Destiny 2 is a game that has taken the world by storm. It’s an FPS which features three factions fighting for control of the universe. The game offers players the chance to explore new worlds, meet interesting characters, and battle enemies in a variety of different ways.

The destiny 2 lost sectors today is a location in Destiny 2. It is a section of the map that can be found in the Reef and Lost Sectors. There are 3 locations in total, which will be revealed at different times throughout the week.

The Moon, which is home to the Nightmare and Pyramid factions, is one of Earth’s oldest satellites and is also disputed by the Fallen, Hive, Taken, and Vex factions.

The Moon, also known as Luna, was once a regular planet before it was changed to become a satellite, but it is now a shell of its former self, consisting mainly of ruins and a place where memories are stored.

K1 Logistics, K1 Crew Quarters, K1 Communion, and K1 Revelation are the four missing sectors of The Moon at the moment.

The monsters you encounter towards the conclusion of the lost sectors, unlike on other worlds, are mostly Nightmares, who were added in the Shadowkeep DLC.

Also, be aware of the following missing sectors’ locations and maps:

Map of the Moon’s Lost SectorThe Moon Lost Sector Map

Sector Locations on the Moon Have Been Lost

  • Archer’s Line – K1 Logistics
  • Hellmouth – K1 Crew Quarters
  • Anchor of Light – K1 Communion
  • Sorrow’s Harbor – K1 Revelation

K1 Logistics is a company that specializes in logistics (Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn Location)K1 Logistics (Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn Location)

  • Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn is the boss.
  • Nightmare Dreg and Nightmare Shank are among the elites.
  • Fallen Faction
  • Archer’s Line is the name of the area.

The entrance to the K1 Logistics lost sector may be discovered near Archer’s Line in an abandoned space structure.

As you battle your way through different Fallen foes, you’ll come to an open space where Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn, a huge nightmare Servitor, will be waiting for you.

You must wipe out most of the opponents in the area before fighting the boss in this lost section, and after you destroy a Shank that emerges near it, the monster becomes vulnerable.

The last section is a circular arena that offers enough protection from Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn, as well as assistance in fighting the Fallen troops who battle alongside it.

Quarters for the K1 Crew (Nightmare of Reyiks Actuator Location)K1 Crew Quarters (Nightmare of Reyiks Actuator Location)

  • Actuator, Nightmare of Reyiks, Boss
  • Nightmare Dreg, Unyielding Servitor are among the elites.
  • Fallen Faction
  • Hellmouth is the location.

Because it is a barracks-like building built up farther from other structures in the region, the Crew Quarters lost sectors in Hellmouth are easy to find.

Once inside, there are just a few opponents, but towards the beginning, an Exploder Shank will emerge behind you (listen for its beeping) and explode when it reaches you.

After you’ve fought your way through the Fallen foes, you’ll come across some gaps that must be jumped over, so be cautious.

Nightmare of Reyiks, Actuator, the monster of this missing area, is not tough to fight and resembles an enormous Shank with extra characteristics.

Communion for K1 students (Nightmare Of Rizaahn The Lost Location)K1 Communion (Nightmare Of Rizaahn The Lost Location)

  • Boss: Rizaahn’s Nightmare, The Lost
  • Unyielding Servitor, Nightmare Wretch, and Nightmare Dreg are among the elites.
  • Fallen Faction
  • Anchor Of Light is a location.

K1 Communion is a huge subterranean facility that can be found inside Anchor Of Life to the right of the tunnel leading to Hellmouth.

After a few doors, you’ll enter a circular chamber after progressing through a medium-sized level and battling against Fallen foes.

Finally, you’ll have to eliminate opponents until Nightmare of Rizaahn, The Lost arrives, which will cause the chamber to become crimson.

Enemies will continue to spawn after you kill Rizaahn, The Lost, and the area will return to normal after you wipe them all, however you may already loot Rizaahn’s chest and leave after defeating him.

Revelation K1 (Nightmare of Arguth the Tormented Location)K1 Revalation (Nightmare of Arguth the Tormented Location)

  • Nightmare of Arguth, the Tormented is the boss.
  • Nightmare Acolyte, Tormented Servant Nightmare, Nightmare Acolyte, Nightmare Acolyte, Nightmare Acolyte, Night
  • Hive is a faction.
  • Sorrow’s Harbor is the location.

The K1 Revelation lost section is an underground facility situated in the bottom center of Sorrow’s Harbor, beneath a cave.

As you go down the cave, you will come upon a facility that is teeming with hive opponents, as well as a huge storage facility.

Arguth’s Nightmare, The Tormented will remain still and unaffected by harm, and you’ll see floating shards with white shields.

You must first battle the Tormented Servant Nightmares that spawn and eliminate their surrounding shards before fighting Nightmare of Aarguth The Tormented.


  • Although there are numerous groups on The Moon, the Fallen and Hive control the majority of the lost regions.
  • Because there are limited passageways, some of the missing sectors may be difficult to reach, therefore it’s advisable to quickly travel to the nearest locations.
  • Exploder Shanks, particularly in K1 Communion, may be a big nuisance (listen for their beeping), since they might appear out of nowhere and blow you up when you least expect it.
  • K1 Revelation has a cave entrance, whereas the others are hidden deep within other buildings on The Moon.


The Moon contains lost sections that are quite simple to navigate, although it takes some effort to get to them and locate the entrance.

Unlike other destinations, the missing sectors on the moon have few indicators indicating their position, yet they are nevertheless easily located.

The Moon’s missing sectors are an excellent location to harvest Fallen Kills since there are many Fallen foes there.

The destiny 2 moon lost sectors map is a map that shows the locations of all the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the lost sectors in Destiny 2?

The lost sectors are the areas of the game that you cannot access. They are hidden and only accessible to those who have found them.

Whats the fastest lost sector on the moon?


How do I unlock Moon lost sectors?

You must complete the game on any difficulty.

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