Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game was released worldwide on September 6, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. It is the sequel to 2014’s Destiny and its expansions add new content such as new locations, missions, gear, weapons, and gameplay modes.

The destiny 2 insight terminus grandmaster guide is a walkthrough for the Destiny 2: Insight Terminus Strike. This guide includes information on how to get past all of the enemies and bosses.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Nessus is a town on the Greek island of Nessus.
  • Strike lasts 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players
  • 1050 watts recommended

Zavala has told you that information regarding a Vex information depot on Nessus has been obtained.

You and your fireteam have been tasked with infiltrating the Vex information dump in order to discover what secrets it conceals.

Kargen is an adversary. The Technocrat is trying to steal the knowledge, and it is up to you to prevent this.

Objectives of the StrikeD2TIT16421-2

The Insight Terminus may be found here.

You’ll begin on a huge cliff and must make your way to the waypoint in order to reach the Insight Terminus.

If you tumble over the ledge, don’t worry; it’s on purpose, and the entrance is at the bottom of the ledge anyhow.

As you make your journey through the tunnel, you will encounter various Cabal troops, which you must overcome in order to reach the waypoint.

Kargen will be waiting for you at the waypoint, and as he makes his way further into the cave, he will block off the area.

The Insight Terminus may be found here (Part 2)


Kargen will erect a barrier that you may dismantle by standing in the circle where the barrier’s power source is produced.

Enemies will assault you while you are unlocking the barrier, and you must stay inside it and beat them in order to proceed.

Zavala will tell you at this time that your new focus will be to remove Kargen as a new operation goal.

Kargen should be pursued.


After eliminating the barrier, continue on your journey to the waypoint, but be cautious as there will be a slew of Vex troops on your way.

Kargen will trap you within a huge section of the cave while you follow him, forcing you to collect Arc Charges in order to unlock a massive gate.

The next step is to kill the Centurions that spawn, then collect Arc Charges and put them in the appropriate places to unlock the gate.

Kargen should be pursued (Part 2)

Kargen will have already gotten his hands on the information, and you and your fireteam must stop him before he flees.

Make your way to the boss battle location, where Kargen will be waiting for you. The Technocrat will emerge, and the battle will commence.

Kargen must be stopped.


Kargen will float into the air and become invulnerable for a short time, during which time opponent spawns will emerge to attack you.

At the end, where Kargen is facing, there will be a single ring, and at least one player should stand in it to power down the barrier.

The barrier will come down in a short time, but if you are pushed back or leave the ring, this procedure will be restarted.

Kargen will be exposed after the barrier is down, and you and your fireteam will need to inflict enough damage to go on to the next phase.

Kargen will use a barrier to shield himself once again, but this time there will be three rings to disable.

The barrier will be down after all three rings have been deactivated, and you will be able to finish off Kargen and accomplish the task.

Also, have a look at the other striking walkthroughs listed below.


  • When waiting for a centurion to spawn during the gate opening phase, keep in mind that they will kill you upon landing.
  • You will be unable to utilize your weapons while holding Arc Charges, but you will still be able to strike with the Arc Charge, delivering a melee assault.
  • Certain areas of the cave are cramped, making it easier to wipe out groups of foes, particularly with area-of-effect weaponry.
  • During the boss battle, one player may concentrate on destroying the barricades while the others protect them.
  • If one player remains in each circle towards the conclusion of the boss fight, all three barriers may be removed at the same time.


Once Kargen is beaten, the location will be secured, and Zabala will question Ghost about the stolen information.

Kargen seems to have been targeting Vex installations, and he and his team have been carrying out these operations.

The information you obtained from Karden pertains to an item known as “OXA,” which is presently unknown to Ghost, but which he has determined was last accessed millennia ago by a “Otzot.”

The insight terminus boss cheese is a walkthrough of the first boss in Destiny 2’s new DLC, The Insight Terminus. It is recommended for players who are at least level 20 and have completed the main story mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I beat terminus insight?

Terminus Insight is a difficult boss in the game that you will need to use your skills and practice fighting against it.

How do you beat Insight terminus grandmaster?

The answer is very complicated.

What is the insight terminus strike?

The insight terminus strike is an ability that allows the player to deal a lot of damage in one go.

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