In Destiny 2, the Machinist is a story mission that takes place in the Plaguelands. This guide will walk you through the entire mission and show you how to complete it.

The the machinist mission destiny 2 is a mission in the game Destiny 2. This guide will walk you through all of the steps to complete it.

  • Forsaken is a mission type (Legacy)
  • Tangled Shore is the location of the mission.

The Machinist, the Fanatic’s right hand and one of Uldren’s higher-ranking adversaries, is the last Baron before pursuing Uldren.

The Machinist will be in her domain, where she has amassed a vast arsenal of stolen technology from several groups.

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Goals of the MissionD2TMSW30621-2

Tank Remediation

Ghost will discover a City-made tank once you reach The Mechanist’s area, praising her taste and urging you to repair it.

Interact with the tank so Ghost may begin hacking it, but there are two critical components that must be changed.

Repair the weapon system of the tank.

The turret and nav module, which Ghost will identify the position for replacements, are two components that you will need to acquire nearby.

Pick up the replacement components at each of the checkpoints and bring them back to the tank one by one.

Dismantle the Barrier

You may now ride the tank and use it to demolish a barrier obstructing your way after acquiring and installing the necessary components.

Tank should be restored.

A repair pad will be available that you may ride over to replenish the tank’s health over time, allowing you to battle for longer.

Attack The Machinist’s Lair

Push ahead and attack The Machinist’s lair, blowing up the barrier and killing the adversaries on the other side now that your tank has been rebuilt.

Make It Possible

In the following section, there will be a barrier ahead of you, and you must locate and eliminate the power source before proceeding.

The barrier’s power source is at the top of a section of the structure, and you can get there on foot (you’ll have to hack it), but it’s best to use the tank to clear out the other opponents.

Fight Back Against The Machinist (Part 1)

After you’ve opened the barrier, your mission will be to locate and combat The Machinist, who Ghost anticipates to be on the other side.

Fuel caches must be destroyed.

Ghost discovers Dark Ether stored in the region on your route to locate The Machinist, which he believes is enough to create a Scorn army.

To eliminate them, you’ll need to destroy a total of 5 fuel caches in the region surrounding the Dark Ether.

 There will also be a Stolen Walken in the area, which you may wish to use to help you pinpoint the fuel caches.

There will be no goal update once you’ve destroyed all of the fuel stores, so you’ll have to follow the waypoint to the next region.

Make It Possible

You’ll be in an open region with another barrier after blasting through a couple gates, and you’ll have to clear the space and engage with the power source.

Interacting with the power source will allow you to hack it from the right side of where the waypoint is pointing.

Fight Back Against The Machinist (Part 2)

Once the route has been unlocked, you may battle The Machinist, who is more of a structured combat in which you must do damage while avoiding specific strikes.

The Machinist will launch rockets into the air, and all you have to do is keep moving and shooting until her health is down.


  • The tank in this assignment makes killing opponents and moving towards the final battle location a breeze.
  • Keep an eye on your tank’s health and use the repair pads as needed so you can keep using it until you reach the finish.
  • The Machinist will curl up and shoot rockets into the air, which will land in clearly defined locations, making it simple to avoid.

Jumping and gliding while shooting rockets at The Machinist throughout the battle is enough to end the fight in a matter of minutes.


As The Machinist’s life fades, she speaks about purchasing time, implying that something is wrong.

Following the defeat of The Machinist, you will now pursue Uldren in order to ultimately avenge Cayde-6 and put an end to the Baron’s ambitions.

The destiny 2 quest order is a walkthrough that will help you complete the The Machinist Mission in Destiny 2. It includes a detailed explanation of how to complete the mission, as well as some tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the machinist mission in Destiny 2?


How do you beat the machinist in Destiny 2?

The easiest way to beat the machinist is to use your super ability.

Where is the machinist Destiny 2?

The machinist is a vendor who sells weapons and armor. You can find him in the tower on the top floor of Old Russia.

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