Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It was released on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. A sequel to 2014’s Destiny, the game features a new online multiplayer mode that supports up to six players simultaneously.

The the glassway strike blade pieces are a weapon in Destiny 2.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Europa is a continent in Europe.
  • Duration of the strike: 10-15 minutes
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players

Due to the events caused by Eramis, a Vex portal remains active on Europa, which may result in the Vex swarming the planet.

While the gate is essential, it is also a crucial connection to the Vex, as Exo Stranger reveals, and something must be done to keep Europa safe from them.

You and your fireteam are charged with shutting down the gateway and preventing the Vex from further invading Europa.

Objectives of the Strike1631484970_63_Destiny-2-The-Glassway-Strike-Walkthrough

Stop the Vex from invading Europe.

You’ll begin in the Asterion Abyss (Europa), where you’ll have to make your way down a huge drop to an abandoned ice castle.

Fallen Barrier will be situated farther ahead, which you may simply reach by driving to save time.

You’ll come across many opponents defending the region on your approach to the waypoint, which you must kill before moving further into the freezing valleys.

The Fallen Barrier must be dismantled (Part 1)


When you reach the end of the freezing caves, you’ll be in Fallen land, and you’ll need to destroy a Fallen Barrier to proceed.

You will not be able to respawn during this phase, and if all of you die, you and your fireteam will have to repeat this section.

The Fallen Barrier will deactivate once you’ve cleared out all of the opponents in the region, and you’ll have to push on.

The Fallen Barrier must be dismantled (Part 2)

You’ll run across more opponents and another barrier obstructing your route as you follow the waypoint into the next section.

Take down the opponents with care, and keep an eye out for foes protected by Defiled Servitor, House Salvation.

Once you’ve defeated the Servitor, you’ll be able to clear the remainder of the enemies and get through the Fallen Barrier.

The Fallen Barrier must be dismantled (Part 3)

You and your fireteam will be crossing huge gaps, and you must avoid falling or you will perish.

Continue on to the second Fallen Barrier, where you’ll have to wipe all the attackers once more before it’s deactivated.

As you approach the waypoint, be sure to utilize your jump skills for additional protection and keep an eye out for hostile fire.

The Radiolarian Fluid Must Be Drained


You’ll arrive in a huge chamber filled with Radiolarian Fluid, which must be drained before you and your fireteam can continue.

Things won’t be simple since you’ll have to stay within the circle to drain the Radiolarian Fluid.

Stay in the circle and keep the attackers at bay, but be aware that they will warm up to your position, leaving you a sitting duck with a slim chance of surviving.

Journey Through The Pit

After you’ve drained the region of Radiolarian Fluid, you’ll need to leap over to the other side.

At the conclusion, there will be a barrier that you must overcome by killing the remaining opponents in the area before it opens up.

At this point, you should either eliminate the opponents along the road or battle them after you reach the finish.

Stop the Invasion of the Transcendent Hydra


You’ll arrive to the gate, which is guarded by a Resilient Captain, after you’ve reached the end of the region.

After defeating the captain, the boss battle will commence, with the appearance of Belmon, Transcendent Mind, and a Transcendent Hydra.

Belmon will vanish into thin air, leaving the Transcendent Hydra, as well as other dangerous mobs, to attack you.

When fighting the monsters that spawn in the region, there are passageways that you may utilize to your advantage.

Continue to wipe away opponents and inflict damage to the Transcendent Hydra in order to draw Belmon out into the open and assault it with your fireteam.

You and your fireteam must continue these stages until Belmon’s health is fully depleted, at which point the task will be completed.

Also, have a look at the other striking walkthroughs listed below.


  • It’s best to carry at least one weapon with area of effect damage to wipe away monsters during the boss battle and on your way to the finish.
  • Avoid walking or standing in the Radiolarian Fluid, particularly during the boss battle, since this will cause you to take damage.
  • Belmon and the Transcendent Hydra have a clear vulnerability in their eyes, which you may exploit by timing your shots.
  • You’ll need to timing your shots or utilize your leap ability to obtain a good view position since the boss’s shield spins around it.

The area may seem to be clean at times, however opponents may be found lurking in the tiny passageways to the left or right of the final area.


Transcendent Mind will finish out the remainder of the adversaries in the region after defeating Belmon, bringing the tasks to a close.

As the operation concludes, Ghost will remark that the Vex have been defeated, and Exo Stranger will affirm relief.

The Vex gate will stay dormant as a result of your actions, and Europa will be secure from further invasions for the time being.

The glassway strike boss is a difficult boss in the Destiny 2 campaign. This guide will help players who are struggling with this boss fight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the Glassway strike?

To do the Glassway strike, you must first do a backflip with your right hand. Then, while in mid-air, use your left hand to grab the lightsaber handle and swing it around in circles until you are facing the floor. Finally, release your grip on your lightsaber and land on one foot with your other leg bent behind you.

How do you beat the Glassway in Destiny 2?

To beat the Glassway, you need to stand in the center of the beam and wait for it to fill up. When it does, jump out of the way and let yourself get hit by the beam.

Is the Glassway strike hard?

Yes, the Glassway strike is hard.

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