In the latest Destiny 2 expansion, The Technocrat Empire, players take on a new faction. Here’s our walkthrough for the first mission of this story campaign.

The destiny 2 technocrat empire hunt is a walkthrough for the new Destiny 2 expansion.

  • Type of mission: Empire Hunt (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Europa is a continent in Europe.
  • Time to complete the Empire Hunt: 10–15 minutes

Praksis’ whereabouts has been found after you successfully shut down the Vex Conflux, and it is up to you to take him out.

To prevent Eramis from utilizing the Darkness to energize her army, you must go inside the Bray Exoscience and find and kill Praksis.

You’ll have to go into the facility and battle your way past adversaries until you find Praksis.

Objectives of the Empire HuntD2TTEH20521-2

Praksis may be found.

Praksis is hiding out at the Bray Exoscience facility, and you’ll have to get there and fight an experimental Brig that he’s testing on you.

After you’ve taken out the Brig, you may go on to the next location and continue following Praksis’ signal.

Praksis will continue to hide until you discover him in order to erase his failure to destroy you with the Brig.

Praksis must be defeated (Part 1)


Praksis will be hidden behind a barrier as you approach him, which he will quickly dismantle as he attacks you.

You’ll be battling Praksis for a brief time before he flees, but bear in mind that he’ll be wearing a shield.

Shoot his Shield Device, which is floating over where he is standing, to tear down the shield.


You will be able to inflict some damage to Praksis after removing the Shield Device, but once you have done so, he will begin to flee.

Praksis should be pursued (Part 2)

As Praksis flees, start following him down and clearing all the opponents in the next chamber so you may go on to the next location.


You can sprint through some of the opponents in the next section, but getting to the boss battle area involves crossing gaps.

Praksis must be defeated.


Praksis, The Technocrat, will appear as you approach the boss battle location, crash landing one of his robots into the ground and attacking you right away.

Continue fighting Praksis and keep an eye out for when he activates his shields, which will force you to look for the Shield Devices before you may hit him again.

Destroy the Shield Devices and inflict damage to Praksis, then continue the process until he is destroyed, which will bring the task to a close.


  • In arena-like chambers, Praksis puts you against several of his troops as well as his experiments, which you should utilize wisely for cover.
  • It’s a good idea to carry powerful area-damaging weapons to deal with many opponents as well as the Shield Devices.
  • The Shield Devices will not always be above Praksis, so you’ll have to look around the boss battle area for the remainder to remove his shields.


Eramis will be considerably weaker now that he has tracked down and defeated Eramis’ tech specialist Praksis, The Technocrat.

You also have Praksis’ Splinter of Darkness, which Ghost instructs you to return to camp with so the Exo Stranger may examine it.

After completing this task, return to the Exo Stranger and talk with them to re-attune the Splinter of Darkness.

The the technocrat destiny 2 quest is a new quest that has been added to the game. It requires you to defeat the Technocratic Empire in order to complete it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the technocrat in Empire hunt?

The technocrat is a skill in Empire Hunt, which requires you to use your sword to hit the ground and create an electrical shockwave.

How do you do the technocrat in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, you have to use a weapon called the technet. This is a fusion rifle that fires an energy beam. When you fire it, it will create a small explosion of electricity. If you want to do the technocrat in Destiny 2, you must make sure your character is standing close enough to an enemy and then shoot them with the technet.

How do you complete Empire hunt Destiny 2?

You need to open the chest in the room with the three chests and then you will find a key. Use that key on the final door.

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