Borderlands 3 has been released and has seen a lot of love from the gaming community. The game is now taking off in popularity, with players enjoying the new content and gameplay. However, there are some issues that come with the game, such as bugs and glitches. One of these issues is a rare mission called “The Proprietor Rare Vintage”.

The borderlands 3 seventh sense quest is a mission in Borderlands 3. This mission is very difficult and requires you to complete it with only 1 life.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Xylourgos is a planet.
  • The Lodge is the location (Cursehaven)
  • 57th level

Mancubus Bloodtooth’s procurer has discovered a unique type of wine that has to be brought to The Lodge, but has yet to do so.

Mancubus Bloodtooth asks that you acquire the rare discovery from the procurer and return it to The Lodge.

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Walkthrough of the Mission

Locate The Procurer’s Residence


Once you’ve received the assignment, go to Cursehaven and follow the waypoint to the procurer’s house.

The route will seem to be closed, and Mancubus Bloodtooth will advise that you flush him out using the adjacent gas system.

The Procurer should be flushed out.


You’ll need to rewire the gas system such that it leads into the procurer’s house in order to flush him out.

Use the valves that regulate the pipes to redirect the gas to the destinations that have been indicated.

In order to completely redirect the gas, you’ll need to utilize two valves.


After the gas has been redirected, turn on the valve near the procurer’s house, which will result in a gas explosion and the procurer ziplining out.

Assassinate The Procurer


The procurer will retaliate, and Mancubus Bloodtooth will tell you that you must kill him if you want the good wine.

Begin by murdering the procurer; after he is killed, the excellent wine will drop, which you must bring to The Lodge.

Deliver The Wine Cask


Return to the lodge and bring the Cask Of Wine to the cellar after snatching it from the procurer.

Head down a flight of steps behind the bar where Mancubus Bloodtooth is typically stationed to find the basement.

Surprisingly, Mancubus bloodtooth says that you may hear knocking and advises you not to respond if you do.

Rare Vintage Mission Rewards from the ProprietorB3GLTS9-7

The task will be finished after you have delivered the Cask Of Wine, and you will be paid with approximately 115,000 cash.

You will hear knocking a few seconds after the mission is completed, and it is better to ignore it.


  • Examine the waypoints to determine the best paths to the two valves, one of which may be accessed by going up a ladder and the other by passing through damaged pipes that are spouting fire.
  • The procurer is equipped with all kinds of armor, therefore bring a corrosive weapon for his armor, a stunning weapon for his shield, and an incendiary weapon for his health.
  • For the time being, there is no way of knowing what the knocking is or where it is coming from since it is simply another eerie thing.

The cold case: forgotten answers glitch is a bug in the game that has been present for a while. It allows players to complete missions without completing them.

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