Destiny 2, the latest game in Bungie’s sci-fi shooter series, has just released its third expansion. The Tangled Shore is a new destination on Earth where players can find Lost Sectors that contain loot and resources.

The destiny 2 lost sector rotation is a game mode that allows players to explore the depths of space in search for hidden treasures.

The Tangled Shore, which is largely on an asteroid and is kept together primarily by platforms and cables, is also the primary site for farming Etheric Leaves.

The Scorn are mostly fighting for control of this area, although there are also indications of Fallen, Cabal, and Hive troops in the various areas.

The Empty Tank, Kingship Dock, Trapper’s Cave, Shipyard AW0-34, and Wolfship Turbine are among the five missing sectors presently available in The Tangled Shore.

Due to their tiny size and ease of reset, some of the lost sectors, such as Wolfship Turbine, are ideal locations to harvest opponent kills and treasure.

Also, be aware of the following missing sectors’ locations and maps:

The Lost Sector Map of the Tangled ShoreThe Tangled Shore Lost Sector Map

Locations of the Tangled Shore’s Lost Sectors

  • Thieves’ Landing – The Empty Tank
  • Thieves’ Landing – Kingship Dock
  • Four-Horned Gulch – Trapper’s Cave
  • Shipyard AW0-43 – Saturn’s Jetsam
  • Soriks’ Cut – Wolfship Turbine

The Tank That Isn’t Full (Aziis Dusk Marauder Location)The Empty Tank (Aziis Dusk Marauder Location)

  • Aziis, the Dusk Marauder, is the boss.
  • There are no elites.
  • Fallen, Cabal, and Hive are the factions.
  • Thieves’ Landing is the name of the location.

The Empty Tank lost sector is a club-like location in Thieves’ Landing that is inhabited by the Fallen, which you will discover as soon as you enter.

The Fallen will be dancing in the first chamber, with a DJ playing songs that contain an easter egg, a song by Paul McCartney called Hope for the Future.

Once you’ve defeated all of the opponents in the area, you’ll be informed that “the console needs your attention,” enabling you to engage with it to unlock a door and meet a Resilient Captain.

You’ll battle a few opponents in the next chamber, which is an arena, before facing Aziis, Dusk Marauder, and other Fallen adversaries.

The docks of the Kingship (Vilzii Scorn Chieftain Location)Kingship Dock (Vilzii Scorn Chieftain Location)

  • Vilzii, Scorn Chieftain is the boss.
  • There are no elites.
  • Scorn is a faction.
  • Thieves’ Landing is the name of the location.

The entrance to Kingship Dock is located in a building inside Thieves’ Landing that includes an elevator that will take you to a higher level that goes to the dock itself.

There will be no opponents when you enter the tunnel until you reach the very end of the lost section, where you will discover enemies gathering.

Fighting your way through those foes will allow you to get to the boss, Vilzii, Scorn Chieftain, who battles with other scorn opponents and summons fire-spewing turrets.

Because the region is tiny, you may quickly fight Vilzii and plunder his chest before exiting the area, which you can also grind for additional treasure.

Trapper’s Cave (Garut Gra’am) is a cave in Garut Gra’am.Trapper's Cave (Garut Gra'am Location)

  • Garut Gra’am is wanted by the boss.
  • There are no elites.
  • Cabal is a faction.
  • Gulch of the Four-Horns

Trapper’s Cave is a forgotten sector in Four-Horn Gulch that is home to Cabal troops. It is a subterranean cave with growing flora around it.

Its entrance leads to a smaller road that leads to a nest where many War Beasts are resting, giving you a surprise advantage or enabling you to slip by them.

After you’ve cleared all the opponents or rushed to the next section, there will be a breach in the cave with a pillar jutting out, which will be the boss battle area.

Enemies will surround the pillar, and the boss, Garut Gra’am, will descend on top of it and fire at you from afar.

AW0-43 Shipyard (Zetix 7 Location)Shipyard AW0-43 (Zetix 7 Location)

  • Zetix-7 is the boss.
  • There are no elites.
  • Fallen Faction
  • Area: Saturn’s Jetsam

Shipyard AW-43 is a Fallen-infested abandoned shipyard that may be discovered by entering a tunnel and leaving via the shipyard area.

As you approach the cave, you’ll be battling Fallen foes, but be aware that there are also Exploder Shanks lurking about, making the situation hazardous due to the cave’s small confines.

Exiting the tunnel will lead you to the shipyard, which is damaged and full of holes through which you may fall, as well as the location where Zetix-7, the lost sector’s boss, awaits you.

Zetix-7 is a boss Servitor, and after you defeat it, Fallen foes, including Exploder Shanks, will continue to spawn if you remain in the area.

Turbine Wolfship (Segrex The Tainted Location)Wolfship Turbine (Segrex The Tainted Location)

  • The Tainted Segrex is the boss.
  • Revenant Knight, Revenant Knight, Revenant Knight, Revenant Knight, Revenant Knight, Re
  • Hive is a faction.
  • Soriks’ Cut is the name of the area.

The Wolfship Turbine lost sector is a tiny facility located in Soriks’ Cut near the Tangled Shore’s fast travel point.

As you go further inside the building, you’ll come across a short drop where you’ll begin to face Hive opponents via a small tunnel.

Pushing ahead will lead you to a turbine chamber, where you’ll need to climb one level higher to find the missing sector boss.

Segrex, The Tainted, a boss version of the Hive Ogre that battles with other Hive troops, may be found after climbing to the top level.


  • Wolfship Turbine is one of the quickest lost sectors to complete since there is just one section and you may bypass opponents below by ascending to the top.
  • You may bypass the early opponents at Kingship Dock and head directly to Vilzii, although there will be some foes left once you kill it.
  • Vilzii, Scorn Chieftain will generate turrets that fire until they are slain, although they may be easily eliminated.
  • In Shipyard AW0-43, be wary of the Exploder Shanks, since there are a lot of them and they may quickly kill you.


In The Tangled Shore, Spider may give you bounties that go nicely with completing lost sectors for extra prizes.

Wolfship Turbine and Trapper’s Cave are two of the five lost sectors that are popular due to their ease of grinding.

Different factions may be found on The Tangled Shore’s lost sectors, and players can easily get faction kills by completing objectives and other tasks.

The lost sector destiny 2 europa is a location in the game that has been lost since the release of Destiny 2. It is one of the Lost Sectors found on Europa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the lost sectors on tangled shore?

The Lost Sectors on the Tangled Shore are located at the end of each level.

Where are the lost sectors in Destiny 2?

The Lost Sectors are not in the game and were removed for technical reasons.

Where is AWO-43?

It is a small planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri.

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