This guide will show you how to complete the Inverted Spire Strike in Destiny 2.

There are many different ways to complete the inverted spire grandmaster guide in Destiny 2. One of the most popular is by using a Hunter’s Arc Blade super ability followed by a Voidwalker’s Rift Walk.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Nessus is a town on the Greek island of Nessus.
  • Duration of the strike: 20-30 minutes
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players

The Vex on Nessus have grown to a significant population, prompting the Red Legion to dispatch personnel to the planet.

Failsafe has identified seismic disturbances and believes that they are the reason, therefore the Vanguard must investigate.

You and your fire squad have been sent to find out what’s going on, and whatever it is, you must put an end to it.

Objectives of the Strike

Look into the Cabal.


You’ll begin by descending from your landing zone and heading over to the Cabal to see what they’re up to.

It may take some time to walk to the waypoint, therefore you should spawn in your car to save yourself some time.

All Hostiles Must Be Defeated

Once you’ve arrived at the waypoint, wipe out all of the opponents in the area before continuing on to the next waypoint.

After you’ve cleared off the initial wave of opponents, keep an eye out for adversaries that will spawn in the area and grab you while you’re vulnerable.

Conflux may be found here.

After you’ve eliminated all of the remaining opponents in the area, a Conflux will emerge, and you’ll need to go over there to access it.

When you first enter the Conflux, a floating path will emerge in front of you, which you must cross to reach the waypoint.

You should plan your leaps ahead of time since one incorrect move may result in your character dying.

Keep moving forward.


Take one of the two routes beyond the floating tunnel (one may be more difficult than the other) and continue on your journey to the waypoint.

There will be circular rings that boost you into the air once you pass the floating route, and you should try not to move too much or it will send you in a new direction.

Simply leap into the ring and let it carry you to the other side; as long as you don’t attempt anything crazy, you’ll land safely.

Make your way to the waypoint after the first set of rings and continue battling through the monsters that obstruct your path.

There will be a colossus at the end of the path where another set of rings may be found, and you may have to fight it to go to the rings, or he may shoot you down if you don’t hurry.

Expand your horizons

As you progress, you’ll find yourself at The Anchor, a restricted zone where you won’t be able to resurrect after being killed and will have to restart the mission.

An energy barrier will be blocking the only route ahead, and you’ll have to figure out how to break through it.

Get rid of the Vex.

Failsafe will be able to guarantee that the Vex constructions in the region keep the shield up, and you’ll need to wipe them out in order to remove it.

You’ll need to clear out the Vex in the area, which you may accomplish either by shooting them from afar or by taking a chance and leaping across a gap and closing up on them, depending on your comfort level.

Keep moving forward.

After you’ve taken out the Vex who are keeping the barrier up, go to the next waypoint in the tunnel.

Approaching the Drilling Location


The Cabal have drills in the region, according to Ghost, which is likely the source of the seismic activity.

As you approach the waypoint, you’ll come across a Drake (tank vehicle) that one of your fireteam members may enter and utilize to do massive damage to opponents.

Those traveling on foot should keep an eye out for the Drake’s fireteam member to ensure it has cover when it can’t move or aim at certain angles.

Approaching the Drilling Location

Once all of the members are ready, use your bike vehicles to go to the drill location and meet up with the Drake.

Fight your way through the battlefield of adversaries to the drill location, which is indicated as a waypoint.

Remove all security measures from the site.

The exercises will feature armed crews, and you’ll have to push back while also eliminating two cops in separate places.

Waypoints will indicate both of the officers, and you’ll be able to locate them easily within what seem to be bunkers.

Embark on the Cabal Drill.

After you’ve dispatched the Cabal officials, go to the indicated waypoint and engage with the equipment to activate adjacent ring-like devices that will push you to the drill.

Enemy troops will be on the lookout as you approach the opposite side, and you may either wipe them out with your weapons or throw a grenade at them.

Head inside and descend to the bottom of the exercise after clearing out the guards at the top, but make sure you’re prepared for a fight.

Reorganize the Public Transportation System

Return to the adjacent console and interact with it to realign the transportation system, then prepare to face additional attackers.

Enemies will assault your position from various directions as soon as you interact with the console.

Defend yourself against all attackers.

During the resetting of the transportation systems, you must resist any attackers that attempt to halt the process until it reaches 100 percent.

When you reach 100%, the rings will be positioned differently, and you and your fireteam may utilize them to push you to the other side.

Cross the Site of the Dig

Choose the correct ring to point to the area that the waypoint is indicating, and try not to move too much during this phase, since many players are killed by landing in the incorrect place or hitting their face against a wall.

Make your way to the dig site after landing and fighting off any adversaries who may try to stop you.

Get Away From The Drill


Continue on your journey to the waypoint, but keep an eye out for the drill’s spinning bits, which may strike you and kill you immediately.

There is a safe route for you to follow, and at the conclusion, you will be able to securely access the interior of the dig site, which is situated at the bottom of the drill.

Examine the Excavation Site

Once you’ve entered the dig site, keep going until you reach the waypoint, and you’ll be approaching the end of the strike.

You’ll encounter a few Quantum Harpy opponents within the region, but you’ll be able to defeat them fast, and Protheon, Modular Mind will emerge as soon as you get near.

Get Rid of the Modular Mind


You and your fire squad will be allowed to assault Protheon The Modular Minds directly for a certain period of time or until you do enough damage.

Each time you deplete one of Protheon’s health bars, the surface you’re standing on vanishes, and you’ll need to timing your landing to avoid being damaged.

After two drops, you will be able to completely drain Protheon The Modular Mind’s health bar by landing at the bottom.

Protheon will try to teleport around the arena and attack you with its Torch Hammer during the initial stage of the battle or when you have three health bars.

Protheon will remain in the middle of the battle and assault you with an Arc Slap Rifle, which will sometimes smash the ground to produce a wave of fire on the ground.

Protheon will switch to its Slap Arc Rifle and attack you with Slap Grenades at its third stage, but if you and your fire squad respond quickly, you should be able to take it down in seconds.

Also, have a look at the other striking walkthroughs listed below.


  • Try to hone your jumping skill or change it to enable you to traverse the majority of this attack correctly, as it may come in useful later.
  • During the attack, some of the opponents will be fighting amongst themselves, which you may take advantage of.

Every time you descend down, Protheon will alter its weapon, becoming more lethal in the final level.


The strike will be complete after you’ve destroyed Protheon, Modular Mind, and you’ll have prevented the factions from attempting to use the Mind.

It seems that the Vex learned that the Cabal had located the Mind and planned to drill into the location in order to capture it, with Failsafe estimating that the planetoid would have been destroyed 60% of the time.

The planetoid is secure thanks to your actions, and the Modular Mind has been destroyed, and no one will be able to take control of it again.

The destiny 2 inverted spire tank spawn is a walkthrough for the inversion spire strike.

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