Destiny 2 is the sequel to Activision’s hugely successful first-person shooter franchise. The game is a modern take on the RPG genre, with players exploring and fighting in a vast universe that combines sci-fi and fantasy elements.

The messy business quest not showing up is a bug that has been present for a while. Bungie has released a walkthrough to fix the issue.

Speaking with Banshee-44 will grant you the Messy Business Quest, which requires you to earn a certain number of points and finish a certain proportion of matches.

 You will be awarded with the Salvager’s Salvo Legendary Grenade Launcher after completing the objectives.

You may get this quest when you initially start Destiny 2 and finish it while you go about your other activities.

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Objectives of the Quest1631485507_46_Destiny-2-Messy-Business-Quest-Walkthrough

By defeating combatants, you may earn points.

You may earn points by playing the Crucible, Gambit, or Strike playlists, which are either more fun or difficult according on your choices.

Crucible is said to be quicker, whereas Gambit is more rewarding but takes longer, and Strikes is somewhere in the middle, depending on your squad.

You’ll finish it eventually if you don’t put too much emphasis on the goals, and you can always come back later if it’s not a top priority.

At the Tower, speak with Banshee-44.

After you’ve accomplished the first stage, go to Banshee-44 and you’ll be able to get the prizes from him right away.

If you can’t locate Banshee-44, go to the Courtyard and turn right, or choose the quest from the guest tab to hunt it down.

Once the first quest step is accomplished, tracking the Messy Business quest will place a waypoint indicating Banshee-44’s position. 

Awkward Business Reward

This is the primary method to acquire the Legendary Grenade Launcher if you’re looking for a way to get Salvager’s Salvo.

You will be awarded with the Salvager’s Salvo, a Legendary Grenade Launcher, if you complete this mission.

The messy business destiny 2 fast reddit is a quest that players can complete to earn the Messy Business emote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the messy business quest?


How do you complete a messy business fast?

I would suggest you use a forklift truck.

Can you still get the messy business quest?

Unfortunately, the messy business quest is not available to play on Beat Saber PSVR.

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