Steps, and Assembler’s Boots are among them (Warlock.)


There’s much more to come, and the most of it can be found in this list or on the Season of the Splicer Calendar.

Season 14 material may be accessed after the season has ended, thus you can still acquire Season of the Splicer gear, much like the Season of the Chosen.

Check out our Season of the Splicer Calendar guide for additional information on the Season of the Splicer.

The destiny 2 season pass is a type of DLC that allows players to get access to all the new content that comes out for a certain game. It can be purchased separately or as part of the Season Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an exotic quest season of the splicer?

I am not sure if there will be an exotic quest season of the splicer, but I do know that there are some new quests coming out in the next update!

What season is Season of the splicer Destiny 2?

Season of the Splicer Destiny 2 is a season in Destiny 2.

What is in season of the splicer?

In the season of the splicer, it is a time when the world is renewed and everything grows. The seasons are based on how much water has been in the world.

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