The Arms Dealer Strike is one of the most difficult Strikes in Destiny 2. This guide will walk you through the steps to complete it.

The the arms dealer strike location is a walkthrough for the Arms Dealer Strike in Destiny 2.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Earth’s Dead Zone is located throughout Europe.
  • Duration of the strike: 15-20 minutes
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players

Bracus Zahn, an arms trader, has been producing lethal weapons for the Red Legion.

Bracus Zahn has been tracked down, and you and your fireteam have been charged with putting an end to his production once and for all.

Your fireteam must go to the European Dead Zone, where they must penetrate Bracus Zahn’s organization and attack him when he is surrounded.

Objectives of the Strike

Bracus Zahn may be found.


You and your fireteam will begin your hunt for Bracus Zahn by going to the waypoint.

A door at the starting point is locked and can only be unlocked by interacting with a nearby console, which Ghost will hack.

Defend yourself

To continue, go outdoors once Ghost has completed enabling hacking and clear the area of any attackers that appear.

Ghost will inform you that the last harvester revealed an active fuse cell, which will be indicated by a waypoint that you will follow.

Remove the Charge

A solar charge will be exposed near a neighboring tank, and you must go over and collect it before dropping it into the specified spot.

Place the solar charge in the active fuel cell of the harvester, and it will burst, enabling you to continue the attack.

Lieutenant, defeat

Bracus Zahn’s lieutenant will come on the scene, and you must beat her before continuing your pursuit of the weapons dealer.

Expand your horizons

After you’ve beaten the lieutenant, continue on your journey to the waypoint, where you may either battle your way through the opponents or dash past them.

As you leave the building, you see that Bracus Zahn’s ship is still moored, so you go inside to look for him.

Enter the Cabal’s headquarters.



Continue on inside the Cabal base, where you’ll encounter opponents, including a Cabal Goliath Tank, and begin eliminating them.

After you’ve cleared the area of attackers, Ghost will instruct you to engage with a console to provide a route to the next waypoint.

Make a Path

More opponents, as well as another Goliath Tank, will emerge once you interact with the console, and you’ll have to battle your way past them.

Breach the security of the hangar

After defeating the adversaries, go through a door to another console, which you must engage with in order to get access to the hangar.

You must interact with the console in order for Ghost to begin the hacking process, and the door will unlock after a few seconds.

Bracus Zahn must be defeated.


Bracus Zahn will be waiting for you as soon as the door opens, and you may begin fighting him until you have dealt some damage to his health.

Bracus Zahn will flee during the battle, and you must track him down by interacting with a console indicated by a waypoint and hopping on a lift that goes to the surface.

Bracus Zahn will begin shooting at you and your fireteam as soon as the elevator reaches the surface, but you may hide behind items.

Bracus Zahn will be vulnerable from now on, and you and your fireteam may assault him until he is defeated.

Also, have a look at the other striking walkthroughs listed below.


  • Avoid getting too close to the Cabal Goliath Tanks since they may be dangerous, and instead seek cover and fire them from distance.
  • You won’t be able to kill Bracus Zahn on the first try, so take out the rest of the opponents and go for the console.

Bracus Zahn will snipe at you and your fireteam, but you may hide and subsequently kite him by closing up on his position.


You and your fireteam will have prevented Bracus Zahn from supplying the Red Legion with supplies after defeating him.

After a lengthy pursuit, you’ve finally beaten Bracus Zahn and put an end to his supply of weapons for the Red Legion.

The the arms dealer strike exotic quest is a Strike mission in Destiny 2. This guide will walk you through the steps of completing this Strike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the arms dealer strike in Destiny 2?

You need to kill the arms dealers boss.

What is the arms dealer strike in Destiny 2?

Arms Dealer Strike is a weekly PvP activity that takes place in the Crucible. In this activity, players will be fighting against the arms dealer to take over their stockpile of weapons and armor.

How do you get a tank in the arms dealer strike?

You must complete the Arms Dealer Strike.

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