Destiny 2 is the latest game in Activision’s popular shooter series. This guide will walk you through all of the new Kell mission and provide a complete walkthrough for completing them all.

The the new kell mission location is a location that can be found in the game Destiny 2. It is where you will find the first step of the New Kell Mission Walkthrough.

  • Story kind of mission (Beyond Light)
  • Europa is the location of the mission.
  • Time allotted for the mission: 10-15 minutes

Variks, whom you recently helped and who is now describing what has been going on, has found a new ability that was used against him.

The power utilized was Darkness, which is the polar opposite of the Light that Guardians use on their missions.

Your mission will be to find Eramis, a user of this newfound power, and stop her intentions before they spiral out of control.

Goals of the MissionD2TNK11521-2

Eramis must be found and stopped.

Once the task has started, get in your car and go to the waypoint that leads to the Eventide Ruins.

Follow the waypoint to the Eventide Ruins and take the elevator to Riis-Reborn, the Fallen city.

After utilizing the elevator, you will face opponents and a barrier will be in place until you clear the area.

Continue fighting your way through the area’s Fallen foes to reach the Riis-interior. Reborn’s

You’ll come to a dead-end when a barrier blocks your route; you’ll require stasis to get through, but there’ll be another path to the left that you may take, and a cutscene will appear.

Riis-Reborn is on the run.

Eramis has given her army the new dark power, and you’ll have to flee since they’re too powerful to manage.

As you attempt to flee, you’ll run across Phylaks, The Warrier, who was one of the first in the army to acquire the power.

It will be difficult to fight Phylaks, so you’ll have to flee, heading for the waypoint to make your getaway.

Ignore the Phylaks and make your way to the waypoint, fighting or fleeing through the adversaries until you reach your spacecraft, which is floating nearby.


  • Because the route is very lengthy, you will save a lot of time by driving to your destination.
  • Keep an eye out for numerous opponents in the tighter places, particularly over bridges, since they may obstruct your progress and kill you due to high numbers of foes.

You will not be able to fight Phylaks; instead, just sprint through him and towards your spacecraft, passing all other opponents in the process.


Eramis had strengthened her army by using the darkness, and you had no option but to flee this dangerous scenario.

It seems that you will need to find your way out of this weird darkness that they have enslaved you to.

Variks will assist you in devising a strategy to combat Eramis and her army, who now have new power.

The europa missions destiny 2 is a mission in the game Destiny 2. It is called The New Kell. This walkthrough will give you a detailed explanation of what to do and how to complete it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the new Kell mission Destiny 2?

You have to complete the mission Failsafe.

How do I get the new Kell mission?

The new Kell mission is available in the games Kell campaign.

How do you complete the spark mission in Destiny 2?

You complete the spark mission by completing all of the story missions in Destiny 2.

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